Why People LEAVE Your Life During A Spiritual Awakening.

Why People LEAVE Your Life During A Spiritual Awakening.

Why People LEAVE Your Life During A Spiritual Awakening. 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover why people leave your life during a spiritual awakening, what to do when that happens, and what not to do.

When you have a spiritual awakening, your life changes in profound ways.

In many cases, your old life turns upside down in order to make room for a life more aligned with your soul.

Many people leave their old jobs, move to a different location, experience changes in their bodies and minds, and heal the trauma that was limiting their lives.

Although these changes are all necessary, they can also be very challenging to live through. Especially this one particular thing that happens with every spiritual awakening:

Losing people in your life.

Losing people in your life during a spiritual awakening can be very painful, even if you’re the one walking away.

So this video will help you make sense of what’s going on and what to do if you find yourself feeling isolated and alone from the loss of connections.

You’ll learn:

💥 The spiritual reason why people drop out of your life during an awakening.
💥 What to do when people leave so you don’t feel alone or isolated.
💥 And what not to do when the connection fall apart.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

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Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

Are you experiencing the loss of relationships in your life?

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I’m a life coach, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening so you can heal your past, overcome any challenge, and live with joy and purpose. If you need help in navigating your spiritual awakening, I recommend that you check out my popular free guided meditations.

  • Maria Rosa Stempelatto November 8, 2023 at 4:15 pm

    I feel I’m growing spiritually and find I’m detaching from a man that made me feel sexually alive. We have different needs now and I feel I have other priorities since I realised I have a talent for writing poetry. I feel so fulfilled since finding my gift, I not longer have a need for a lover in my life. I used to think writing was a solitary activity, but now I’m starting to treasure those moments alone, although I feel there’s an inspiring angelic presence by my side, every time I create poetry.

  • Hello, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I am going through a great transformation. 5 years ago my TF woke me up. Since then I have never had it. I haven’t seen her since then, I have changed a lot, they have all left me, I think, now the last person who was dearest to me is leaving, my wife. I feel as if she was doing it out of love. I think it’s all because of the awakened kundalini and I was wondering if it wouldn’t be better to stay completely alone. I read that if the master sees in the student that the kudalini is awakening, he leaves him alone in solitude and isolation to reach his true self faster

  • Thank you so much for posting this video. I’m grateful that I subscribed to your weekly emails. This video has come at the most perfect time. I feels like you heard my struggles and the universe was speaking to me. I’m going through an awakening since the pandemic and this year I’ve lost so many contacts and friends. This includes walking away for my own wellbeing, loss of interest, receiving bad rejection and sudden life changes. I’ve been feeling lonely and anxious for the past couple of months and this video has helped me feel positive, and assured that things will get better and I can move forward.
    Thank you Christina x

  • I like to say that my spiritual awakening was end of 2021 even though it might likely have happened long before that. The turning point was the sudden and stormy breakup with a friend of 20 years. A year later in 2022, I made a sudden decision to go “no contact” with my parents. I was surprised yet pleased to let go abusive and toxic friendship and family. In spite of feeling hurt, sad, uncertain and even guilty, I also experienced a sense of liberation and empowerment. I began connecting with myself and am gaining clarity and confidence. I learned to communicate to God and listen to my intuition. The healing also started.

    I am losing connection with two or three current friends and know the days of our friendship could well be numbered. Only one friend from the past has proven to be still in alignment. I made a new friend since my spiritual awakening and we are comfortable to share and discuss our respective life experiences and observations. I have hope to meet my soul tribe and to grow deep and ascend energetically together.

  • Back in 1986 i lucky fund a mentor who has a team to help whit cleaning up my ” backpack. It took many years , whit having a work and new educations in healing Tools. my family cut not help me, nor freinds , for abaut 10 years i have wery little contact ( an my family think i was trapped some kind religion. i manege to recontact despite the risk of being fysikal sick . ( i have cut the umbilical cord ) despite af the risk was happy to whis my mother a god trip to the other side so she was in peace. i stil got connection whit the old man. Truely i feel more confident whit people -yhe ” Light workers ” i working whit Clairvoyance, . do conscious travels aut of the body in other dimension. Still have work and do painting as well.
    best regards
    Bjarke Torben

  • I unfortunately went through some traumatic disconnections back in 2020 that I’m still working through. This video helps though.

  • I am experiencing my friends, people once close to me leaving and detaching themselves away ; high vibration of energy, disappointment


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