It’s Not All About Meditation: 4 Additional Practices To Cultivate A Quiet Mind

It’s Not All About Meditation: 4 Additional Practices To Cultivate A Quiet Mind

It’s Not All About Meditation: 4 Additional Practices To Cultivate A Quiet Mind 1920 1280 Christina Lopes

For years, I struggled with my mind. It exhausted me.

It would spend endless hours at night — when my body really wanted to sleep — thinking. Endless streams of thought that sometimes made no sense and caused anxiety and depression.

Yet oddly, the same “thinking machine” that kept me up at night would falter during the day. I couldn’t concentrate at work. My mind felt like it was overtaken by dense fog.

And after a while, I just assumed this was the normal way of things.

Years later, I began to meditate daily. And that’s when so much about the mind, the ego, began to make sense to me. As the mental chatter quieted down (one of the many benefits of meditation), the fog lifted. I slept through the night and woke up refreshed.

My mind started working properly— creating, writing and playing music. The more I meditated, the more the useless mind chatter disappeared.

My mind was becoming a “lean-mean-thinking-machine” that I could use when needed.

When I talk to clients about my mentally overactive past, one of the first questions I get is:

“How on earth did you quiet your mind?”

Usually, the first word to come out of my mouth is “meditation” but there’s more to it than that. Aside from daily meditation, I keep my mind quiet by following these four simple practices.

1. Mental observations

Here I use my “Hmm…that was interesting” exercise. I try to remain intensely present at all times and cultivate the art of observation without judgment.

When I observe a thought that’s not in accordance with my essence, I smile and gently whisper “Hmm…that was interesting”. I use those words as recognition that I’ve observed a thought or internal voice that is not imbued with higher energy.

And then I just let the thought float away without judgment.

2. Practicing self-love and self-compassion

I’m human. I make mistakes and can royally mess up like everyone else. I’m not trying to be the Buddha here. I’m just me. And I love every single particle of “me”, no matter what.

This may seem trivial but you’d be surprised how often the ego uses self-loathing as a means to stay in control. I call it the “I-can-do-better” syndrome. If you can always “do better”, then are you really ok with who you are right now?

3. Slowing activities down

Well, except for sprinting upstairs. Sprints make me giggle like a little girl!

But aside from my speed exercise routines, I really do consciously slow my activities down. I cut my vegetables slowly or take a little longer than usual to brush my teeth. If I have some sort of “deadline”, I make sure to sit down in silence and be still for a little while before work.

You may think that slowing things down is a waste of time. Far from it. Doing things mindfully exponentially increases my productivity. How? Because the mind stays quiet and precise. There is no interference from the pointless mind chatter that characterizes overly active egos.

A “precise” mind is a creative and productive mind.

4. “Switching off” mentally at least two hours before bedtime

And I don’t mean sitting in front of the TV. Watching an episode of the Walking Dead could hardly qualify as “shutting off”. Ha! This is where I usually do my 2nd meditation of the day. Other times, I just sit quietly with a candle and some relaxing music in the background.

The mind is awesome, but it can also be destructive when not properly tended to. A quiet mind equals overall awesomeness.

Try it.

Quiet your mind down and see what happens. You may be amazed at just how quickly your life will change.


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  • One of the ways I have quiet time is sitting or laying down, holding one of my crystals. I’ve had a connection with crystals since I was about 7 years old. Sometimes I pick one that I’m drawn to at that moment and look at it. I’ve had visions by doing that

  • I’ve just recently introduced myself to you and your videos/website while searching for information of things i can do while on a solo vacation. I desperately need to detach ,unwind and am looking forward to quieting my mind somehow. This was a great blog. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • #askChristina. (I’m leaving that hash tag because I don’t know if it only applies to YouTube comments, and there is a question in this reply that I am eager for you to answer!) I have discovered your YouTube videos recently (on April 7, about 3 weeks ago), and they have been a lifesaver and a Godsend! I have followed and left (unfollowed) 2 gurus throughout my life; and right now, you have become my primary spiritual teacher. I thank God for you and the perspective you have given to a painful phase that I’m going through right now. Having listened to many of your videos, I realize that I am going through the disconnection/loneliness and Dark Night of the Soul (Ego) associated with big major changes in my life, changes in my thoughts and behavior/approach to life. Hopefully, this is a part of a spiritual growth spurt, as you state in your “Why Do We Disconnect” and “Overcome Sadness” (Dark Night of the Ego) videos. One thing has me very mystified: why, all of a sudden, does it seem as if I’m changing from a major extrovert (98% on the Myers-Briggs scale) into more of an introvert? Why is it that if I keep to the busy schedule that I always used to have (just a couple of months ago), going out dancing several times a week (and dancing is totally my favorite activity!), I wake up the next day feeling desperate and depressed? Why is it that something that always gave me joy and that I couldn’t get enough of, suddenly causes me to feel depleted, anxious, lonely, and like I’m falling apart? Is it because I’m becoming more of an introvert all of a sudden? Is it because the inner work I’m doing is so exhausting that a lot of energy output (dancing) depletes my serotonin stores? Is it because I desperately need rest, because I’m going through the Dark Night? It is so easy for me to “overdo it” now – and that was never the case previously. I have to be so careful of my energy output! And when I do fall apart emotionally, after going out dancing too much or socializing too much, the only thing that makes me feel better is to slow way down and be alone – to isolate myself; even though I have been feeling lonely. (It is such a paradox!). You mentioned in your Dark Night video that it is best to spend as much time as possible alone, and I think that is related to this experience I’m having. What’s going on? Why do I need so much time alone, for the first time in 65 years, or I feel fragmented and that I’m falling apart? I’d be SO grateful if you would explain this to me! Thank you!!!! Much love, Ceil

  • I just learned how to meditate. I have found several videos on YouTube with Himalayan singing bowls that are helpful. I also found that Himalayan Sea Salt added to my diet helps my muscles relax so that meditation is easier. I have watched a lot of your videos on YouTube and use a lot of your suggestions like body work before I meditate and binaural beats during meditation.

  • Very true Christina I known that life challenges of acceptance holds the key to many of life`s advocates and our universal insignificance and transformations thank you for you`re support and endeavours

  • I aam that I am …. I am the open door for the celestial universe of light.

  • Hello Christina

    I came across your podcast/YouTube video on ‘The Dark Night..’ by synchronicity (?) and have spent the past 4 hours going through a lot of your related content. Like an oasis of CALM in the turmoil of my mind contortions.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH – the experience (a few weeks now) has really been harsh and your wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment has been such a comfort to me. ‘It is my intention’ to continue with your suggested practises and heal after decades of living in unhappiness and emotional pain.
    May you be blessed in abundance for your Light, Love and wonderful support. 🙏🏻


  • Hi Christina. I discovered you a couple of months ago looking at your video on Kundalini. I meditate 15 minutes every day. I have experience a lot of things before practicing meditation. I joined your page because I want to hear more from those that think and feel like I do.

    Thank you.

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