Over the Edge - How one woman learned to channel the Universe - a compelling true story by Christina Lopes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to grow up feeling the world around you instead of just seeing it? What it would be like to know things before they happen, see things that others can’t and understand the unspoken? I did. And in my newly released memoir, "Over The Edge", I share all my experiences and insights into my journey as a channel.

I was blessed to have as my editor the talented, funny, and challenging, Julie Beun. Julie has been a trusted collaborator and exemplary professional who was essentially in charge of turning my “draft” into an actual book.




Over the Edge - How one woman learned to channel the Universe - Christina Lopes

Over the Edge - Excerpt:

"Imagine standing on a stage in a filled stadium and someone passes you a microphone.

You know that whatever you say into that microphone will be heard all over the stadium and perhaps beyond. Now imagine you can only say one full sentence before the sound is turned off. What would you say? What would be the most important sentence you could ever tell a stadium full of people?

This book is about finding that one sentence. I now know exactly what I would say. But it has taken me years and a tremendous amount of effort to understand my message. I hope the words contained herein can serve as a compass of sorts— so that you may find your one sentence without traversing the same roads I did.

The truth is, finding that one sentence you would share with a stadium full of people may completely change their lives. But most importantly, it will change yours."

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