Enroll now in our ONLY retreat of 2023! Spots are extremely limited so act fast!

OCTOBER 22 – 29, 2023


Welcome to our one-of-a-kind retreat: The Heart Accelerator!

This retreat started on an intuition years ago and has now grown to be considered not only a unique retreat experience but also the spiritual mega-event of the year!

I’m still in awe at just how deep the healings and transformations are at our retreats. And you’ll hear some of those transformation stories when you scroll down this page.

There are many reasons why you, Beautiful Soul, may come on retreat with me:

You’re going through a spiritual awakening and the whole thing is turning your life upside down.

Your life is changing so quickly but you have no idea what direction your soul wants to go in now.

You’re struggling to heal and let go of trauma or pain from your past.

You’re searching for deeper answers about your life mission and soul calling.

You’re in search of a community of people who will understand you and are going through an awakening too.

Whatever it is you’re going through right now:


And this retreat will help you do just that. You’ll move forward with clarity, renewed energy, and a new sense of purpose and joy.

I can’t wait to welcome you to Portugal in 2023!

With love,

signature - Christina Lopes


The Heart Accelerator is a unique and powerful group retreat, designed to accelerate the healing of major wounds, help you get unstuck, connect you to your soul family and create massive energy shifts in your mind, body, and soul.

You work with Christina and our gifted group of coaches, sound healers, and practitioners in a safe and held container that helps you open up to deep transformation within you.

We have no doubt that you’ve done a lot of personal development work on your own.

But now it’s time to experience a deeper level of development and healing than you ever thought possible.


What makes The Accelerator unique?


We work tirelessly so you never feel lost in the crowd. Christina works very closely with each participant, ensuring that the healing and transformation work is well integrated. She also has a team of trusted coaches and healers that work daily with the group, providing an immersive and supportive energy container during the retreat.


There’s a reason we call this retreat an “Accelerator”: you’ll experience profound transformation and breakthroughs on your toughest challenges and wounds. We’ll be together for a week and in that time, expect to uncover any past pain that limits you, heal it, open your heart, and step into more clarity about your life purpose.


If you want to go beyond the group retreat experience and need extra attention from Christina, we can make that happen. We’re opening up 10 Crystal Packs for anyone who wishes to work with Christina in an extremely intimate group for two afternoons during the retreat. You’ll also have access to other exclusive VIP perks available during and after the retreat.


At the Heart Accelerator, you get to the core of what needs healing and transformation, without any distractions. We remove all the superficialities of typical retreats and get you back to what really matters: a close connection with Christina and her team and the healing power of nature.


Our live coaching sessions include “hot seats”- where you can join Christina on stage to discuss your most pressing issues and receive on-the-spot healing. Our hotseat sessions also include live questions from the audience which makes the experience very immersive and transformational.


Our morning sessions include powerful movement techniques to help unlock and process any energy that may be stuck on your body and facilitate shifts and healing. Dance, breathwork, yoga, bioenergetics, and active meditation are only some of the techniques we use during our retreats.


One of the most popular and unique aspects of our retreats is our nightly ceremonies. With a group of talented musicians and sound healers, expect outstanding sound healing sessions, shamanic ceremonies, dance rituals, and guided regressions. Most retreats end in the afternoon, but we keep going well into the night!


You’ll get to connect to so many people from your soul family. You’ll also meet many others experiencing a spiritual awakening and who’ll understand exactly what you’re going through. Our community is priceless on this journey of life!


Most retreats end when you check out of the hotel and head home. But not the Heart Accelerator. With us, you’ll continue to be guided and assisted for weeks before and after the retreat ends. Before the retreat, you’ll have access to a live coaching call with Christina, where she preps you for your experience. Then after the retreat, you’ll receive a post-retreat online course to help you integrate back into the real world.


Once you purchase the retreat, you’ll have access to a private group that will help you prepare for the retreat in the best way and support you in integrating after you return home.

