The Dark Side Of Spirituality and the 6 TOXIC TRAPS To Watch Out For!

The Dark Side Of Spirituality and the 6 TOXIC TRAPS To Watch Out For!

The Dark Side Of Spirituality and the 6 TOXIC TRAPS To Watch Out For! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover the top 6 insidious spirituality traps that you can get lured into and stuck in during a spiritual awakening.

When you go through a spiritual awakening your whole life changes in so many ways, for the better.

But it isn’t all filled with smelly roses, glitter, rainbows, and unicorns. 

There’s also a dark side that so many of us get lured into.

Every day I get emails and messages from people who’ve become trapped in thought loops, projections, and beliefs (such as having to stay positive all the time) that keep them separated from their true nature. And the key to all these traps is that people are essentially stuck in their egos. 

This can lead you down spiritual rabbit holes, making you feel powerless, depleted, and disconnected from your soul truth.

But there’s good news –  you can climb back out.

And in this week’s video, you’ll discover:

💥 The top 6 spirituality traps

💥 How to come out of them

💥 How to avoid them altogether!

Now it’s over to you! Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

Have you fallen into any of the spirituality traps I discussed in this video?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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I’m a life coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening so you can heal your past, overcome any challenge, and live with joy and purpose. If you need to deep dive beyond my weekly video content, I recommend you check out my premium coaching program, Heart Alchemy.

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  • Marilyn Blazejewski June 15, 2021 at 6:27 pm

    Wow! I wasn’t sure if I was venting, rehashing, or healing deeper last night, but prayed for clarity this morning. Clearly, I dwell sometimes, and am going through some difficult times that are being compounded by toxic positivity.

    You are an Angel and always an answer to my prayers.

    I cannot express my gratitude for the upcoming Awaken course that is scheduled to begin on my 65th birthday. I am ecstatic!

    My deepest gratitude and appreciation Christina! Truly 🙏💞🌹

  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • Thanks for this one🙏❤️ So much truth
    I always see person at the soul level which for me is unconditional love
    This made me fall in trap of trying to share my thoughts, knowledge or joy with others
    For me it’s like living seeing so much, understanding and not being able to help change anyone.
    I feel like I am from different planet
    And after years of working with people I am ready to give up and focus only on me
    But somehow I am always pulled into difficult situation where people need help
    15 years in programs and activities in nursing home,, which I really loved and it was easy
    Always family members. COVID did not affected me. But made me more aware of other people
    I am fortunate I have my souls wisdom
    Still learning to do
    Just thought I should share,,, maybe you can use it for your teachings. I am thankful for your knowledge and wisdom 🙏🙏

  • Thank you Cristina, now I know that I dwell… and I need to work on my power. Taking a good look at myself. Scary.

  • All six!😁. I just didn’t recognize them! Thank you Christina for your wonderfully, informative videos full of helpful advice. I’m going on 76 years old but don’t feel that old 🤣, so I’m a late bloomer and need all the help I can get, also an amputee still waiting for my prosthetic foot so finding it difficult to “get grounded” as it were, but feeling so much lighter since I “woke up”. Guess a foot weighs a bit, but I’m sure it isn’t that loss of weight! I’m studying your free lessons and will reach my full potential when the time is right. Again thank you beautiful soul.❤

  • Barbara Bonardi June 16, 2021 at 4:58 pm

    What a perfect way to start my morning! Yes, I related to many of the Spiritual Traps … okay, yes, 5! Thank you for adding to my personal awareness. BBinthesky

  • Thank you so much Christina for explaining the dark side of spirituality. I have been self sabotaging my own healing because of these thoughts. I understand now that each person has their own path to follow. Being codependent I wanted to rescue everybody and tell them to WAKE UP! I can feel other peoples energy and their pain but all I can do is to feel compassion and empathy for them without trying to fix them. Bless you.

  • Thank you Christina, I have been struggling with the first trap, believing a few people are manipulating us. But I find it difficult not to believe there is some truth in this in the light of thehandling of Covid by the world governments. I strongly respect people like Dr. Mercola and others like him and they all seem to buy into this theory too.
    I am really having difficulty in deciding where I stand.
    I love your video.

  • Hi Christina,

    Thank you very much for the way you inspire deeper thought and enlightenment. I am digesting what you said about personal responsibility, blaming others, our interconnectivity, and the spiritually awakened. As a member of a minority group, I think your message is hitting me differently than you intended so, with love, I’m asking for clarity. From what I understood, it would be logical to conclude that we should even look inwardly for our role in our oppression, instead of pointing fingers at the oppressors. To some degree this introspection is warranted, such as making sure we are not projecting blame for any and all of our negative circumstances, but how can one move spiritually around groups and individuals that continue to oppress others just for being? I too believe that we are all interconnected, all honored by Source/God, and should be given Grace (compassion and empathy); but where does introspection fit when the fingers are rightfully pointed to ongoing oppressors? My concern is that a message of seeing oppressors with love, light, and belief that everyone is doing the best they can at their vibration, especially while their victimization of others continues, can make people complicit in the oppression, or in the least dismissive of the infractions instead of pressing them toward higher expectations. How is this all balanced within the individual? P.S. “Live in this world, but not of it,” was inspired by verses in chapters 15 and 17 of John and Romans 12:2 within the Bible. My mom quoted something similar as I grew up.

    • Amanda – Team Christina August 11, 2021 at 7:44 pm

      Hi Nicole- Thank you for telling us a bit about your journey. Christina does read each of her messages but is unable to respond with individual guidance here in the comments. We encourage you to take advantage of all the Free Resources Christina offers! However, the best way to work with her directly is through her annual Heart Alchemy course!

  • Love the video. I am currently working my way through all 6 traps. Trying to stay grounded and focus on myself. I would be interested in alchemy course and any group Emerson meditations for planetary healing. Thank you beautiful soul.


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HEART ALCHEMY is now open!

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