You CAN Live In A Constant State Of Love. Here’s How.

You CAN Live In A Constant State Of Love. Here’s How.

You CAN Live In A Constant State Of Love. Here’s How. 1920 1280 Christina Lopes

Fifteen years ago, a dear friend of mine gave me the three-book series, “Conversations with God,” by Neal Donald Walsch. By then, I was dabbling in the spirituality genre, although it seemed to be sinking in only at the intellectual level.

I started reading the first book and all was going well until I got to this passage:

“Love is the ultimate reality. It is the only. The all. The feeling of love is your experience of God. In highest Truth, love is all there is, all there was, and all there ever will be.”

“This is absolutely bogus,” I thought out loud.

“How could this be? Our planet is full of violence and war. And this Walsch guy is saying it’s all love? Whatever.”

Years later, I was meditating in the lush mountains of my Azorean island home when a big bird of prey suddenly appeared above. It was a windy day and yet there he was, floating with grace. As I stared at the magnificence of this creature, I felt a rush of love enter my chest. And the tears started flowing before my mind even knew what hit it.

I had been practicing meditation for over a year and at that point, most spiritual truths were now understood on a deep level. Long gone were the days where my mind lived with incessant chatter, self-judgment and self-loathing.

Yet this sudden rush of overwhelming and unconditional love was startling. And my mind began to chat.

“You’re crying at a flying bird? Pull yourself together.”

I quickly wiped the tears away, got up from meditation and went home. But the feeling of “oneness” and unconditional love that I felt on that mountain stuck with me the rest of the day. What had happened?

Why did I feel that intensity of love while looking at a bird? And more importantly, could I stay in that state of utter bliss always?

A rough intro to neuroscience

To answer the first question, we need to understand roughly how the brain works. And for that, I’ll use a scenario we’ve probably all experienced: having coffee with a friend in a crowded restaurant.

You’re sitting at the table with your friend, having a pleasant conversation. You are completely tuned in to what he/she is saying. You’re focused on them. Realize what an amazing gift it is for you to do this.

You’re completely oblivious to the passing waiters, the loud conversations taking place around you, the smells coming from the kitchen, the sight of so many people in the dining area. Your brain is being bombarded with sensory information, yet you’re comfortable having a conversation with your friend.

The reason you can do this is that the brain is not only a processor of information: it’s also a master filter.

The brain cuts off most of the information it receives from the outside world so that this information never reaches your conscious awareness. This is great to some extent because it allows your conscious mind to focus on higher level thinking. You would go insane if you were unable to filter out most of the incoming sensory stimuli.

This all sounds good so far, except…

Too much of a good thing, well, isn’t so good.

The same filtering ability that allows you to focus on your friend in a crowded restaurant is also the mechanism that can cut you off from reality. When you’re completely immersed in your mind, life passes you by. This used to happen to me so often.

I would walk down the street, thinking about something I wanted to do in the future or rehashing something from the past. And I would miss everything happening on the outside. People, smells, sights, sounds.

I would miss life itself.

I was stuck inside my mental dramas so often that life was happening without me participating in it.

But there’s hope.

Yes you can!

What if all this brain filtering can be reduced? Through meditation, we can start removing the filters. One filter after the other is gone. And what happens when the brain quiets down and stops filtering so much information?

Perhaps we start seeing reality a bit closer to what it really is.

The moment I saw that bird fly overhead, I was in the middle of my contemplative meditation session. My mind was quiet and at peace.
I felt love invade me because the filters were gone and I was experiencing what Neal Donald Walsch talked about in “Conversations with God.”

I could feel the love because it’s everywhere. The trick to accessing this plentiful love is to remove layer upon layer of filters that we all have.
Meditation is a wonderful way of accessing the reality of love but once I got up and went home, the feeling of love started diminishing slowly.

Once my mind went back “online,” the filters seemed to reappear again.

So how does one stay in this blissful love reality?

For me, the answer has been simple in theory if challenging in practice: I try to live life in a walking meditation.

I consciously pause during the day to breathe in love.

I pause while brushing my teeth, or looking at someone I cherish. It doesn’t matter when you decide to tap into reality. The point is to do it often throughout the day.

Just pause and breathe. Notice your breath and the movement of air in and out of your lungs. Listen to the sounds around you. See what surrounds you. Tune in to your senses!

Pretty soon you will notice that you aren’t really “breathing in” love anymore. You are love and everything around you is too.

