Spiritual Burnout: When You Feel Like Giving Up! The 6 CLEAR SIGNS!

Spiritual Burnout: When You Feel Like Giving Up! The 6 CLEAR SIGNS!

Spiritual Burnout: When You Feel Like Giving Up! The 6 CLEAR SIGNS! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover the top 6 signs of a spiritual burnout, why it happens, and 4 powerful tips to help you overcome burnout quickly.

A spiritual awakening is one of the most amazing experiences to ever happen to us. 

When we awaken, we feel like we’re alive and on top of the world!

But an awakening can also bring on other emotional states that don’t feel so great. One minute we felt amazing and then suddenly BOOM!

We feel total exhaustion.

So, what the heck is going on?

You could be experiencing what’s known as spiritual burnout and trust me – I know just how challenging it can be!

A spiritual burnout is when:

‘We get so tired in our spiritual awakening that we feel hopeless, defeated, and trapped in our current circumstances.’ 

It can come at any point during the awakening and ascension process so there’s no real timeframe.

For some of us, we burn out early on in our awakening, maybe weeks or months into it. For others, it happens years into the awakening. 

But the main point is that at some point we reach a level of exhaustion that we don’t think we can come out of and this overwhelming feeling of giving up comes over us. 

And we feel like we can’t take another step.

That’s why in this week’s video I’ll be discussing:

💥 What spiritual burnout is

💥 Why it happens

💥 The top 6 signs of a burnout so you can spot in yourself

💥 My top 4 tips to help you avoid or heal from spiritual burnout quickly

Now it’s over to you! Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

Are you experiencing spiritual burnout right now?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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I’m a life coach, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening so you can heal your past, overcome any challenge, and live with joy and purpose. To join my upcoming Live Masterclass, The 3 Secrets To A Tough Spiritual Awakening, click on the link below!

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  • Christina… thank you for this! 🙌

    I have been strangely exhausted lately, despite good health, and it’s an exhaustion that sleep does not relieve… I described it just this morning as something I could feel in every cell. Nothing in my “spiritual first aid kit” was raising my vibration. And then – your newsletter arrived!

    I have been working through the trauma of childhood abuse, which has been life-changing and transformational. It has felt like such critical, deep work, and it never occurred to me to pause, and REST.

    As soon as I was done the video, I ran out into the beautiful sun, lay down, and requested my Light Body be Reenergized, and I feel it. ✨

    Always so grateful for you, 🙏

  • Thanks Christine, you’re timing is impeccable! I realise I’m on a path to burnout and this has helped enormously.
    I’ve noticed my impatience and realised it’s uncomfortable trapped emotional pain. Slowing down, has helped me realise the issue, clear and work ‘through it’. I’m taking a break and giving myself to ground, assimilate & align – thank you! Anna

  • Thankyou so much Christina and team 💞

  • You are very good in explains it all. I just hope many do understand. You were right in saying you must take breaks and get in touch with every day small things like cooking brushing your teeth cooking or just taking care of your family. Sometimes life is not easy but do know one thing if I do not take my breaks I get burnt out. So you were right on taking those breaks and to let your spirit body just take in the light. I have realized I need to do that more often. I sing HU to help me out. Many blessings and love to you krista Loved your t-shirt you had on too.

    • Amanda – Team Christina July 4, 2021 at 3:10 am

      Hi Krista! Thanks for reaching out, we’re glad to have you as part of our community! ❤

  • I listened to Spiritual Burnout and found myself crying a few times. So, yes, I’m experiencing giving up. I’m at a point where I’m doing my inner work (not overdoing it cause I make sure my inner child has some fun), developing clarity, praying, setting intention, going with the flow more each (most) days….and then WHAM a pile of s*&% shows up in my face. What the ……? Somewhere deep inside of me I know there is light at end of tunnel….but where is it? I feel defeated, out of ideas – I give up. The light hasn’t gone out completely. I understand now a bit more of what I’ve been experiencing – thank you Christina. Right timing for me.

  • Hi Christina,

    Can the Spiritual Burnout kind of feel like depression? Thank you very much!

    • Amanda – Team Christina July 4, 2021 at 3:12 am

      Hi Mike- Thanks for reaching out! Christina does read all of her messages but she is not able to respond with individual guidance here in the comments. We encourage you to take advantage of all the Free Resources Christina offers!

