The 4-Step Process For Using Your Heart To Manifest Your Ideal Life

The 4-Step Process For Using Your Heart To Manifest Your Ideal Life

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The Universe is a “manifestation machine”, and each and every one of us works that machine.

Simply put, we co-create all of our experiences. But how exactly do we “work the machine”? How do we manifest every single particle of matter that shows up in our lives? The answer is we use two powerful and magnificent centers:

The mind and the heart.

The process goes something like this. Picture a fisherman throwing his net out into the ocean. You’re the fisherman and the net represents the electromagnetic field of your mind or heart. The fisherman (you) waits, feels movement and hauls in his catch. All the fish trapped in the net symbolize your reality. One fish can be your partner, the other your job, yet another your home, and so on.

And like the fisherman that throws out his net before he catches fish, your mind and heart also set the stage in advance for what you end up receiving.

A great deal of attention has been given to the powerful influence of the mind in manifestation— especially after the Law of Attraction was popularized by books such as The Secret. The mind is an astounding phenomenon of brain circuitry and it’s immensely powerful in manifesting what it wants.

But what if I told you the heart is even more powerful?

According to the Heart Math Institute, the heart has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, 60 times greater than the brains’. Yet, we seem to give the mind much more decision-making influence over our lives and hence, our reality.

My experience has taught me that the mind can manifest a whole lot of drama and suffering if we let it. The heart does no such thing. The manifestations powered by our hearts never lead us astray because the heart center is our connection with the Universe and our Higher Selves.

Our hearts know exactly what we are supposed to do in this life—if we only listen. On the other hand, the mind carries a lot of baggage that influences what we believe, think, and ultimately, manifest.

So if the heart is indeed so much more powerful than the mind and it knows exactly what is best for us, why on earth don’t we listen to it more?

Well, it’s just easier that way. Our consciousness is easily drawn into the drama our minds create—especially when the thoughts generated cause fear. Fear is powerful and can easily get your attention.

The heart speaks to us through emotion, instinct, intuition, or “gut feeling”. It doesn’t communicate verbally like the mind does. Our reality is therefore much more conducive to a “mind-based” system of manifestation.

But that can all change in a heartbeat.

A sequence of painful, mind-led events brought me to where I finally connected with my glorious heart center and allowed it to command my experience. I had always lived with a strong mind and it manifested some great events in my life.

But it also manifested some pretty painful ones, too. I remember lying in the dark one night and thinking:

“There’s got to be a better way.”

And there was. I instinctively began to meditate, without knowing exactly why I was taking up the practice at that particular time. In the beginning, my mind protested. Back then, I wasn’t the type of person that would just “waste” time on “useless” things like sitting quietly with my eyes shut.

There was just too much to do. Yet miraculously, there I sat every day. At first, I could only manage three or four minutes at a time. But as the days progressed, I felt a radical shift in me.

My mind was quieting down and instead of all the incessant chatter, I was now feeling love invade my chest.

“What is this?” I thought.

It was my heart speaking. From then on, I never again allowed my mind back into the role of commander-in-chief. That job is now solely performed by my heart.

Many people have asked in my workshops and classes how they too can connect to their beautiful hearts.

Here’s how.

1) Quiet your mind.

Whether it’s through meditation, yoga, jogging on the beach, or walking in the forest, seeking bliss helps decrease the endless voices in our heads. For me, the miracle was meditation but for you, it can be something totally different.

2) Tune into your heart center.

As the mind chatter decreases, there will be a wonderful silence and space inside you. In that space, you will start to feel your chest. You’ll literally feel love, compassion, and kindness…in your chest.

Become accustomed to the language of your heart and listen to it. Sometimes, I use visualizations and picture my heart chakra (the energy center located right above the breast area) shooting out the color green.

Other times, I become aware of what I feel when I look at someone I love or at a beautiful sight like a sunset. It feels like my chest is exploding with love.

