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Tira Ultimate Integration

Christina offers a unique experience in her group energy healing workshop, called ULTIMATE INTEGRATION!

Christina shares Divine Energy in a group setting, where participants experience and actively engage in healings.

She also teaches you how to become still and quiet so that you may connect with Source on your own – without the help of an intermediary.

This 2-day workshop/retreat includes:

  • Group energy healing sessions
  • Meditation training and practice
  • Christina’s Soul Rhythms
  • Group connection and sharing exercises

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Workshops - Christina Lopes

In addition to her energy healing retreats, Christina also provides meditation workshops for those who would like to learn how to find peace and quiet in this fast-paced world.

Meditation was a key factor in Christina’s inner transformation. She now travels to various locations for weekend workshops in order to teach others how they, too, may connect with their inner “silence” and “stillness”.

In this two day workshop, participants explore:

  • The nature of the mind (ego) and its tendency to create painful illusions.
  • What meditation is and how easily it can be practiced.
  • Various meditation techniques, including Christina’s Soul Rhythms (meditation in movement).

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Soul Rhythms Classes!

Soul Rhythms - Christina Lopes

In this original class, Christina marries two of her favorite practices: meditation and dance.

Do you have difficulty with traditional meditation? Is it hard for you to quiet your mind while sitting in silence? If so, this is a class for you.

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