  • Namaste Christina. Another great video everything you talked about I have been through and this is only the 5th month into my awakening but the first time was really bad it felt like I was close to cracking up I don’t wish that on anyone I felt alone but I took myself out and sat on a wall and I prayed to the universe, I started to feel better but the next morning I was all good but the thing is I am so alone with nobody to talk to and share my experiences with I’ve got toxic ppl all around me Evan my family. Much love and peace Mark ❤️🙏🙏

  • Good morning from Australia, Hello Be Loved Christina, Amanda, and the A Team,

    I’ve listened to your explanations carefully with intention and Everything you’re sayings OMG,
    I’ve got all those Burnt Out. WOW!!! THAT WAS A Big HA HA MOMENT FOR ME.

    before I joined your teachings, I’ve had joined the so call spiritual community for years it was okay I’d learned the pros and the cons, And what I did was I’ve been doing to know too fast, “ I’d said to myself I want everything and I want it now in this lifetime so next lifetime I can do and be a Better person “ I still want to be me, I believe in reborn,

    now I’ve learned to be at ease, looking deep within, learning how to love myself first, for the first time, all I never knew was how to get, how to received, and how to give, never knew how to be the wife, the Mather, ( I was trying too hard ) so impatiently with my husband and our children, we have been married for 33 years 2 children a boy and a girl 3 grand children all girls, I’m so proud of them,
    I knew I’ve been Blessed.
    I am just looking forward what next what’s life has to offer.

    Since I’ve been with you, you’ve changed me, I am loving my life and so Grateful with everything now that I am here this is heaven on Earth. I hope more people would find your Blog.

    My Thanks to you, you are, and have been sending from Heaven here on this Earth to Heals humanity, and I Honor you with your works Great Job!
    I’m sending my Love and Pray to Amanda and The A Team Great works, Noi

  • every video I’ve watched of yours has ca eto me at exactly the right time. This was spot on. I know I’ve had some burnout but think I can. Get out easily, if not quickly. Practicing patience!

  • Hi!

    It’s possible I am experiencing a spiritual burnout as I awakened about 6 months ago and grown very fast into my gifts which now my auras are changing and mostly platinum. I’ve been learning so much and yes pushing myself due to a missing person in my family linked with human trafficking. MacKenzie Trottier has been missing over 6 months now, so that’s the reason I awakened.

    Due to a brain injury/concussion I experienced my own trauma as well and learned it could be part of the switch in my brain. However I’m a year into my injury. I’ve always been connected with Angels and had some experiences, but not like this. I have received all the Claire’s I believe for a reason. I am to help rescue MacKenzie. My loving ancestors are sending me messages, visions and hearing voices and they were getting stronger. It’s been amazing, unbelievable and yes overwhelming. I feel pressure to bring her home. I am the light I’m told and I’ve connected with a spiritual team that are helping.

    However now all has gone quiet and I feel lost, helpless and exhausted. My head hurts and finding it hard to meditate and focus. I’m not patient either and the timeline to find her was so important to me. I felt so close and now we feel we know where she is. However we will need an army to rescue her. The awakening has been faster I’m told them most and it usually takes years. I realize mine was powerful and I thought for a greater good and my purpose. I have watched your insightful videos and will take them to heart.

    Grateful for you


  • “You don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you don’t even believe that there is one.”
    Nailed how I’m feeling, in one sentence.
    First, I feel as though I’m in the middle of a desert so flat and featureless that I can see to the horizon in every direction – with not so much as a blade of grass anywhere. No people. No sign of life. No hint that there has ever been anything but that flat desert. So I can walk and walk, in any direction, for as long as I want – and I’ll STILL be in the middle of that same desert.
    Second, I feel as though even if I met you face to face, I’d have no sense of connection or understanding you. Like a mole trying to understand a bird. But, when I see pictures like this, I don’t feel empathy, or a sense of connection; it feels like I’m looking in a mirror.


  • Thank you,Thank you. This came at just the right time. You are the first person that explains everything. I am learning si much from your videos. Again I cant thank you enough.

  • I’m going through a lot of phobias and fear. I’ve been living in constant fear from cancer since September 2022. I’ve been so scared constantly and now my physical health is bad and affecting my mental health. I’m on pain medication because I had a lymph node infection and the medication gives me really bad heart palpitations. The other day while I was doing my spin class I really pushed myself hard to give myself a heart attack so I would end all the fear I’m living with. That day something snapped in me. I stopped caring about living, about my spiritual awakening. I gave up on everything. My health is so bad since my awakening started. I feel so alone, I feel like I’ve been abandoned. And I think I’m in a depression. I dont know if I’m still in my dark night of the soul or if my sanity snapped ( I’m being followed by a psychiatrist) I’m so sad, so tired and I give up.


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