3) Use the power of your consciousness to stay alert to synchronicities.

This is a big one. Synchronicities are the results of your electromagnetic fields being thrown out ahead of you. They’re like the fish caught in the fisherman’s net.

When you remain alert at all times—that is, when you live in the present moment and outside of your mind dramas—you’re more likely to see these synchronicities.

4) Act on synchronicities.

This is where the mind comes in. I still have a powerful mind, thankfully so. But it just knows its place now. I use my mind as a tool that helps me manifest what my heart desires.

Do you see the difference?

The heart commands and the mind follows. This is where all your creative juices should be used. When your heart brings you experiences and synchronicities, your mind helps build upon those initial desires.

When you allow your heart to command your experiences in life, nothing will ever be the same. Once you learn the language of the heart, you’ll never again ignore it.

And pretty soon you’ll arrive at your life’s purpose. Because it turns out, only your heart knows what that is.


Is it easy for you to connect with your heart and know what it’s telling you? Let me know in the comment section below.

Let me know in the comment section below.

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With deep love and gratitude;

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Originally published on Finerminds. Edited and title changed.


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I’m a life coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help you open your incredible heart, heal your past, and live with joy and purpose. Aside from my weekly video content, I also work 1-on-1 with people who need private individual guidance. If this is you, the fastest way to get help is to book a single session with me.


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  • Krystine Fioravanti January 18, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    Thanks Christina for all the wonderful information. I had a huge tower moment 9 years ago that ultimately changed my life. I had another about 2 years ago that set me on the path I believe I was meant to be on. I am starting my own coaching business geared toward forgiveness and I came across your YouTube videos. It has been a pleasure listening to you. I shared this post on my FaceBook page. Your videos/posts have helped me understand even my own journey more clearly, things I knew but didn’t really have the right words for came to me because of you. Thank you. Keep it up!!!

    Krystine Fioravanti

    • I’m so happy to hear my videos have helped Krystine! Sending you lots of great vibes for your new coaching biz! May you be blessed in this new venture! 🙂

  • Thank you for your work. I recently came across your website quite “synchronistically,” I appreciate the messages that you give and the bluntness with which you deliver them.

    I am a therapist (LCPC) who had a spiritual awakening last year. I used to be ruled by my brain, but the circumstances of my awakening hit my heart so overwhelmingly that I was forced to sit in the feelings. I started getting “downloads” from the universe and began following the guidance I was receiving. I am now a firm believer in using the brain to follow the heart guidance. Since my awakening, I’ve been on an incredible journey which has taken me to now working alongside a spiritual coach to bring the message of love and compassion to the world.

    Light and love back to you.


    • I love this Lisa. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your journey. Exactly…the brain should be used to follow heart guidance. 🙂

  • My mood changes a lot these days. At times, I suddenly feel so much emotion in the heart without knowing why. Yesterday, it came when I was having dinner with my kids. We were talking happily when suddenly a wave of sadness occupied me. I couldn’t continue to eat, felt deeply sad and desperate. I felt my heart was crying and it wanted to reach out to something. I quit the meal, got into bed and laid there for the evening. I have experienced this before, but they were not so heavy. And I had my heart checked up, it was working well and I don’t have a heart problem. For a few recent months, it’s been coming so often and interrupting me. The emotion is becoming a lot heavier that sometimes it burns my head, I feel I can’t contain it in my body. While it was just a little anxiety before and I usually could overcome it quickly, it has become painful these days and I am totally lost in it. Still I don’t know what my heart wants and what it is trying to do.

