A Spiritual Awakening Does THIS To Your Body!

A Spiritual Awakening Does THIS To Your Body!

A Spiritual Awakening Does THIS To Your Body! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover the 6 body parts most affected by a spiritual awakening and the most important tip for working with your body so your awakening feels effortless and light.

When we first have a spiritual awakening, connecting with all these unseen metaphysical realities that had escaped us can feel exhilarating.  

Suddenly, we learn about our quantum selves: the parts of us we cannot see with our physical eyes. 

We connect with our spirit guides and angels, who are always helping us on the other side! 

We learn about our souls and how they travel across many lifetimes here on planet Earth.

And we become very interested in how to develop our psychic abilities and spiritual gifts. 

But while it’s an incredible feeling to connect to all these spiritual realms out there, we often miss the most important thing of all in a spiritual awakening:

The physical body.

Your body is your most important spiritual tool and the most sacred temple of your soul. It’s the vessel your soul chose to incarnate in this lifetime, and the universe honors and reveres it.

If you don’t deeply understand your body’s inner workings or how a spiritual awakening affects it, you risk facing some very uncomfortable physical challenges during your awakening. 

So consider this video an important primer to Spiritual Anatomy.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

💥 The one reason why the body has been neglected in spirituality.

💥 The 6 body parts most affected by a spiritual awakening.

💥 The physical function and spiritual function of each body part.

💥 The ONE body part that is rarely talked about in spirituality.

💥 The two most important practices to help your body during spiritual shifts.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

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Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

Which part of your body is changing the most with your spiritual shifts?

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I’m a life coach, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening so you can heal your past, overcome any challenge, and live with joy and purpose. If you need help in navigating your spiritual awakening, I recommend that you check out my popular free guided meditations.

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  • Hi Christina, does ADHD / ADD anything to do with faicha? Where does ADD fit in if connected wij spirituality?

    Warm regards,
    Chrisna De Pinho,
    South Africa.


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