The Dangerous Teachings That Exiled A Spiritual Master!

The Dangerous Teachings That Exiled A Spiritual Master!

The Dangerous Teachings That Exiled A Spiritual Master! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover the dangerous but revolutionary teachings that forced a revered spiritual master into hiding and the top 5 lessons she can still teach us today, 2,000 years after her death.

Around 42 AD, legend has it that a boat without sails or ores came ashore in the small fisherman’s village of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the South of France.

That boat had traveled from the Holy Land to France, and on it was a group of important people fleeing persecution from the Roman Empire.

They were being pursued because of their close association with a famous spiritual master who had been crucified in Jerusalem:

A man named Yeshua Bin Joseph, known to his followers as Christ or the Savior.

There was one person on that boat who was particularly important:

Her name was Miriam of Magdala, later known as Mary Magdalene.

Once in France, Mary Magdalene became a very famous spiritual teacher who was revered across the entire South of France.

But as the Roman empire closed in on them and her brother Lazarus was beheaded in Marseille, Mary retreated to a cave high up a cliff on the Sainte Baume mountain.

Legend has it that she lived the last 30 years of her life in this cave.

Now, this story may seem totally wild to you, like a fictional tale out of a Dan Brown book or movie. But the funny thing is, Dan Brown didn’t fictionalize everything in his books. He was right on target with some facts, including who Mary Magdalene truly was.

But if this story is true, then that leaves some important questions that I’ll answer in this video:

💥 Who was Mary Magdalene really?
💥 Why was she so dangerous as a spiritual teacher?
💥 The top 5 lessons she still teaches us today.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

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Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

What lesson from this video resonated most with you?

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  • I loved this.! I’ve been reading the Source of Miracles. I just love Mary Magdeline.

    Thank you so much

  • Hello Christina,

    I have heard about the coptic Bible and it’s diverse and true gospels – but I didn’t know that Mary Magdalene had written one herself!! As you say: what an impact it could have had on the world up till now – if we had been spared the (mostly male) brutal hierarchies we see developing inside countries – and even inside religions!..

    With great love! ❤️ 🙏 Sara Mariasdotter


  • Thank you so much for your content. There is so much clarity! I’ve been a student of spirituality for at least 40 years, but I was also a very spiritual child (who never went to church!), and I have found your videos to be very soothing and supportive to my spiritual understandings. I feel more grounded with all the spiritual information that floats around my head every day. I appreciate you!

  • All of it hits home. My natal Saturn is retrograde on the Zero point of Cancer in my 10th house, Moon conjunct Pleiades at Zero point Gemini giving a double dose of Goddess energy ruling most of my chart. Asteroid Magdalene is indeed conjunct my Saturn and so I got the Witchcraft lore young. Even in my youth as a Catholic boy I found it confusing as to why my Protestant cousins didn’t hold mother of Jesus in high regard at all.

    As my Chiron return develops my decades of travel in gathering ancient disciplines reveals the essence of Maat behind the teachings of the Magdalene. Of course she was shamed. Rome is a rapist and a murderer and only wants to subjugate women and every man and child too under the Roman might makes right cause you murdered everyone who disagrees with you curse. The 42 Positive Affirmations of Maat are an effective mantra as opposed to the projected thou shalts and shalt nots of the highly edited and warped version of the 42 known as the 10 Commandments. To recite “Thou Shalt Not Steal” is to put it on others while one follows the dictates of the Machiavellian munchkin at the heart of all thralls to Roman culture. “I respect the property of others” brings it home and communicates a totally different vibe to the underlying intelligence that doesn’t hear words so much as sense and quality of emotional tone. “I honor the Goddess and the God” was redacted for the slave codes of the 10 Commandments of course because Roman thralls made it that way in the written records. “I regard all altars with respect” is another one redacted for obvious reasons of Roman poison that has as prime directive convert as many humans to the Roman code as possible by any means necessary.

    The Essenes were basically the initiates of the perennial wisdom that was kept going in Egypt and Eleusis for many centuries into the Age of Rome, which we’re still in with modern English, a daughter of the Roman Empire. MaaT was and is the cosmic law that no sentient being can disobey. I believe the 42 Positive Affirmations to be the mantra that tunes our under minds to be the best possible humans we can be.

  • The things you mention in the video about Mary Magdalene have to be true! Based on things I’ve learned over the years and subtle hints that Mary had a much greater role than has been reported in the King James version of the Bible. Above all, what you have said in the video rings true in my heart! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but have a wider view of their teachings than most of my fellow brothers and sisters. I find several of the “seemingly unorthodox teachings” mentioned in the video, a part of what Joseph Smith tried to explain to his followers. Some of those things seem so obvious to me, I marvel that others can’t see it. Most are afraid to consider anything outside of what “General Authorities” have spelled out over the pulpit, even though many of these authorities tell us they need to find things out for themselves, to get their own testimonies of what is true through personal revelation. I am frustrated at times and find I have to hold back from sharing what I think I know about some things, but I love them and find fellowship with them the best way for me to serve society for now. There are some who don’t think my thoughts are foolish. I can share more with these people and sense I have made some worthwhile headway. I have to be careful even mentioning some of my thoughts with my wife about what is happening in the world today such as the Great Awakening, NESARA/GESARA, Paranormal happenings, Rising frequencies from our sun, etc.

    I appreciate very much, these thoughts you’ve shared about Mary Magdalene, adding to and confirming feelings I’ve been having for some time. And I want to improve my understanding and practice exploring my inside world. I hope to use your method to reach deeper insight and understanding as my wife gains more acceptance. I do what I can get away with in the

    Thank you

  • I appreciated all the lessons of Mary Magdalene! What a great video! I love that you brought out the teaching that there is no such thing as sin. I’m thrilled to hear that Jesus and Mary taught this. I was brought up with the Christian teaching, and when I broke with the church this was one of the reasons. I didn’t believe people were born sinful. I also didn’t believe in hell. I like also that Jesus said to look inside yourself to know and connect with God.

    Question: What do we call ourselves who believe this way? New Age or some other?

  • Thank you for this video. I came across the book Mary Magdaline a few years ago and it made all the sense in the world given I was raised catholic. I always had unanswered questions and rge debate about Hesus having a female partner ( wife ) was almost a taboo topic with fellow Catholics.
    But like you said she Mary was always tgere for the important events in the bible for Jesus.


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