Fear Is Blessed: Harnessing The Power Of What Scares You

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What if we can shed our fears and live more peaceful, joyful lives as a result? Christina helps you do just that by using her simple 4-step approach to harnessing the power of fear.


From the article:

I was sitting pressed against the window on a cross-country flight. With every little jolt of the plane, my grip strengthened on the armrest and my mind started chatting. “Maybe you should stop flying.” I had never been afraid of flying so this sudden unease registered. “What is happening to me?”

At this point in my life, I was just exhausted of fighting fear. I had been scared since I was a little girl. Terrified actually. But for years, I had prided myself in being a “fear warrior”. If something scared me, I did it anyways. “Take that fear!”


But I was now in my early-thirties and I was tired of fighting. I was slowly starting to give in to my fears. And with each fear I gave in to, another one popped up immediately.


I was an anxiety-riddled mess.

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