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The Tiny Buddha Website - Chrisitina Lopes

Tiny Buddha | The Key to Loving Yourself, Other People, and Life

This week, you can find Christina’s new post at TinyBuddha. She discusses her secret to arriving at a place of love. I was sitting in my therapist’s waiting room when I looked over at an assortment of books sitting on the coffee table. One caught my attention right away: The Way to Love, by Anthony […]

Soulvana | 3 Ways For Empaths To Embrace Their Strengths

  Do you feel drained around certain people? Are you sensitive to the energies around you? If so, you may be an empath. In this post for Mindvalley’s Soulvana blog, Christina shares specific ways in which empaths can step into the power of who they are and live energetically balanced lives. From the article: FOR […]

Fear Is Blessed: Harnessing The Power Of What Scares You

  What if we can shed our fears and live more peaceful, joyful lives as a result? Christina helps you do just that by using her simple 4-step approach to harnessing the power of fear.   From the article: I was sitting pressed against the window on a cross-country flight. With every little jolt of […]


Ayahuasca Part III: After the Ceremony

In this 3-part series on Ayahuasca, join energy healer Christina Lopes, as she shares tips and advice for working with this miraculous plant. In part III, you’ll learn how to navigate the post-Ayahuasca period, known by shamans as the “integration phase”.

Medium | How The Search For Meaning Can Be a Sign Of Deep Dissatisfaction In Life

When I’m working with clients who have experienced significant trauma or pain, we inevitably get to the “Why Phase”: they begin to question deeply why such pain needed to happen in their lives. This questioning often comes with anger, almost dereliction. And frequently, the pain and trauma will lead to two other, deeper questions: What […]

Ayahuasca Part II: During the Ceremony

In this 3-part series on Ayahuasca, Christina shares tips and advice for working with this miraculous plant. In part II, you’ll learn what to do during the plant medicine ceremony, in order to stay centered and at peace throught it all. You can view part I of this Ayahuasca series here. If you’d like Christina to […]

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