What’s Your SPIRIT ANIMAL? And How To Find It!

What’s Your SPIRIT ANIMAL? And How To Find It!

What’s Your SPIRIT ANIMAL? And How To Find It! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover what your spirit animal is, how they can help, and how to call on your spirit animal to help you in your life.

Did you know you’re always surrounded by an invisible yet powerful type of spirit guide that can assist you in times of need and help you conquer life’s challenges? 

‘And what are these guides?’ I hear you ask…

Spirit animals.


A spirit animal is:

A spirit guide that presents itself in the physical or energy form of an animal.

From hummingbirds to horses, these powerful animals come to help you in your life in any way you may need at the moment. And each one has its own particular vibration, guiding us by: 

  •       Imbuing energy
  •       Bringing medicine
  •       Sending messages

So, how do you connect to these beings? 

In my latest video, I teach you all about how to communicate with these incredible spirit guides, as well as:

💥  What’s a spirit animal? What a spirit animal is.

💥  How they help. The 3 main ways in which spirit animals help you.

💥  Animal meanings. What each animal spiritually means.

💥  How to call spirit animals. And the simple 5-step process to help you discover who your spirit animal is and how to connect with them quickly. 

So, you might want to think twice before you take the vacuum to that spider residing in the corner of the room. She could be there to guide you!

Now it’s over to you! Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

Do you know who your spirit animal is?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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I’m a life coach, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening so you can heal your past, overcome any challenge, and live with joy and purpose. If you need help in navigating your spiritual awakening, I recommend that you check out my popular free guided meditations.

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  • Nancy Lou Little August 10, 2021 at 6:42 pm

    when I was a toddler I was told that I could be anything I wanted when I grew up. incredulous, I asked ANYTHING? Yes, anything you want! what do you want to be, Nancy Lou? A horse! was my immediate and enthusiastic reply!
    on my one and only shamanic journey so far, I shape shifted into a black jaguar.
    when I was pregnant, I would step on to the porch at midnight on every full moon. without fail, a large barred owl would sit in the tree above and begin calling to me.
    humming birds have come to me and hovered so close to my face, I thought I could just raise my hand and they might have perched upon it.
    wild animals come to me very frequently. all kinds, even the shy ones. a nighthawk, aka whip o will banged on my screen door and flew up to look in the kitchen one evening!

    I’ve had many dogs and cats throughout the years, horses, cattle, piggies and chickens too, among others, and some have certainly been sent to guide and help me. I just didn’t realize their full power at the time. At the very least, several have been familiars. I can not pick just one!

  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • I was told years ago that my spirit animal was the Elk. I never took the time to research it. I guess now is the time. I will also do a ritual to see what else happens.
    Thank you for all that you do to help and guide us.

    • Amanda – Team Christina August 11, 2021 at 7:48 pm

      Thanks Joan! Now is the perfect time to find out!

    • Hi, Joan! The only spirit animal meditation I ever did revealed a moose. Maybe an elk–though I know technically they aren’t the same I had my doubts; is it just bc I’m part Swedish? But I don’t know…it’s stayed with me. There IS some resonance.

  • I have done journeying before and the shamen brought badger where we went into badgers home underground and then visited my grandmother in her teepee where she was weaving. The shamen was surprised to be in a snowy landscape. It now makes sense as apparently I was a Canadian Indian man and silver Wing is my spirit guide where we were together in a past life. She has turquoise in her plaits. So I think badger maybe my totem animal? Or is he my temporary animal I needed at that time? I am a bit confused? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • Amanda – Team Christina August 11, 2021 at 7:49 pm

      Hi Deborah! Thank you for sharing part of your story! Christina does read each of her messages but is unable to respond with individual guidance here in the comments.

  • Thank you for this one Christina…

    I don’t exactly know what my spirit animal, or totem is jut yet – I get physical visits from a variety of them. I have deer that appear in the grove outside my window when I’m feeling kind of down – they immediately lift my spirits. I have cardinals, hummingbirds, jays, owls and crows that I hear calling, and sometimes see, on any given day. I have ALWAYS seen birds of prey – hawks in particular – whenever I travel in a vehicle. I hear the bees humming as they buzz around the plants, and where I live there are spiders everywhere as it’s a dampish environment. I have never liked anything to do with snakes, however you have given me a newfound insight into them so I can appreciate them more – at a distance :o)

    I have recently started drumming with a group and they all speak of their “journeys” afterwards with their spirit totems, however I haven’t been able to quite get there – I tend to just feel the immense energy swirling around while the drumming is going on – the last 2 times were outside, in nature with bare feet – the energy of Gaia is WOW!! My whole body just buzzes.

  • OMGoodness, have to share! I don’t dream of animals often; listened anyway, and said, Wow, the energies of the whale are fascinating! But where am I gonna see whales in Michigan? And I’d never dream of exotic animals not from around here.
    Then I left work next day after a storm, looked up and saw the most amazing cloud spreading across the sky, so exact I turned this way and that, looking for someone to show it to–Do you see that?! It’s a PERFECT gray whale swimming through the sky!!
    But no one was around to hear my excitement, and WHAM, I remembered this video. Someone Up There blessed me with a real synchronicity.


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