Love is within and without.

Neal Donald Walsch was right all along. Love really is all there is.

So go ahead: start connecting with the plentiful love all around you! If you find it difficult, feel free to leave a comment below and I’d be happy to help out.


Is it easy for you to connect with your heart and know what it’s telling you?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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With deep love and gratitude;

signature - Christina Lopes

Originally published on Positively Positive. Edited.


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With deep love and gratitude;

signature - Christina Lopes


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  • Hay by accident ( nope) I found your youtube videos on Twin Flame ( am pulled away status now from him)
    My story of the youth as well a wonder I came true it with still a smile and love for nature and young people…
    Had to hide who I was and even whom I am …..mentally abused and sometimes even physically, now in a learning big time fast way into spirituality a few years ago at the darkest place, he ( god the universe) touched me on my shoulder and said it will come ok.
    Two years ago I met my Twin Flame it felt as naturally, I have never felt before ……home at last … we are in separation now as i choice not to hurt him as our friendship was secret and not openly gay …the others them stopped him …..difficult as it still is to be openly gau especially in a country as Portugal it is that loving a man as a young man, its hard on him and reflected our friendship, which was very warm and deep and nothing really as normally the gay scene is only sex, it was was way-way more than that this was a minor thing really …the light turned on when we where together I do still miss . He is my mirror and I am his …it is.
    Still, after now a year and a half not seen in 3D I still see him at 4 and 5 D but lately blocked …… still love him but needed to be free a man to see him not as a secret anymore … had to stop the hurt for him( me as he is us) . he was hurt at home as well didn’t want to talk to much about it and hide it behind a smile (hey it,s me again the same thing) tried to communicate but did not work as he walked away because of feelings i know as he is me …..but have to let it be as free will come first also for me ….
    pray and meditate still on behalf of me and him as he needs to sort out his shit first and do my work on myself too… do not follow him on ( anti) social media as he needs te to feel free as do ….my love is freedom come and go when you want to stay or not am there and i go as well …..yep very modern i know ..but never believed in borders and walls ( always climbed them) this is my gift to him as do love him unconditionally ….. we both said stupid stuff and behaved as twats 🙂 in the end even in the darkest hour ( its to find your childhood wounds) loved him ….anger can be yourself as in disappointments and the why etc ..its more yourself than the other but in twin flames as us its even both ways ….lol …so yes i had to stop the hardship as its not the way we want …..maybe a day a pray as if its meant it will happen and i still believe in God the universe he said something i keep that as a secret as it has to be free ……xxx love this yourney it sets me free …..
    See Oscars Wilde video on youtube with bosie … many similarities … my family knows friends know even here my city knows whom i am but and that i loved a young man , but not who he is as i still keep this wonderful brave handsome young man identity freedom you see. ….

  • How does one find the path in becoming a healer?
    I know it is what my lifes purpose is, but with so many paths and places..its very overwhelming and a bit confusing..I’ve been going within for guidance, and medtating..but, the answers aren’t coming, may this be an indication that healing isn’t my path and it was just me suggesting this idea?
    Thank you ahead of time for your advice.
    Blessings, love, gratitude,

  • Hi Christina,

    Thank You For Sharing. I Was Wondering How I Could Live in a Constant State of Love & I Think I’m Already Doing it! LoL. I’m Not Sure When It Happened, But I do Know I Try to Enjoy Every Moment in Each Day & Not Let Little Things Get me Down Or Overwhelm me As They Have in The Past. And The More I do My Walking Meditation in Nature(So Glad its a Thing & Not Just Something I Made Up) I Am Often Feeling The Love All Around Me. And As I feel The Love I Think It Radiates From My Being so I’m Smiling as I’m Walking(Usually With a Dog in Hand), Listening to My Music or YouTube Videos & Noticing The Synchronicities That Come Into Play as I’m in My Zone. And I’m Sure I’m Smiling as I’m Waving at People or Telling Them ‘Good Morning’ as I Float Along & I Just Want to Say This So Was Not Me Several Years Ago. And Even When I Started to Feel Good & Different I Didn’t Always Know How or Want to Share so I Would Keep it to Myself or Just Share Wih My Daughter or One Person I Thought Would Kind of Get it. Long Story Short, I Don’t Care Now! Often When I Sit & Meditate or Do My Walking Meditation I Get The Clear Message to ‘Love’. Be Love, Give Love, Radiate Love. I Love it!