    • Leslie Cason – Team Lopes May 7, 2019 at 2:40 pm

      We’re sending you so much love on your journey. All will be well. <3

    • Have you considered that you may have developed stronger empathy and it was another in your energy field feeling such a heavy sorrow?
      It can be very confusing when it comes later in your life not that it isn’t to those who developed it early, but being an em-path could be the reason and if so well done you, and I hope you learn to harness it quickly without much suffering to feel the blessing of this depth for love some could not even imagine experiencing, xxx

    • Dear Elle,
      Try not to fight it,whatever it is needs to come out. If it suffocates you, try to mentally step back and observe it all ( your feelings, thoughts, ) . If you can don’t judge it jest take is as it is, and try to net get scared.
      Something good will come out of it.
      In similar situations I found comfort In Serenity prayer.
      Sending you love!

  • You have a beautiful heart and I want to thank you for providing all these materials to the world for free. It amazes me how you have given to the world. I thank you from deep in my soul. This and many other videos such as empaths have helped me learn and grow. I am at the beginning of may journey and feel so lost. Like a pinball lighting up every which way. You are giving me some direction and I really am inspired by your giving spirit and your light.

  • I can’t say it’s easy for me to feel what my heart is telling me. I even asked about it at a recent gathering at my spiritual community. We did a heart meditation which seemed to move most in the group, but once again I felt nothing. I feel like I have felt my heart energy before while listening to the a short meditation on youtube by the Chocolate Shaman Keith Wilson. I was listening to that a couple times daily, but then I had a nervous meltdown and haven’t totally recovered from it yet. That was about 6 weeks ago. I feel like I’m coming out of the darkest part of my spiritual awakening, but still feel aimless and empty which makes it a challenge to feel energized and alive.

  • Hi Christina,
    I truly love all your posts, they are a refresher for me. As I have spent a lot of time working to be the best I am capable of being. I do have some issues with getting really into my meditation. Mainly because I’m asleep in a few minutes and then my efforts have come up with just a subconscious mind screaming at me to find a way to stay awake for the things I’m trying to accomplish such as getting in touch with my spirit guides and getting to know them as much as I know my spirit animals. And I’m not really trying to manifest a lot of things just want to ascend properly so I can help me and anyone else that wants my help.
    So my solution is that I bought a card deck called “Sacred Destiny Oracle “, as I’m talented with divination of all varieties. Anyway this deck will discover the landscape of t soul. I am reading these cards for a period of weeks and journaling them, to see what my soul has to say via these cards.
    So wish me luck and hoping I’m going to get better with my meditation.
    Thanks for listening to me ramble.
    Blessed Be,

  • Carol Schwaber May 27, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    Thank you so much for all the information you share with us. You have helped me so much on my path!

  • Thank you Christina for your devotion and compassion that has been put forth into into your website and videos. I am truly grateful, and I am going work on opening my heart and working on my spiritual awakening with all of these wonderful tools and resources you have nicely put together. Its been a few years now, that I have participated with metaphorical classes and felt so distant from the class as they spoke of their communications with spirit guides, angels and love ones. Some of the classes, we were instructed to imagine different scenarios, where eventually we would receive a message from a spirit. Its not happening, I pray and meditate with an intention to receive spirit, and I have been working on my spirituality for so long, with very little communication. I feel spirit all around me, I speak to them, but my ability to receive is not there. My angels took me to this site today, Im sure of it. God Bless You, and thank you.

  • Greetings love ! I feel with absolute certainty that my beloved guide lead me to you! Thank you for being available! I have been following you and using your free tools for the past month! The difference in myself is nothing short of a miracle! My spiritual journey has been on going thru my adult life I am 67 years old ! This past February I was kick started lol! I thought I was going to die lol! Intense ! I had no words to make sense of what was happening. Thank you for being here for me! I want to commit to my journey, and great passion to help humanity! I bless your name daily and God,Archangel Michael and Jesus! Thank you for being! Blessed love. Mary M Hibberd

  • Hi Christina,
    Thanks so much for your uplifting messages and videos. While in meditation, I have had the exact beautiful experience Neal describes, of experiencing God as Pure Love and realizing (experientially, not intellectually) that I was That Love, and that I was therefore God (in the humblest sense). However that was over 40 years ago. Although it changed my life (I used to be agnostic before then), my heart still has issues! When love miraculously seems to come my way , every time i open my heart to love, things never seem to go well for long. I plunge headlong, trusting and unafraid into this love but the relationship always starts to fall apart, lately sooner rather than later. Therefore, it’s hard not to guard the heart and mistrust it when every time I “follow my heart” it backfires. I feel I have to discipline this heart and let my mind rule to protect it, contrary to your beautiful advice. Any advice for this heart?

