What is Channeling?

In this short video, Christina explains what it means to be a “channel”.

I am a vehicle that brings energy to the physical plane. You can think of me also like a fiber optics cable. I connect one side to the other.Christina Lopes, PT, DPT, MPH

Channeling involves “bridging” energy from the unseen realm of reality to the physical one. A channel is someone who can quiet their mind/body to a point where Spirit can enter and work in this dimension.

An easy way to visualize this phenomenon is to consider electricity. When we walk into a room and turn on the lights, we become instantly aware of electricity. We only notice the presence of electrical waves when they animate an object (in this case, a light bulb) in the physical realm. That is essentially what Dr. Lopes is able to do: she is an “object” that can “animate” Spirit in this physical reality.

Channeling is the foundation for Energy Healing.