Exciting News: My Brands Are Merging!


3 years ago, I asked a dear friend of mine to help me launch a website. I was just starting my spiritual work and felt a very deep intuition to a) launch a website and b) make weekly videos to share with the world. I was deeply in love with life and knew that part of my life’s work involved sharing/disseminating the many discoveries I made along the way.

It was an exhausting but exhilarating time. I enjoyed making my videos, along with a huge volume of other content that I shared freely with the world. And at the end of the day, if my videos brightened the life of just one person…I had done my job.

Joyfully, in the years since the launch of my personal brand, the content on www.christina-lopes.com has brightened the lives of many people. And that brings so much happiness to my heart.

Then, in December of 2016, my path veered in an extraordinary new direction. My loving partner and I founded a purpose-driven company together, Newmanity, and the project has exponentially taken off. The growth of our company has been so fast that I sometimes find myself struggling to catch my breath. So many changes, so quickly. So many doors opening, synchronicities presenting themselves, and SO MUCH love emanated.

Anyone who has come in contact with Newmanity knows this is a different kind of company. And the reason is both complex and simple:

Filipa and I live with a profound love in our hearts.

We love life, we love people, we love this great Mother Earth that supports us all, and we love technology…when used for the betterment of humanity. And that energy of love is felt by our beloved team members, by those who attend our events, and by all of our clients. Newmanity is a brand new company but our culture is already grounded firmly in love, compassion, sustainability, connection, and trust.

And I am certain of this:

Newmanity keeps growing because the new energy on this planet propels beyond-profit, purpose-driven companies forward more than ever before.

As the work at Newmanity began to intensify, I started to feel that it was time to say goodbye to my personal brand. Life is now asking me to continue my life’s work through Newmanity, with laser-focused vision and commitment.


I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel sadness or even nostalgia about these impending changes. The past 3 years have been magical, challenging, and oh so blessed. But as I’ve come to learn through years of complete surrender:

When life asks you to jump off a cliff…do it with style!


www.christina-lopes.com is now merging into Newmanity, as the branch Newmanity Wellness + Healing. The brand “Christina Lopes” will also cease to exist. From here on in, the content I make will be as Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Newmanity.

And there are other amazing new things going on within Newmanity Wellness + Healing! You can now book sessions, go for a silent hike in the wilderness with me, or even come to Portugal for a kick-ass retreat!

And so much more! But I’ll leave the details of Newmanity’s new programs, services and products, for another day.

I’m still deeply in love with life and will continue to share this joy with you all. My YouTube Channel will continue (with weekly videos), along with my writing (my 2nd book “Walking With The Masters” is in the works!) and healing work. And my retreats will also continue, now under the Newmanity Wellness + Healing umbrella.

What else will continue?

My deep reverence for the wisdom and love of life AND my complete and utter surrender to WHATEVER life asks of me.

I learned this “art of surrender” from one of my favorite spiritual teachers, NY Times Bestselling author Michael Singer. In his life-changing book “The Surrender Experiment”, Singer wrote about his process of surrendering to life and quieting the ego:

“If life brought events in front of me, I would treat them as if they came to take me beyond myself. If my personal self complained, I would use each opportunity to simply let him go and surrender to what life was presenting me…

I had gone most of my life thinking I knew what was good for me, but life itself seemed to know better…

It’s not that surrender gave me clarity about where I was going– I had no idea where it would lead me. But surrender did give me clarity in one essential area: my personal preferences of like and dislike were not going to guide my life. By surrendering the hold those powerful forces had on me, I was allowing my life to be guided by a much more powerful force, life itself.”

Here’s to surrendering to what life brings!

THANK YOU to all the beautiful souls who made up the Christina Lopes “tribe”. I hope you all transition over with me to Newmanity Wellness + Healing, where we’ll continue to talk, share, love, and inspire each other.

And I’ll be sure to share with you our new website, when it launches in a couple of weeks!

With Love & Light

*Published originally on Medium, on 07/06/17.

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