Join Christina in Portugal for a personalized private retreat!

This unique, personalized private retreat, combines many different aspects of Christina’s work with clients. What does a typical day of retreat look like? The mornings are filled with meditation, pranic meal preparation, life coaching, energy healing, guided past life regressions, private channelings (Christina passes along messages from your guides), and free-from dancing. In the afternoons, you’re off exploring the great outdoors! Hiking in the mountains, silent walks on the beach, and meditation outdoors. In the evenings, you may be participating in shamanic dances to call forth your animal spirit or just relaxing back at the guesthouse, with your freshly prepared dinner, integrating the energy of the day.

The focus of this retreat is your direct contact with the beautiful, loving, energy of Source. The energy that comes through will fully integrate into your own energetic system, accelerating your inner transformation, while also unblocking and clearing what no longer serves you.

In essence, you’ll be bombarded with love!

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How It Works

If you're interested in booking a retreat, the first thing we'll do is schedule a FREE Skype call with Christina. This call is important so that you and Christina get to know each other and see if you are both a "fit" to work together. Our retreats are intensive, 1-on-1  experiences, where rapid and deep inner work takes place. For this reason, the "fit" is a key feature for the ultimate success of the experience.

The free Skype call is also where Christina learns more about your personal needs, goals, wishes, and even dietary restrictions or preferences. She then uses this information to customize the retreat for you. The duration and location of the retreat can also be flexible and agreed upon.

Your personlized retreat with Christina can take place anywhere in Portugal, including the breathtaking Azores Islands. And it's in this free Skype call that the destination details are discussed and decided upon. 

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Retreat Features

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* Accomodations include a private guesthouse or rented property.

* Daily retreat activities: 

  • Meditation
  • Life coaching
  • Energy healing
  • Guided regressions
  • Free-form dance
  • Sound healing (shamanic and Tibetan singing bowls)

* Daily outdoor activities:

  • Hiking in the surrounding mountains
  • Vipassanas on the beach
  • Walks and meditation on the beach

* Pranic meals, prepared lovingly by Christina herself (with your assistance of course!)

  • Not only do you prepare meals together but Christina teaches you all the basics of pranic nutrition and how to eat more mindfully for maximum vitality.

* Transportation to/from airport and to/from all retreat activities

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"Dear Christina, thank you for the week I spent with you, which was a great gift to myself. In the beautifully calm and peaceful space you created, I was able to fully relax and observe myself without judgment, while participating in and learning from your joyful daily disciplines. I learned so much from your gentle way of being, and deep insights, your generous listening and, most of all, your authenticity. The week passed in a flash, but the effects of my time with you have continued to inform my journey in marvelous ways, like eating more mindfully, enjoying exercise, more attuned to nature, and more loving toward myself and others. I hope many others give themselves the present of a retreat with you, as the personal benefits are priceless and our world needs each of us to wake to our magnificence and creative power."

Aysha Griffin
Business and Author Consultant & Coach

"Dear Christina, I want to thank you for the wonderful 10-day retreat in your heavenly place in Northern Portugal. My words will not be enough to express how this retreat was the best thing I could offer myself for my health and personal growth. I would encourage anyone to offer this beautiful gift to themselves. I had been following your videos for over a year with great delight, where every topic resonated with me. But being in person with you to receive a personalized teaching in a wonderful natural environment like Northern Portugal was much more than I expected and I loved it.

I can still feel the beneficial effects in my life. Every day, I recall some of the great teachings and mantras to guide me. You shared your knowledge with so much passion, generosity and patience. I also want to thank you for organizing this retreat in such an efficient way where you really took charge of everything for me from the planning a couple of months before, until my departure from Oporto. I had peace of mind as you took care of every single detail like local transportation, meals, activities and accommodation. On top of that, you are a great cook, giving me pranic meals and homemade herbal tea from your garden. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart."

Ottawa, Canada

"I have just returned from doing a five-day retreat with Christina in Viana do Castelo, the heart of Portugal. I found Christina to be the perfect teacher for me right now - I always think we need someone who is ten steps ahead of us in the journey, and she was exactly that. There was nothing I'd experienced that she couldn't relate to in a very real and human way. I loved the fact that we dealt with stuff as and when it came up, and how she immediately had a teaching or an insight to offer in that moment. Christina is someone who makes you feel very safe to talk about absolutely anything - no subject is off limits - and her profound wisdom is what makes her so gifted. We walked, we talked, we meditated, we danced, we laughed and shared an incredible five days together, and I left feeling so much lighter having undergone tremendous energy shifts. Thank you Christina for the gift of a lifetime."
Kelley Thorrington

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Can't make it Portugal but still feel a calling to retreat with Christina? No worries...Christina can come to you!

If you're interested in hosting Christina for an individual, couples, or group retreat, let's connect on Skype and get started!

To get started, connect with Christina on Skype!