These 2 Powerful Exercises Will Help You Feel Worthy Again

These 2 Powerful Exercises Will Help You Feel Worthy Again

These 2 Powerful Exercises Will Help You Feel Worthy Again 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Not feeling good enough. This common belief is so pervasive that we can spend most of our lives shackled to it. We do everything we possibly can to either prove the “unworthiness voice” wrong or we succumb to its strength.

We pursue profitable careers so we feel better about ourselves.

We sabotage our romantic relationships because we don’t feel good enough for our partners.

We work 9-5 jobs that we hate, hiding our dreams from the world because of our fears of failure.

I could go on an on but you get the picture.

For most of us, the feeling of unworthiness is instilled at a very young age, as soon as we begin to hear our often well-meaning parents say the words “You’re a bad girl” or “You’re a bad boy”. What they really meant to say was “you’re misbehaving” but that nuance was lost on our young and immature minds.

But unworthiness can come from other lifetimes too, if you believe in evolution through reincarnation.

Regardless of its origin, unworthiness can only be present under the right conditions.

And in this video, I share the real reason why you feel unworthy and most importantly: how to fix it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Where unworthiness comes from and why we so often feel like we’re not good enough.

2. Two powerful exercises to help you reach a state of worthiness quickly.

Here’s the audio version:

Here’s the wonderful news beautiful heart:

You’re a magnificent creation of Source energy and there’s nothing you can ever do to change the way the Universe feels about you.

You’re so loved. You’re so cherished.

Now it’s time to start feeling that for yourself!


Do you feel unworthy? What’s the ONE action step you can take today to feel whole and worthy?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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With deep love and gratitude;

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I’m a life coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help you open your incredible heart and through it, heal from any challenge, find deep purpose, have happy relationships, and live with financial freedom.


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  • Hi Christina, I found your channel and began visiting your posts. I found your sunny disposition resonated with me and thus I was able to hear your message. I was told to do mirror work along time ago but I thought it was strange so I never did it. But then you mentioned it and I was able to hear that message. In addition, I appreciate your providing an audio version which I can now listen on during my commute.

    Thank you,

    • Dearest Eric;
      I’m so happy to hear that this video resonated and I’m glad you’ll be listening to the podcast version. It’s my mission to strive for excellence when it comes to serving others and I hope the audios assist you further in your personal development. Hugs C.

  • Nature spoke to me in this extraordinary richness — it was as if the tulip was on fire for ME! I was in the deepest darkest despair, OY WHAT A JOURNEY, but this tulip pulled me up and out. I drew this sweet emissary from the gods and sent it to a woman/friend who works for one of the art galleries here in Baltimore and since then I’ve tripped over the most glorious trees, birds & flowers and found a way to capture them on paper or canvas.

    I thank you, Christina, for helping me “frame” this wild and traumatic journey in a way that speaks enormous truth. I feel a wholeness I could hardly imagine and look so forward to publishing my “Bloom Where You Are” one day.


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