Navigating The 6 Powerful Stages Of A Spiritual Awakening

Navigating The 6 Powerful Stages Of A Spiritual Awakening

Navigating The 6 Powerful Stages Of A Spiritual Awakening 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Spiritual awakenings have changed because of new energy. Learn the top 6 spiritual awakening stages, how each stage affects you, and how to handle each one with ease.

Years ago, I published a video on the 6 stages of spiritual awakening, but the planet’s energy has rapidly changed since.

This change has caused a major acceleration in energy and the spiritual awakening stages are now stacked.

Because of this, successfully handling a spiritual awakening is now going to look a lot different.

Luckily for you, I just posted an updated video explaining the 6 stages of spiritual awakening and how to handle each stage in these new times. 

If you are currently working through a spiritual awakening and want to know how to go with the flow energy instead of against it, I made this video for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

💥 What’s changed recently with spiritual awakenings.

💥 The 6 spiritual awakening stages and how each stage affects you.

💥 Top tip for each of the 6 stages, so you know exactly what to do no matter what stage you’re in.

Now it’s over to you! Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

Which stage of spiritual awakening are you in now?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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I’m a life coach, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening so you can heal your past, overcome any challenge, and live with joy and purpose. If you need help in navigating your spiritual awakening, I recommend that you check out my popular free guided meditations.

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  • Thank you Christina so much for the updated spiritual awakening steps, i could clearly see where i am now in my awakening, since you said they can be stacked i feel like im going through the void and the 5th grounding stage, i went thru the period where synchonicities stopped i felt lost, also very much felt the masculine energy, but im feeling now the connection again, synchronicities def came back, recently started swaying side to side during meditation wondering if thats the feminine energy activating? I also cant seem to get pottery out of my head recently ive always wanted to do it but now is more active, im not sure if I could be in the last 3 stages all at the same time, what do you think.
    Thanks again so much for all you do its incredibly helpful.
    Much Love

  • Hi Christina,
    Thank you so much for the update. I have been through the ringer and stacking, best way to describe the spiritual awakening. My health, loss of job and relationship all came crashing down within the last 2 years. I have been through so much trauma my entire life. I know my soul asked for this, to break the cycle of trauma within my family lineage. I have always been different than other family members, empathic, artistic, emotional. I was harshly judged by my mother when I was in my 20’s because I was dating another woman. I am sure this as well as many other things in my childhood had an impact. I believe I am in stage 4/5. I know for sure the void. Everything old that is not coming with me on my journey has fallen away. I live alone and rarely see anyone but the children and parents I help. I am trying to learn the grounding with this different life. I have incorporated daily baths, meditation, talks to spirit, incense, candles, crystals..I have found spirit seems to connect with me in my car of all places through the music lol. I know it sounds crazy but this is honestly the truth. I understand that at this time in my life I am supposed to do something non physical labor involving children but I still have not put my finger on the idea. Lots of ideas but not the one you know ? Thank you again for the new video. I appreciate you your spirit teams wisdom tremendously. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Stacey Bronson

  • I’m not sure which stage I’m in. I started my journey last year in march. I have learned so much since then. I know how connected everything is, I see it everyday. I do feel alone in this process because I know a lot of people will judge because they don’t know or understand how we are all connected. I feel such a connection to something, the energy pulses through me but I don’t know how to harness it to use it for my benefit. I would love to heal myself so I can heal others.I do my meditations and feel a lot better, but I feel something holding me back. I know I have shadow work that needs to be done but don’t know how to succeed in doing so. I hope the answers come to me and I can get the help I need to further my journey of love and light. God Bless to you for all you do to help others on their journey. I love watching your videos! ❤️


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