  • hi beloved, christina..

    the path that I have, (blocked heart) is not new for me. I thought I was on the right way, but hte last relationship with josé, was intense, raw, somtetimes too much raw(we’re both scorpio). My own opinion was, I’m strong, but it wasen’t. I relalized, that I’m a sensible person, witch means, is not a bad thing. just, how can I handle this? sensible and blocked heart?).
    my heart is so closed, I don’t allow anything new in my life..and that is not good for me.
    I asked myself the last cople of weeks; WHAT KOND OF A PERSON I WOULD LIKE TO BE.
    this question wasen’t easy for me, as you know my heart is… I asked evey time bevor I went to bed. nothing came into my mind. I get mad…I let it go…so if my mind can tell me right away…I have to let go…
    and this moning cames after my moning routine (breath-exercise from yoga)…I like to be a loving kind men, who loves himself and the parnter uncondional.

    I’m aware, this gonna be a hard word. 4 steps forward, 10 backwards, but it’s wort it, becouse I have so much love to give and receive…this is what I wanna to feel it.
    special we gay-men are so sensible, that’s why we escape to so many shit.-))) this is not me.

    thank youtube, I find you and you give me some exercise to to….

    I will follow you, becouse I believe, I can reach my heart again, it’s only closed for a moment.-))) I can reopen it…

    thank you so much….
    plaease forgive me, when the sentenses are not proper, but fist of all I start with the german and then in my super-brain, I translate as dood as possible.

    wish you a fantstic journey

    my next trio will be to the azoren…

    god bless you


  • Thank you Christina for your videos, explanations and exercises. I started my spiritual journey back in 2004. Read hundreds of books. Learnt to meditate, one thing always lead to the next. Like how the brain works, Chakras, sub-conscious programmes etc. I’ve dabbled in Astrology, Tarot, reflexology, I’ve written out that much stuff, i could probably write a book myself.Lol. I am now 59yrs, and i think i have a good grasp on things. I still feel blocked. I believe that there is a time for everything. And i always thought i’m a late bloomer. Dam Saturn.I also just realized i am an empath after watching one of your videos. I’ve pretty much guided myself through my life, maybe abit blindly i must admit. i might not be always aware of my intuition, but i instinctivly seen to know whats what. I agree with you about my heart and when i saw the Turtle, the first thing that came to mind was. Slow and steady wins the race. And that pretty much somes up my life. Nothing has come easy for me I have worked phically, mentally, and emotionally for all of it. And the journey continues. Many Blessings to you, Thankyou for helping those of us that need acceptance, guidance, and that their is like-minded others around. Judy.

  • #askchristina
    Dearest Christina
    I came across Your YouTube videos recently and you have resignated with me deeply. My awakening has been a very difficult one. Even to the point, like you, I have asked for the universe to take me away because I can’t endure the pain physically or emotionally anymore. I have a very deep knowing in my heart and have had since I was a little girl known that I am here for a purpose higher than just a human life. I am an empath and have been told that if I freed my energy I could have psychic abilities by spiritual gurus. My awakening started in 2011 due to an infidelity by my ex husband. This caused me to search for my connection to the high self, I became Buddhist and I was well on my way to opening my heart from childhood trauma and following my spiritual path in which I was reincarnated to perform but it was stopped abruptly by a massive situational crisis. Within 5 months my marriage had disintegrated, my twin flame died, I lost my home, I lost my financial stability, I lost my relationships with friends and family members including my mother, my children became share care and I lost a huge part of my realtionship with them, found a new relationship, moved in with the new relationship and became a parent to 4 step children. This was 4 years ago now. I stopped my spiritual practices and found myself to this day in a very dark place. However, there is this voice deep within me that keeps pushing at me it’s time, it’s time, you have a duty to the universe. I have never said this to anyone because I would be thought of as crazy. But I am terrified Christina. If I open my heart chakra, it is only a matter of time before I feel the pain and if I do not open it I do not get to forfil my purpose of higher love and to spread that love to our beautiful souls in this earth that so desperately needs it. I am also a nurse and everyday come in contact with people in suffering. If I surrender to opening my heart how do I protect it?

