Exciting News: My Brands Are Merging!

  3 years ago, I asked a dear friend of mine to help me launch a website. I was just starting my spiritual work and felt a very deep intuition to a) launch a website and b) make weekly videos to share with the world. I was deeply in love with life and knew that […]

Medium | How The Search For Meaning Can Be a Sign Of Deep Dissatisfaction In Life

When I’m working with clients who have experienced significant trauma or pain, we inevitably get to the “Why Phase”: they begin to question deeply why such pain needed to happen in their lives. This questioning often comes with anger, almost dereliction. And frequently, the pain and trauma will lead to two other, deeper questions: What […]

Weekly Connect 1 | Praise Only

What percentage of your day is spent criticizing or judging self and others? And what percentage is spent praising? You’ll be surpised to learn just how much our inward and outward communication contributes to our energy system and emotional health. Check out my short video and let me know what you think!     For […]

Inspiration | Being Open

Two weeks ago I participated in my 2nd Ayahuasca ceremony. In the days before, I was feeling “stuck” but didn’t know why. I assumed my “offness” was due to my recent life changes: moving from the forest of Northern Portugal to downtown Lisbon, where I was launching a startup with my partner. The move was […]

Inspiration | The Middle Way

Have you ever noticed the strong preferences, expectations, and attachments our minds have? We’re happy if it’s sunny, moody if it’s raining, joyful if we find a boyfriend/girlfriend, lonely if we’re single, peaceful if we’re on a beach, irritated if we’re sitting at our office desk…the list goes on and on. Sometimes it seems the […]

Medium | Deepening Your Spiritual Practice In The City

For 4 years, I lived a life of deep solitude, silence, meditation and spiritual practice. I spent the majority of my time alone, surrounded by old trees or the ocean I so love in my beloved Portugal. Those years were beautiful, challenging, ecstatic, at times lonely. There was a spontaneous Kundalini awakening (yes, it was […]

Open-Heartedness In These Tumultous Political Times

You’d have to be a hermit in the middle of the jungle not to notice what is happening on the planet right now. No matter where we live, our individual and collective consciousness is shifting, sometimes in dramatic fashion. Within each country, we are facing a massive wave of change, and that change trickles down […]

New Year’s Message: BEing Source Energy

What a year this has been! Intense, painful at times, challenging, heart-opening. I am so eternally grateful for the love of Source that fills my heart every single day and shows me the way “forward”. In January of 2016, I moved to a new home, in a new village, without knowing a single soul. In […]

Inspiration | The Joy Of Being Easily Pleased

Hello Beautiful Souls! I have this little habit that brings me such joy: when I see a book that interests me, I open it up on a random page and read what surprise the Universe has for me on the chosen page. This morning, I picked up “The Book Of Awakening”, by poet and spiritual […]

Do You Trust That Life Knows Best?

  When I talk about the limited power of imagination and dreams, I often get that “look” from people. It’s the “Are-you-telling-me-to-let-go-of-my-dreams?” look. We’re so very conditioned to “fight for what we want” and “chase after our dreams” that we rarely stop to ponder this question for a moment: What if our dreams are limited? […]