2024 Is Going To Be A WILD Ride!

2024 Is Going To Be A WILD Ride!

2024 Is Going To Be A WILD Ride! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover the main energy themes for 2024 and my top 2 tips to help you work through this transformational energy throughout the year.

The year 2024 is here, and it’ll be an incredible ride!

But the energies for this year can feel a bit confusing if you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and how to best harness the energy themes for the year.

In this video, you’ll learn the two main energy themes for 2024 and how to work with the influence of each theme in your life and in the world.

And you may want to save this video because it’ll come in handy to rewatch throughout the year as the energies play out.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

💥 The two main energy themes for 2024 and how they can affect you.
💥 My top 2 tips to help you work with the strong energy throughout the year.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

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Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

Are you feeling these energies playing out in your life already?

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I’m a life coach, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening so you can heal your past, overcome any challenge, and live with joy and purpose. If you need help in navigating your spiritual awakening, I recommend that you check out my popular free guided meditations.

  • Hello Christina,

    Thank you for sending me this video. I did my birth numerology breakdown and it fascinated me! So, I did further research to discover my destiny number using my birth name. Wow! As it turns out, my expression or destiny number is 7. I am fascinated by this because I have been aware for years that the number 7 has followed me throughout various areas of my life experiences. Numerology and astrology have called out to me thru my life, in which, I never gave it a second thought until today.

    I feel new beginnings brewing in numerology and astrology, and I am excited to finally pay attention and take the ball and run with it! If I need your guidance, may I reach out to you?

    Thank you for all you do for the highest good of all!

    Grandeur blessings!

  • I simply could not leave your website without expressing my admiration for the consistent information you provide in your visitors. I anticipate returning frequently to peruse your new postings.



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