“Am I An Empath?” The Top 16 Signs Of An Empath

“Am I An Empath?” The Top 16 Signs Of An Empath

“Am I An Empath?” The Top 16 Signs Of An Empath 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

In this week’s video, we’ll answer the common question “Am I an Empath?” and you’ll discover the top 16 signs of an empath so you know right away if you’re one.

More and more people are discovering that their empaths: a particular type of highly sensitive people.

And if you’ve struggled with being sensitive your whole life, chances are, you too are an empath.

But to clear up any doubts, I’ve shot this video so you can know for certain if you’re an empath or not.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this video:

💥What an empath is. I’ll share my simple but unique definition of an empath. [1:40]

💥The top 16 signs of an empath, so you know right away if you’re one. [2:27]

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

How many of the signs I discuss in the video are you currently experiencing?

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  • 100% esp. the Later Temporary ones.. Like Intimate relations

  • I love what I learned in this video about Empaths. I believe I am one & that my partner is one also. We both have aspects of healed and un healed characteristics in us. This list is so powerful as a guide to appreciate/ honor/ and move forward to recognizing and using our gifts.

  • I am a 65-year-old man and only now am considering that I may be an empath. I am very uncomfortable knowing that many of my past feelings, some of which were very depressing and even suicidal, may have been from others and not myself. Now i am second-guessing whether the feelings and emotions I have are even from myself.

  • Hi, and thank you for this video. I’m still not sure if I’m a empath or not. I can answer yes to most but, not all. I tried looking for the play list but couldn’t find it.


  • Holy Moly, Christina. It’s me to a T.. all 16 signs. As I write this the tears are still streaming down my face and I feel compelled to write you, and of course say thank you!!
    When I was 8 yrs. old I realized that I could see a stranger from afar and know everything about him or her, energetically.
    This frightened me and I actually asked God to please take “that” away from me, and He did… to a point.
    I noticed that I would still be quietly emotional in many instances that others were not, also not liking crowds, small talk, etc.. etc..
    People were drawn to me all my life and I felt that I wanted to help people although it was difficult for me to see any kind of suffering.
    I wanted to study nursing with a friend and passed the initial tests, but at the preliminary emotional test I was told I can go into the medical profession but absolutely NOT be a nurse! How right they were to catch it in time.
    I went on to be a naturopathist, herbalist and holistic masseuse. I found this path to be very satisfying and interesting.
    So yup, we are out there and thank you Christina for being there too!
    Big hugs, Mimi

  • Hi I have been watching your video and this one is really close to home
    I have 15 out of 16

  • A huge thank you to for this video. I have 80% of the signs the hardest one for me is being able to read people and feeling disappointed or betrayed by them. It’s a good way to learn about acceptance. But just recently when I feel this way the people seem to melt and reveal their five-year-old self and I can only feel love a nd compassion for them and me. Good news on the intimate relationships side, I was resigned to being alone for this life time, but you have given me hope. Love and light to us all

  • Oh Gosh I have them all! But it sounds so clear now. I’ve been healing people for a while and that’s very precious. I feel what they feel and all my senses open at the same time, so that helps detect what’s wrong and needs to be healed. However, it took me some time before I could properly distance myself from the others’ pains. Still, I find it extremely useful to feel as precisely as possible in order to “decypher” the signs that will guide me during the healing session. This is why feeling is one step only, the thinking ability is, according to me, another tool that comes once the feeling has been thoroughly experienced. Instinctive reaction isn’t the ultimate means used in the healing process. In fact, a mere reaction wouldn’t be accurate: it would be similar to getting drowned with the person we intend to help. However, this thinking ability must be coupled with the feeling ability, and as such it’s very different from an intellectual ability. We are whole, and an empath is fully aware of this.

  • Thank you Christina. Awesome video as usual. There were many things I wanted to comment on but one stood out the most. All of the 17 things you mentioned are spot on but the feeling others pain is freaky. I find that when I feel different pains in different parts of my body, it means something about the person I am “feeling.” Feelings like addiction may be pain in my shoulder or neck and run away thoughts may be knee or foot pain. One night in the hospital I started having pain in my right shoulder that kept getting stronger. The man next to me started rubbing his shoulder and complaining and finally got up and asked for a pain killer. But this one really shocked me. I was making dinner while watching the news. I started getting severe pain in my neck out of the blue. The news began speaking of a young child that was hit by a stray bullet and was fighting for her life in the ER. The pain was stronger and I remember saying out loud, I bet she was hit in the neck. The newsman then said, the bullet struck her in her neck.

  • #askchristina
    Thank you Christina for this insightful video I had all of these signs but now only have two of the temporary signs left as I’ve grown alot. My question is on health I’ve had a health condition for 6 years I’m wondering if you could do a heal your body video please.

  • I think you’re simply awesome, and greatly appreciate what you are sharing. It resonates, and I now feel more assured that I am, indeed, an empath, having pretty much aced the exam, lol.

    Have to acknowledge your intent for less production and drama while you talk about being one, though no shortage of authenticity and wisdom. Really cool. Respect.

  • Loves your video on 16 signs your and Empath. Really puts my empathic abilities into perspective. Scores 8 on foundational and throughout my life scored 8 on temporary, transitional signs. I also have visions, mostly at night and wake up to seeing the scenario in my vision still playing. It can be quite startling but I have been working on relaxing and observing the content, instead of reacting to it. Is this also an empathic ability?


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