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Welcome to CLM, Christina’s 6-month  premium life coaching program.

During CLM, Christina guides you on a profound journey of inner transformation that will touch every aspect of your life.



    • 1 weekly general consult.
    • 1 weekly energy healing session.
    • Full and responsive email support during the 6 months.
    • Chakra system assessment and energy clearing of chakra imbalances.
    • Live guided meditations and visualization exercises.
    • Nutritional support (including recommendations on medicinal plants to use).
    • Exercise and wellness support.
    • Weekly personalized CLM tools.



  1. Do you feel like life is a struggle?
  2. Are you deeply unhappy, even though your life may look great on the outside?
  3. Do you live life paycheck to paycheck, always worried about your financial future?
  4. Do you live with anxiety and a mind full of fears?
  5. Are you lonely and unsure how to attract a loving relationship?
  6. Are you in a relationship now that is toxic or unloving?
  7. Is there something missing in your life but you cannot pinpoint what it is?
  8. Do you want to find a deeper purpose to your life?
  9. Do you long for a career that fills your heart, not just your bank account?
  10. Do you wish to create more loving relationships with all those around you?
  11. Are you looking for a deep transformation (mind, body and soul)?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Christina’s Life Mastery may be exactly what you are looking for.

This program is not about quick fixes or Band-Aid solutions. CLM goes much deeper. It takes you to your CORE. CLM is about meaningful and lasting transformation in your life. A transformation that starts at your core and ripples outward, toward every aspect of your life.

For this, you need time and commitment.

CLM is a 6-month program, where you are closely guided by Christina in your inner transformation.



Christina’s academic and professional expertise combine with her spiritual gifts to make her uniquely prepared in guiding others through deep transformation.


Christina in a pie!



This is why CLM is so deeply impactful. You get a gifted spiritual guide who is also an experienced healthcare professional with proven results in health, wellness, exercise, nutrition and injury/pain treatment.

You get Christina in a Pie!




  1. Finding deeper purpose to your life You are not here to live a small life. You are not here to sleepwalk through your days. You are here for much, much more. Christina helps you discover your inner potential so you may find your “calling” in life.
  2. Uncovering the joy and peace that already reside in your heart Christina has mastered the art of living a “heart-centered” life and she passes that mastery on to you. Joy, peace, love…these are states of being. And you can learn how to stay in them.
  3. Living with a quiet and streamlined mind Your mind is a wonderful tool that can help create an abundant life for you. That’s the key: your mind is a “tool”, not the commander-in-chief. Christina teaches you the art of meditation and mindfulness so that you can live with internal “space & stillness” – , where your mind is used as a tool to help materialize your wildest dreams.
  4. Reprogramming your subconscious mind The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind. It is also the place where painful memories and self-limiting patterns are stored. Christina helps you uncover all the hidden beliefs that limit your life and cause struggle. She uses her energy healing power to help you “reset” your subconscious mind and imbue it with higher energy. No more struggle or scarcity.
  5. Uniting with your higher consciousness There is a part of you that is “all knowing” and it resides outside of your body. This expanded part of you– your Higher Self– is your direct connection to Source or the Universe. Christina uses her skill of “channel” to serve as an energetic bridge that connects you with your Higher Self and the energy of Source. And she teaches you how to live a life in “unison” with your Higher Self. There is nothing more powerful in self-transformation than connecting permanently with your expanded consciousness.
  6. Healing your body Your body is a temple. It’s the most valuable “asset” you have in this world. It’s a miraculous machine that should be loved and respected. Christina uses her expertise in health, wellness, exercise and nutrition to guide you toward a whole and healthy body. She teaches you how to eat and move in accordance with your unique energy field.

Are you ready to start a journey of self-transformation?

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You can also click here to download the CLM detailed report in PDF format. It includes all the details of the program, including a week by week schedule.


      • Due to the level of commitment and 1-on-1 time required for CLM, Christina is only able to take a very limited number of clients at a time.
      • The CLM program includes free email support for the duration of the coaching sessions.
      • CLM is valid for 8 months from the date of purchase.


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