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10 Meditations Pack

The Chakra Series - 10 Meditation Pack
by Christina Lopes

Christina’s chakra series is a complete sequence of guided meditations for chakra healing and cleansing.
These meditations are designed to be experienced in the given sequence for maximum results.

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Flow Meditation

by Christina Lopes

Water. It has many qualities that help us navigate life with ease: flexibility, non-attachment, fluidity. These are all characteristics of water that we can embody.
Join Christina in a 19-min guided trip through the forest, to a stream. Christina’s relaxing voice is joined by forest and water sounds, to make this a powerful visualization meditation.
Is there anything you are holding onto in life? Do you have difficulty flowing? If so, this is a meditation for you!

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Ascension Meditation - Christina Lopes 

by Christina Lopes

Dense emotions like fear and anger weigh us down. They keep us removed from our true nature: love. But there is another way to live. We can live in an ascended state - where our energy fields (auras) project light. This is the state of love, gratitude, joy.
Join Christina in this 21-min guided meditation that takes you flying into the skies! Experience all the dense emotions of your day-to-day life fall right off as you soar into space!

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by Christina Lopes

Roots. They nourish a tree and give it stability. The deeper the roots, the stronger the tree. And we can all embody the wisdom and strength of the strongly rooted tree.
Christina guides you through this powerful 20-min meditation by using the image of a tree and its roots. Join her on this beautiful journey into the forest, straight to your own inner roots.

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Guided Meditation - Emotion Release

Emotion Release
by Christina Lopes

Holding emotions inside (especially lower vibration ones like anger, rage, guilt, or shame) can cause immense suffering in our lives. Emotions are energy-- they want to flow. And in this 20-min guided meditation, Christina helps you release all the energy you may have stuck within.
That knot in your stomach, tightness in your chest, or locking of your jaw? It may be internal resistance to the flow of emotions. Join Christina in releasing it all into the universe, with love.

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4 Pack Meditation - Christina Lopes

4 Meditation Special Pack
by Christina Lopes

Get Christina’s new guided meditations 15% OFF, when you buy them together!

This Special Pack includes the following meditations:

  1. Flow
  2. Grounding
  3. Ascension
  4. Emotion Release

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