Top 6 Ascension Symptoms Happening Right Now!

Top 6 Ascension Symptoms Happening Right Now!

Top 6 Ascension Symptoms Happening Right Now! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover what ascension is, the top 6 ascension symptoms occurring right now, and 4 tips to help you work with the symptoms.

There’s a mass awakening occurring on the planet right now and you’re a part of it all.

But sometimes, awakening isn’t pretty, especially when you’re going through what’s known as ascension.

In this video, you’ll learn which ascension symptoms are more prominent in these new energies and what you can do to get relief from these symptoms.

Ascension is a necessary step in your spiritual awakening journey but it can be challenging sometimes too.

Here’s what we cover in this video:

💥 What ascension is

💥 The 3-steps of ascension

💥 Top 6 ascension symptoms happening right now

💥 2 extra collective ascension symptoms

💥 4 tips to help you work with ascension symptoms

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Do you have any of the ascension symptoms described in this video?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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  • Thank you, Christina for your clear and detailed explanation and tips and suggestions. For sure I do identify myself with many of the symptoms you mentioned. I would like to share the change in my relationship with drinking water. I was having challenges of drinking natural water all my life , even saying “I hate drinking water” I drank sparkling water, pop or juices and always cold. Since January that my body started manifesting all these signs for me to stop and listen (elevated heart rate, breathing episodes, no voice among some more) one day in May I woke up to my connection of drinking natural water and it has been such a change and my awareness keeps growing. Thank you again!

  • Shirley K Lincoln November 3, 2020 at 7:27 pm

    Christina! Thank you! I needed this so much. Divine timing at its best. I am sharing with friends who need this information now. Namaste dear one.

  • Thank you, Christina, for this timely video! A lot of this resonates – it’s been a general way of being this last while – and these symptoms can be extremely disconcerting at times. I just wonder if anyone else is experiencing extreme highs and lows? I can have such a serene day and then get triggered beyond belief – often over seemingly silly things. Possibly my PTSD coming to the fore (trauma has been coming up lately for purging). And yes! I know what not to do, but struggle to know what to do in any given moment, so… usually end up doing the wrong thing in the absence of knowing what to do. *Deep breaths*

  • Love you Christina 💚
    I’ve had a single experience of all the chakras pulling into the heart chakra which then became a gateway. My awareness was no longer in my mind but in every atom, then also in the space between the atoms. I became the cosmos. This is a completely inadequate description, there really is no way to describe it because it is so outside the human mind’s ability to understand. A beautiful experience I hadn’t done enough groundwork for, and the fact that the mind couldn’t process and make sense of it meant I ended up with panic attacks, especially every time I would sit to meditate afterwards. The process feels like a rollercoaster ride sometimes, you make great gains and then fall completely flat lol

  • Greetings Dear One,
    Every single symptom! Holy sh**, what a relief! I’m not losing my mind!! I’m rewatching the video and taking in all of your helpful tips. Treating myself with the utmost kindness and grace.
    Looking forward to being with you on retreat in April 🙂

    Grateful for you,

  • I listened to your recent video on ascension symptoms. You did not mention symptoms like increased blood pressure and getting very hot in the middle of the night . I was wondering if these could be symptoms too since from when I start my journey in awakening in 2013 my blood pressure start spiking high some days . ( I went to the doctor and cardiologist and I am not taking any medications except something natural ) . I am 65 , optimal weight, eating healthy and exercising, already passed my menopause from some times , did all the blood work, taking bioidentical hormones yet I get those symptoms. I must say I take care of my elderly mother with mild dementia and that is causing me some stress , but I don’t know where my anxieties come from . Can BP and heat sensation a symptom of the awakening? Thanks

    • Amanda – Team Christina November 5, 2020 at 4:17 pm

      Hi Miri! Christina is unable to give advice here, however, we’ll keep your question in mind if there is a follow-up video on the topic 😊

  • Thank you Christina! I am vibrating so high right now (first for me) & my Reiki Master spoke with me about ascension and low & behold there was your video. 🙂 thank you for sharing your knowledge. Hoping to join you on a retreat someday.

  • Thanks for another fantastic video. I have felt several of the symptoms you mention but one that has scared me a bit is that my heart flutters sometimes. I have also felt quite a bit of grief and sorrow. Now if it happens I will take a deep breath and relax reminding myself of your explanation. Thank you! Love!

  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • Thank you Christina for your insightful video. I feel like you have described the last four years of my life. I have been following your recommendations, live meditations and basically anything you post and have had many positive changes. I am ever so grateful for your wisdom, compassion and heart work. Your truly inspiring. Much love to you all /\

  • Your work continues being spirt guided & heaven sent.
    All the symptoms mentioned by you resonate deeply.
    Added to identity crises & mid life changes it most certainly is overwhelming . This video in itself served as grounding to my emerging soul & a beach walk plus hike will follow .
    Sending you & the tribe massive amount of L.O.V.E.
    Can’t wait to followed up on all links & suggestions You offered, here and always. In deep gratitude I await more content and I wish you infinite inspiration.
    Stay safe and well : 🙇🏼‍♀️💛✨

  • Hi Christina and thank you so much for making this video. It’s taken me a while to find it but as life would have it, it came at the perfect time. I have been exhausted, like “hit by a truck” exhausted and I couldn’t work it out. I hadn’t every felt exhaustion like it so when you mentioned, “can’t walk up the stairs” I was just thankful that I have no stairs. I’ve watched other videos of yours about knowing if how to know if I’ve been going through the Dark night of the soul and I still can’t tell but I do feel like there’s some undercurrent transformation going on. I guess the needing to know isn’t as strong as normal which may mean, “that’s it”. Who knows. Also, my south node is in Sagittarius and my north Node is in Gemini so I’m wondering how the latest full lunar moon and the forthcoming eclipse will affect me given that they are in the same signs. Is there any way I can find that out?
    Thanks so much again, love your work

  • Hi Christina!

    I just came across you on youtube the other day and am obsessed. I probably would not have been as likely to listen to your video but my 22 year old daughter is living with me right now and literally going through an enlightening. CRAZY things are happening to her. She is in hypnotherapy after hitting rock bottom and with this therapy has begun an awakening process. She has opened a portal, sees and feels energy moving through her body and her body is literally being taken over and she doesn’t have control over it. She always feels high, her third eye is super heightened, she constantly floating, has out of body experiences among other hard to explain “symptoms” for lack of a better word. We had her tested for MS but now she is trying to identify herself as having restless leg or epilepsy (because her body does whatever it wants) but there was no neurological diagnosis. Is there a way we can get her grounded fast? She is radiating and so filled with light and positive but at the same time i think she is scared. She thinks she has special powers, intuition, maybe psychic. I know this sounds crazy and I wouldn’t believe it probably if she wasn’t living with me and i didn’t have an open mind. I am o my on path to awakening but do not experience anything like this. If you have any suggestions or idea I would love some direction on how to guide her. Maybe this is too much for the comments section but i had to give it a try.

    • Amanda – Team Christina December 11, 2020 at 4:17 pm

      Hi Gina! Christina does read each of her comments but is unable to give individual advice here. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey and we hope you and your daughter are able to find some answers soon ❤


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