    • Amanda – Team Christina December 11, 2020 at 4:06 pm

      Hello Helene! Thank you for your question, we will keep it in mind for a follow-up video 😊 Sending you love

    • Hi Helene, I too follow my heart and have had bad experiences. I recently got out of a relationship that I gave my whole heart to. From it I learned a very painful lesson. 1. Self love. Always love yourself first as you have to fill your own cup before giving to others. 2. Set strong boundaries. Stand firm on what you will and will not accept. 3. Only accept equal give and take in a relationship. These tend to be harder to do when you are an empath and a nurturer as I am. I am thankful that this experience didn’t shut my heart down. My heart is open and I look forward to new love in my future while holding firm to the lessons I’ve learned.
      Wising you Peace and love, Kim

  • I have always been in tune with my heart and let it be my voice of reason and direction when needed. Everyone always says I have such a big heart and that I wear it on my sleeve but that isn’t always the best thing. I was told I needed to stop thinking with my heart and use my head, as it is said. So because of always being told these things, for a while and on some more important matters, I didn’t listen to what my heart, my intuition, was saying to me. Instead, I let my mind put logic thought into the situation and let it make sense for me because that’s how I was expected to make choices. I had to go through the closing stages of the spirituality I was born with only to learn decades later that there was nothing wrong with me the way that I was naturally. Unfortunately because I let outside influences tell me otherwise, I am going through a spiritual reawakening on my own and learning everything I’ve been through and going through without someone to help me. Not complaining about that, just sayin that I lived with so many people who pushed me to be more like them but my reawakening is taking place where it’s just me so I can remember me before I got lost in the world around me.

  • Hi Christina,

    Thank you for your beautiful soul! I am a 61 year old man going through a spiritual renaissance and so grateful for stumbling across your website and your generous heart. I could have written every word of what dear Helene wrote above and hope you will be able to address our issue in a forthcoming video or blog.

    With so much thanks, Simon

    • Amanda – Team Christina March 23, 2021 at 3:20 pm

      Hi Simon! Thank you so much for taking the time to write us! We will definitely pass it along to Christina as a possible future video 😊

  • Hi Christina

    I just wanna thank you so much . Your vedio’s came to me at a time where I felt blocked , uninspired and just demotivated. My studies where just taking their toll on my mental health . That was until I stumbled on one of your vedio’s…not sure which one it was ( forgive me 😁) but it really helped set me free in a way…I already knew I was an Empath, I just didn’t know that I was a disempowered one . Everything I’ve read told me that as an Empath I was fragile and sensitive to everything. I felt as though I had no control over the energies that I absorbed . So when you combine that and a hectic study schedule …it becomes intense . Anyway in truly greatful for the work you do. I’m now working towards healing and being the Empowered Empath I was meant to be.

    Hugs x kisses
    18 yr Pisces
    ( sorry about the essay 😂😂😂…I just had to share)

  • Jessica Castillo May 21, 2021 at 12:46 am


    First of all, I have to say THANK YOU!

    I too identified as a light 💡 worker. I also lived through childhood trauma and sexual molestation. Difference is I remember everything and with multiple man in different stages of my life, I feel as I have a photographic memory. This goes for “bad experiences” as well as “blissful experiences.” I feel as this has been a double edge sword 🗡 for most of my life.

    Aside from that I didn’t grow up with either of my parents (mom or dad). Although I feel childhood molestation had an enormous impact on my self worth, I feel that the fact that my parents weren’t around is the reason my inner child comes out to sabotage my romantic relationships.

