Christina has made it part of her path to release FREE content in the form of videos, audio files, and writings. From the beginning of her project, she has worked diligently to guide others on their paths, as she has been guided on hers.

Few people realize just how many hours Christina spends shooting and producing videos (in both English and Portuguese), creating audio files and YouTube tutorials, and writing detailed step-by-step guides (found here). And she does it all with a joyful heart and a smile on her face! 

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Do you want to book Christina for an event, workshop or class? Here’s a snippet of what Christina teaches:

* Meditation & Mindful Living

* Energy Healing

* Pranic Nutrition & Cooking

* The Chakras & Aura

* Evolution of Consciousness & Ego Work

* Medicinal Plants, Their Use & Cultivation

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Christina is a joyful teacher and guide, who is always open to collaborating with others in their projects! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you:

* Are looking for a mentor

* Are an artist who would like your work featured in one of Christina’s articles (here’s an example of a featured photograph).

* Would like to translate Christina’s work (video and/or writings) into your native language.

* Have an exciting project of your own that you would like Christina to advise you on.

* Are looking for more technical advice on content creation, video production, or writing.

Would you like to collaborate?