Well-Being Training

The foundation of Christina’s Well-Being Training is the work of neuroscientist Richard Davidson, at the University of Wisconsin, along with other respected researchers of brain science (Emma Seppala, Matthew Killingsworth, Daniel Gilbert, Joran Josipovic, Robert Waldinger).

According to Dr. Davidson, “well-being” is defined as the ability to experience different emotional states, while maintaining a general state of peace. In other words, people who have high well-being aren't necessarily those who are always happy: it is those who hold inner peace, even while experiencing other emotions, like anger or sadness, for example.

In Christina’s view:

“I like to think of well-being as the big beautiful sky that watches and allows all weather patterns to float by.”

The best part about well-being is that it can be trained! The human brain is highly responsive (what science calls “plasticity”) to well-being training.

And here’s the key for companies and organizations:


The higher the levels of well-being, the more productive we are as teams members and leaders.

The higher the levels of well-being, the more successful a company or organization is!


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Why Well-Being Training

1. We know through extensive research that stress & anxiety negatively impact productivity.

2. We also know through extensive research that well-being and happiness dramatically increase productivity and unleash creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

3. Startups, new companies, and fast-paced organizations are uniquely challenged in this area because they are faced with high levels of uncertainty, pressures to scale up quickly, and are highly performance based. So it can seem that all these pressures set companies up for high overall stress levels, which also means that employees are frequently not performing at their full potential.

4. By targeting well-being, companies are substantially decreasing levels of stress and also specifically targeting productivity, creativity, collaboration and innovation.

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Specifics on Christina’s Well-Being Training

* Productivity training from a "Zen" perspective- How to become explosively creative/productive by a) reaching a state of "no-mind", b) focusing, c) maintaining inner peace.

* Specific coaching for managers/leaders- How to get leadership into high states of well-being quickly because in the end, their well-being influences the well-being of anyone working under their leadership and the well-being of the company/organization as a whole.

* Individual coaching for stress, anxiety, depression, productivity issues.

* Meditation and mindfulness training across the entire company/organization.

* Compassion, empathy, pro-social training (super important part of overall well-being).

* Conflict management coaching- For individuals or for mediation of conflict within groups.

* Wellness training- Nutrition & exercise, injury prevention.

* Ergonomics in the workplace- Workspace set-up & optimal working posture.

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Why Christina

Christina brings together her extensive clinical experience (over a decade as a physical therapist) with her work as a life coach, meditation & mindfulness instructor, and energy healer. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from New York University and a Master’s Degree in Public Health-- with a focus in Business & Leadership-- from Johns Hopkins University.

Christina's broad skill-set, extensive experience, and strong academic background allow her to become the "go-to" person for everything well-being related within a company or organization. 

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If you’re interested in learning more about our Well-Being Training, let’s connect!