What’s Included


Our work together will be intense and highly transformational. Daily activities include morning coaching meetings, group life-coaching and hot seats, sound healing sessions, regressions, energy medicine, channeling sessions, chakra clearings, inner child work, and shamanic ritual and ceremony.


This will be for a group of 10 retreaters who want to work with Christina more closely in a small group setting. This includes two 4hr coaching sessions, where you’ll get your individual questions answered in a more intimate setting. You’ll also have access to front-row seating during the hot seats and a 60min post-retreat group coaching call with Christina.


Your meals (3 per day) are prepared by the superb hotel restaurant and include an array of daily pesco-vegetarian options. You’ll also have access to daily snacks in case you get hungry in between meals.


You’ll receive an amazing bag of goodies with important tools and accessories that you’ll be using on retreat and get to take home with you!


After the retreat, you’ll have lifetime access to a personalized e-course that Christina designed specifically to help each retreater integrate back into the “real world”. We want to make sure you integrate and ground all the experiences and healing you receive on this retreat into your everyday life.


We’re committed to maximizing your Accelerator breakthroughs by providing extra bonuses to keep you moving forward with your personal development. You’ll receive high-quality audio recordings of our 6 group coaching sessions (2 hours each), 7 sound healing ceremonies (2 hours each), and a signed copy of Christina’s memoir “Over The Edge”.


In order to make it easier for you to participate in our retreat, we provide a simple 2-payment plan. You can book this retreat with 50% down and then pay the remaining balance a month later.


Hotel, flights, on-the-ground transport, and any extra-curricular or tourist activities that you choose from our partner companies.

a typical day on retreat

what are the benefits?


You’ll be ready to face and solve each of the life challenges you were previously struggling with.


You’ll finally be able to feel deep love and acceptance for who you are and understand your unique value in the world.


You’ll leave the Accelerator with a deeper understanding of your past wounds, how they affected you, and how to fully heal and integrate them.


You’ll have a better understanding of what your life mission, purpose, and hidden talents are.


The energy healing work will help shift your consciousness and energy levels, moving you up in frequency toward Light and unconditional love.


You’ll know how to use your heart center as the commander of your reality, acting from pure authenticity to create the best outcomes in your life.

What’s the investment?

The investment for the Heart Accelerator varies, depending on your chosen package. Our base retreat fee (with a 5% discount) is $2,660. To claim this special discount, please use the following code at checkout:



(5% Discount)




(5% Discount)




All retreat activities, starting the evening of 10/22 until the morning of 10/29
All meals & snacks
Integration course
Recorded materials
$650 in bonuses


All of the above
Two 4-hour intimate group coaching and healing sessions with Christina
Front-row seating during group coaching and hot seat sessions
One 60-minute group coaching session with Christina after the retreat


To make it easier for you to participate in our retreat, we provide an easy 2-payment plan: allowing you to pay for the retreat in 2 easy monthly payments. Save $50 when you pay in full.




Our 2023 retreat will take place in the breathtaking Algarve Region in Portugal! We’ll be retreating in the exclusive 5-star Pine Cliffs Resort, located in Albufeira. Through our exclusive partnership with the hotel, you’ll receive special discounted prices for your room.

Discounted room rates start at 225 euros per night.

All hotel accommodations will need to be booked by May 15th in order to secure your discounted price! Also, note that your retreat registration is incomplete until your room is booked.


  • No, you don’t need to pay 100% upfront as we do offer a payment plan. You can choose to pay your entire retreat fee upfront (saving you $50) or we offer a payment plan, for your convenience: 2 easy monthly payments.

    Please remember: The base daily fee does not include flights, hotel, tourist activities, or any hotels and meals outside of the official retreat dates. All hotel accommodations will need to be booked to complete your retreat registration.

  • Note that there is no cooling-off period after placing an order. If, at any time or for whatever reason, you decide you do not wish to attend the retreat, you will not be eligible for a refund.

