Ultimate Integration (Title)

ULTIMATE INTEGRATION is about connecting you to the loving Divine energy that permeates everything.

And this energy is ultimately who you are at your core.


In this 2-day workshop, Christina uses channeled energy to guide you through 3 levels of healing.

1- Create Roots

The 1st part of ULTIMATE INTEGRATION is about grounding you and creating a sense of “oneness” with all that is. Here, we work specifically with the three lower chakras (energy centers of the body) in order to bring you a sense of peace and security.

2- See & Cleanse Your Past 

The 2nd part of the workshop deals with the past—both in terms of mental memories, as well as energetic imprints left in your energy field (your aura).

Christina uses Divine energy in guiding the group through a powerful regression, where you can actively identify past traumas and memories that you wish to surrender to the loving energy.

3- Connect To… 

After your energetic foundation has been reset by Divine energy (through all the chakra & regression work), that’s when the real fun starts!

Christina uses the energy, along with specific exercises/guided meditations to connect you to four important and unique components of One:

  • Your Heart Center
  • Your Higher Self
  • Your Guides
  • Your Power Animal

Workshop flow in one picture!

Ultimate Integration Infographic

That’s it!

 Christina finishes off this powerful and life-changing workshop by teaching you how to remain connected to Divine energy at all times.

For more details on ULTIMATE INTEGRATION, click here to download the full  PDF report!

Also, make sure to check out where Christina is having her next ULTIMATE INTEGRATION workshop!


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