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I have had the privilege of experiencing Christina’s talent on numerous occasions, the most recent being one that is incredibly difficult to articulate.

While she was in Portugal and I was in New York City, Christina was able to open an energy source for me that allowed me to leave this realm, my body, and experience THE Source from which we all come. When I came to, three hours and twenty-five minutes had passed. The healing powers that I felt, like waves throughout my body, stay with me to this day. Her work creates an accessibility and an openness. Christina’s gifts allow us to develop and tap into an awareness of limitless energy; the energy and connection to “home” which we all hold inside. As I write this, I am scheduling my third session with Christina and that day cannot come soon enough. The immense light and love one feels through her work is impossible to put into words. I could only hope every person has the opportunity to experience it.Sayle Milne, Creator & Instructor Wine Savvy | United States

Christina’s workshop successfully got me back to practicing daily meditation. I had attended meditation workshops in the past but found them to be too heavily focused on technique. Not here. This workshop is defined by simplicity and flexibility.Barbara Ourique, Physical Therapist | Portugal
Christina truly has a gift.  The energy healing sessions we did together have given me a renewed sense of lightness and joy.  Christina initially explained that she does divine energy channeling to heal people in person or remotely.  That energy has no physical bounds and thus is not limited by proximity.  She explained that she is a bridge of sorts that connects the energy to you.  The energy is pure love and it comes to heal in any way it seems fit for your evolution.  Christina asked me to be open to the energy and to not create any expectations.  My role was simply to quiet my mind and surrender to whatever comes.

For me, each energy session I experienced was quite different.  But each one brought me healing and insight that I most certainly needed.  And all I had to do on my end was quiet my mind and be open to whatever came my way.  Christina directed the healing energy to me and it did its thing.  Because of her gift, I have opened doors in relationships and have had closure with troublesome situations.  I have released fears that I had been holding onto for years.  I feel a new sense of clarity.  I cannot thank Christina enough for facilitating this gift of inner peace and enabling me to be in a really great space.J.R.E. | United States

Dr. Lopes can help you – you have to be willing to let the process happen. It happens because of your wants and needs and you just have to be open to her.

In one session, many things came to me, by surprise. I was open and ready for something like this.

If you need more meaning in your life, let Dr. Lopes work with you. Be open to something completely different, to changes!T.M. | United States