    Special Note: We may honor extreme cases that need to cancel such as illness or death in the family. In these cases we may issue a refund but that is left at our sole discretion.

  • Yes, in 2023, we’ll be doing just one group retreat: October 22 – 29.

  • Yes you can! You can book a hotel room in single or double occupancy if you want to room with someone else. It’s up to you!

  • The Heart Accelerator stands out from all other retreats because of the many quality daily activities that are included in the retreat fee. 

    Typically, our activities include:

    Group coaching and healing sessions, QiGong, yoga, breathwork, body movement, meditation, ego and inner child work, energy medicine (meridian and chakra clearing), past life regressions, Spirit channelings, live activations, shamanic practices, rituals and ceremony.

  • Here’s a list of what is NOT included in this retreat:

    • Accommodation – you’ll need to book the hotel separately.
    • Flights.
    • Hotels and meals outside the retreat dates.
    • On-the-ground transportation needs.
    • Any extracurricular or tourist activities that you choose from our partner companies.
  • You’ll be eating mostly vegetarian (with occasional fresh fish) and our meals include lots of vegetarian proteins (lentils, beans, chickpeas, etc), and loads of veggies and fruit, occasional fresh fish/seafood, and pastured eggs.

    The retreat diet also accommodates gluten-free and dairy-free choices but you can have local milk products if you so desire. Our reasoning behind the retreat diet is to keep it very “light” from an energy level so that your body doesn’t feel overloaded with digestion. This frees up energy to do the healing work and also to achieve higher states of consciousness while meditating.

  • We accommodate most dietary requests and needs except when it comes to the use of animal flesh, other than locally caught fish and seafood. We will not prepare land animal flesh. However, the retreat diet is already very “clean” and appropriate for most conditions, such as celiac or inflammatory diseases (upon request).

  • Yes. If for any reason, you cannot accompany the group in our outdoor activities, you can always stay at the hotel until we return and enjoy the many amenities our 5-star resort has to offer.

  • Our exclusive hotel partner is the wonderful 5-star Pine Cliffs Resort, located just steps from the beach. The hotel amenities include spacious bedrooms, pools, hot tubs, a wellness spa, onsite restaurants, and a gym.

  • Most retreats end when you check-out from the hotel and head home. But not The Heart Accelerator. We’re 100% committed to making your retreat a deeply transformative experience and that means we work with you even after you leave.

    Here’s what you’ll get after you return home:

    Regular fee:

    • Integration course. You’ll have lifetime access to an Integration course that is specifically designed to help retreaters integrate their retreat breakthroughs into their everyday life.
    • Recorded materials. You’ll receive high quality audio recordings of all our group coaching sessions and our nightly sound healing ceremonies so you can continue to work with the energy long after the retreat ends.

    Crystal Packs:

    All of the above plus:

    • 60-minute group coaching session with Christina, where you can share how you’re doing and receive any guidance on moving forward. This session is meant to help you return effortlessly to the “real world” and maximize the results of your retreat.
  • If you resonate with this retreat and feel a pull to join us, then it’s because your soul is calling you forth. Everyone receives what they need on retreat, including sometimes things they never thought they needed in the first place. As long as you’re open to receiving and surrendering, you’ll get more from this retreat than you can possibly anticipate.

  • A travel visa is NOT required if you are from: any European Union country, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Norway, Switzerland, Nationals of Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hungary, Israel, Korea (Rep. of), Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Uruguay, Vatican City and Venezuela.

    The above-mentioned countries only need a passport (if outside of the EU) and/or national ID cards (if inside the EU).

    For all other countries, a visa may be necessary for travel to Portugal. If you are coming from a country not listed above, please consult your embassy in order to obtain more information.


Enroll now in our ONLY retreat of 2023! Spots are extremely limited so act fast!

OCTOBER 22 – 29, 2023

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