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My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening and open your incredible heart, so you can heal from any challenge, find deep purpose, and live with joy.

Welcome! I’m the Heart Alchemist!

An “alchemist” is someone who can take one substance and transform it into another. And my life has been a long process of learning how to change “lead” (anger, sorrow, pain, rage) into “gold” (love, forgiveness, light-heartedness, joy).

I like to look at my life in a few chapters that led me to where I stand today: a coach and healer for others.


I started out my life as most of us do: with the tender, innocent, and open heart of a child. I was born in California but raised in the breathtaking Azores Islands, a little-known paradise in the middle of the Northern Atlantic, that belongs to Portugal. 

From my earliest memories, I was what you might call “quirky”. I was extremely spiritually sensitive and solitary at times, my heart bursting with curiosity at all the miracles that life presented. 

But that open-heartedness didn’t last very long.

Significant trauma early on in my life led to many years of dissociation, disconnection, depression, severe panic attacks, and anxiety. By my teenage years, I was so filled with rage, anger, and fear that I didn’t even want to be alive anymore. 


Fast forward 15+ years and I was now living in New York City (then Washington D.C.), working as a Neuropediatric Physical Therapist. I received my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from New York University and my Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH) from Johns Hopkins University.

I was now a clinician, trained to see health and healing in a “science-based” way: only what can be verified by science exists.

But something was deeply missing. On the outside, it looked like I was living a great life. I had the “Dr.” initials, a wonderful partner, a highly rewarding career, and lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Yet, I felt like I was slowly dying on the inside.

But life has a way of helping us heal, one way or another. And usually, this “healing” comes in the form of major breakdown and pain.

In 2013 my life fell apart with the sudden breakup of my marriage.

And it was in this “falling apart” that everything actually fell into place.


When my life fell apart, I realized just how misguided I had been by my own mind.

So I decided to do something different. After 30 years of living with a closed heart and rejecting my spiritual gifts, I finally said “f*ck it” and opened the door to my spirituality once again.

I also decided that my mind would no longer command my life. I was going to open my heart and heal everything that needed healing within me.

I knew I could live a purposeful, joyful life. I knew it was my destiny.

But most importantly: I was going to help others heal and open their wounded hearts too.


The next 6 years of my life were intense, difficult, and miraculous.

I spent 4 years living like a hermit in complete solitude. My days were filled with hours of meditation, silence, spiritual connection, and the great outdoors. I went from a depressed, anxious, traumatized, and perpetually unhappy person to a joyful, light-hearted, purposeful one. 

I also began to receive spiritual guidance from the Universe and experienced some pretty amazing, if frightening, phenomenon.

There was a spontaneous Kundalini awakening, which can be an extremely difficult spiritual initiation (and was for me). After that, I began to channel very powerful healing energy through my hands, which I use today in all my client work.

I met my Twin Flame, a very unique spiritual partnership that forces your heart to fully open into unconditional love. My experience with this connection now guides all my work with clients who wish to live in loving, spiritual, Sacred Relationships.

I started a YouTube Channel with weekly actionable content to help others navigate their spiritual awakenings just as I had. A place where they can receive the guidance and support they need to heal from significant trauma and live joyful lives.

I also wrote two books, began coaching others, and started unique private retreats in the Azores Islands, Portugal.


My spiritual awakening and heart opening didn’t eliminate my scientific mind. In fact, it reinvigorated it.

The scientist in me had experienced all these inexplicable life-changing events and now she wanted to replicate them for others.

I set out to design actionable, effective, simple, and powerful tools that could help others accelerate their spiritual awakenings, open their hearts, and calm their controlling minds. What took me years of solitude and spiritual work to learn, was now taking only months for my clients to achieve. 

Today, I serve thousands of people, from my YouTube audience to coaching and retreat clients. And I fully embrace my life’s work: 

I’m an integrative healer and teacher that combines both scientific and spiritual tools to help others heal from trauma and navigate their spiritual awakenings.


Whether you reach me through my free content or paid services, know that I’m committed to helping you live an open-hearted, delicious life.

98% of my work is given away for free and the other 2% helps support my organization’s “Pay It Forward” model: those who can afford my services and products help pay for those who cannot.


If your heart resonates with my story and energy, I’d love for you to join our thriving community. You’ll get a weekly email with my latest content and subscriber-only deals.

You can also access my weekly YouTube videos here and my popular guided meditations and heart quiz here.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and work with me, please read my “How I work” page first. This will help you see if we’re a fit to work together, as my coaching and healing style is not for everyone.

Thank you so much for connecting with me. I look forward to helping you open your heart and live a deeply fulfilling life.

With so much love;



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