    My wounded inner child says; “the people who love me will eventually abandoned me.” So, after being in a relationship for a little while I begin to say things that would cause my partner to pull away. So, my “fear” gets strengthened over and over again.

    I have worked on myself over the years here and there, but not as profound and focus 🧘🏻‍♀️ as I have in the past almost 2 months.

    I feel as I began my most recent relationship, fear surfaced right away. I had this deep yearning to make it work this time. So, in the early stages I seek counseling once again, 3rd time in my life I have done this. Anyways to make a long story short, I felt as this person was closing their hearts ❤️ to me. I can just feel it all over my body and it made me very anxious. As I communicated to him what I felt he distant himself from me and I have not heard a word for about 2 months now.

    Then I decided that I needed to seek healing inward instead of looking for validation outside. I have continued to do counseling. Have heard several audio books that led me to Reiki healing. I have someone in my local area who does this. She indeed confirmed all my chakras were blocked, and that the most problematic one was indeed the heart ❤️.

    I have been spending A LOT of time in nature and it makes me feel alive in an indescribable way. I feel as I am a part of the trees/wind/birds and all nature components. I have listened 🎧 to and repeated a lot of I am affirmations.

    I see you no longer do individual sessions. However, I would really love ❤️ to be part of your retreat. I feel as my heart ❤️ can definitely use some undivided attention and love ❤️ from my own self in silence and without distractions. Hopefully, someday I get to be one of those people chosen.

    Well, now that all of that is out of my chest. Thank you again.

    With Love, another light 💡 worker,

    Jessica Castillo

    • Amanda – Team Christina May 27, 2021 at 6:54 pm

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience, Jessica! Sending you love 💕

  • As we accelerate forward the intentions of teachers becomes clearer to me and Christina has purely true intention and for that I am grateful beyond measure. I have found that when I follow her guidance and really hold myself responsible for the follow through of journaling if she says journal, dance if she says dance, meditation (works well for me), that the healing is profound and powerful. Team Christina has changed my life and given me the tools for transformation and I keep them sharp and ready. 🙏🏼

  • Hello Christina,

    Thank you for all your videos and information, they resonate with everything I’m going through, in my awakening journey.
    I go across so many synchronicities, but I’m struggling to understand them. My heart and mind don’t interpretrate them the same way. Son I’m still kind of lost, wanting to follow by these synchronicities but not knowing how!
    #askchristina : how can I really discover the meaning of these synchronicities? They can meen son many different things, in differents domains of life. Love, work, familly, home. If we struggle in a specific domain of life does these signs are only related to it?

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Amanda – Team Christina May 2, 2022 at 4:26 am

      Hi Lucia! Thank you so much for reaching out! Christina does read all of the comments, but she isn’t able to provide direct guidance or referrals via comments. I will pass along your question for a possible future video! ❤

  • Hi Christina,
    Thankyou for your post on connecting with your heart!💗 It has been very enlightening to read! Processing it will take practice and patience but I feel trulylife changing! Can you please send me more content and videos if possible. Do you also have a website?

    • Amanda – Team Christina May 31, 2022 at 8:17 pm

      Hi April! Christina does have a website! You can visit it here: Free Resources and you can find all of her videos attached to her blog posts as well as on her YouTube channel! ❤

  • I’ve been ussing my mind for my entire life, thinking in the back of my head that she is the only one that saved me, I must trust what I think, because when I was young and followed my heart I got pain, lots of pain, and it seems to me that I didn’t trust it any more, but the pain wasn’t there because my heart was wrong but because there was no one actualy there to support it, so I stoped and started to think, think and think my own life, finding myself getting the things I wanted how I wanted them but feeling unhappy and like in a race to get somewhere I will never be able to get. Today I understand it all, thank you Cristina, you made the diference.

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