  • Christine it’s scary for me but I keep turning back to your videos

  • Marguerite Edwards September 26, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    Hi , Christina , I have viewed your ( 3 ) videos on ayahausca . I have no doubt that this is a necessary journey that I must take . As I researched information about this magical and holy vine , fear is not an issue . Some that have success to this vine ; amazes me . Safety would be my first priority. I live a life style of celibacy, by choice , and would not want to bring this worry on my journey , Having this experience around a crowd of people ; my instincts say no . So , at home would be best for me . Unless I could afford a retreat with a private room , with help nearby , if needed. Time will tell , thank you for videos . # ask Christina. How do you observe , but not attach ?

    • Amanda – Team Christina September 30, 2020 at 10:05 pm

      Thank you for sharing part of your journey and for your question, Marguerite! We’ll keep it in mind for a future video topic 😊

  • Hi Christina. Beautifully written. We could be sisters. My early experiences seem to mirror yours. What to do? What to do? This is what I say all the time. I dabbled in everything. Now what?!! Lol. I love your set up and your videos. Information is easily understood and website, YouTube layout easy to navigate. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (Wayne Dyer). Paige.

  • Deeply touched.
    That simple noted the difference between not understanding of love by reading a book and the understanding of Love through the experience of the being.
    Thank you Christina.
    In this age of mine and in this state of ignorance of mine I can only say that I enjoy much your postings, video materials. Truly inspiring!!! Thank you.

    • Amanda – Team Christina March 2, 2021 at 4:40 pm

      Hi Zdenko, thank you so much for taking the time to send us these kind words! Sending you love 💕

  • Hello🥰 Christina!! I just want to say thank you and I love you Soul Sister for this beautiful gift and sharing all the wonderful love and gifts that you have, with me 🥰 Back in February 2021 I was very stagnant and going through the Dark Night of the Soul and I was trying to figure out my purpose in life and I was at the point of not wanting to live anymore. At that very moment, is when your video appeared on 6-Life changing stages of Spiritual Awakening. In fact I did not realize that it was even called The Dark Night of the Soul until I watched that video! Christina, it gave me such relief to know that I was not going crazy and that I was not alone in that process. It was the video about Archangel Michael along with Master Saint-Germain that I was able to dig myself out of that hole of The Dark Night of the Soul and also the discovery of your shaman retrieval that I was able to completely heal my heart and have my rebirth which happened a week ago 3 days before Easter! Hawk, along with a blue jay, called me and led me to a dogwood tree with the most beautiful dogwood flowers which I knew meant rebirth! I also saw 2 Geese, at that very moment, which were mates. I knew right then and there that God’s Divine Purpose for me was to learn bird medicine, be a lightworker and healer for mother earth! I also knew that I was going to meet my twin flame, along with figuring out who my twin flame is! To my surprise it is a wonderful gentleman that I have known since 2015 that I used to work with at the hospital where I used to work! 🥰 In fact, I just got done doing the meditation with Archangel Metatron and oh wow the experience was absolutely amazing and so beautiful 💜 Christina, it was so amazing to me, that I did not want to come out of my meditation 😊 THANK YOU SO MUCH 😊 life is so beautiful for me and I now know what true unconditional love really is! NAMASTE 🙏

  • Sini-Marianna Toivanen June 24, 2021 at 12:15 am

    How can I really connect with my heart and hear what it’s saying to me🤔I wanna start living my life through Love and Light that I am.
    ❤️ Sini-Marianna from Finland 💙

    • Amanda – Team Christina June 25, 2021 at 4:20 am

      Hi Sini-Mariana, thank you for reaching out. Christina does read each of her messages but she’s not able to respond with individual guidance here in the comments. We encourage you to take advantage of all the Free Resources Christina offers!

  • Melissa M Birch July 2, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    There is a woman who I have had an intense loving/spiritual connection with since we first met in the late 1970s. She has the same feelings that I do about both of us. I have never met anyone else with the sense of connection that the two of us have. We have never had a physical relationship, nor have we lived together, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Others have also noticed the dynamics that exist between us. That connection was so intense that I ceased communication with her years ago. I was scared of the intense energy that exuded between us. We were separated for a long time. Just recently we have reconnected, and it was like we never were apart. Could we be Twin Flames? She is a Taurus and I’m an Aries, very different astrological signs….

    • Amanda – Team Christina July 4, 2021 at 3:21 am

      Hi Melissa, thanks for telling us a bit about your journey. Christina does read each of her messages but she’s not able to respond with individual guidance here in the comments. We encourage you to take advantage of all the Free Resources Christina offers!


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