Top 4 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be An Empath Sometimes

Top 4 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be An Empath Sometimes

Top 4 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be An Empath Sometimes 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

If you’re super sensitive to the energy around you, you’re probably an empath or a highly sensitive person (HSP). And in this video, I share the top 4 reasons why life can sometimes be challenging for hypersensitive people.

I spent years running away from social situations or pretending I had to go to the bathroom just so I could get away from dense energy.

And every day I meet so many empaths out there who struggle to just live a normal life because of their hypersensitivities.

But what if I told you that your struggles as an empath have very little to do with the energies around you?

And most importantly: what if I helped you turn your empathic abilities into a superpower?

Because here’s the thing:

Empaths aren’t here to struggle and live secluded lives, running away from everything.

No! We’re here to live deeply joyful, purposeful lives. And I’m going to help you do exactly that in this video.

In this video, I’ll share the top 4 reasons why empaths can struggle so much in life. And the crazy thing is: the very reasons that cause challenges in adult empaths are actually protection mechanisms that they needed as children.

But I’ll get into that more fully in the video.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why do empaths need protection mechanisms as children?
  • What are the 4 protection mechanisms?

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

In the past, how have you coped with being an empath?

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  • Leselle Lam De Souza August 6, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    Hello Christina, Thank you for verbalizing my experience of childhood. Very difficult to hear but it is absolutely True…Thank you for that. For taking the space to Face that and allowing others too. You wanted to know how I coped as a child. I helped, supported and gave everything that I was, I felt their pain and lost and wanted to ease, to help them heal. so I learnt after many many years that i cannot help if they do not want to be helped and I was needing serious self healing, I felt that I was dying and I have been experiencing the dark night of the soul, for me it has been hardcore 19 years and is now lessening… so I cannot be around other people’s darkness when I am facing my own. so I am physically and mentally away from them all. Cut all cords and focusing on being “Me”. I need alone time to face my real self and be the real me. A choice in progress. My life is completely different from before, I am grateful but the process, oh boy, what a ride, I never expected to still be here….So as I am, I am using this earth space to be me and be what I decided on for this incarnation…..

    Thank you for doing what you are doing, it has helped me in so many ways.

  • Thank you Christina…this helps a lot. Had a difficult childhood and learned solitude was safe. As an Empath and healer I remove peoples pain then send it to Spirit for cleansing. Still have bouts of despare when I least expect it. I feel that I loose connection to my higher self when this happens. Love and Blessings.

  • I am trying to figure out how a severe case of anorexia was supposed to help protect me and keep me alive. I understand it intellectually as an extreme form of numbing and dissociation, but why would my soul prescribe that self-destruction to protect me?

    Thank you so much for your in-depth and meaningful videos.

    • I never said anorexia was a protection mechanism. Any type of self-harming behavior is usually the product of disconnection from the body. So the person develops a fragmented view of themselves as not being whole. This disconnection can lead to an array of self-harming behaviors, like anorexia.

  • I can identify with numbness and disossiation in my adult life. Trauma or ongoing stress to the point that i turn numb which usually leads me to abandoning the entire situation. Sounds good but it usually means abandoning the one least likely to be causing the problem. Always it leads to more issues.

    Dissasociation happened to my older sister. Hers went so far that herself has not been aware in decades and she has at least six alter egos, mainly formed during an abusive marraige. I would not have figured out her problem if my guides hadnt told me. Its crappy to learn this late in life, shes got one really bad ego and nothing can help her at this point.

    Nice video that explains alot

  • I enjoyed the video
    Unfortunately all too often people tend to judge instead of trying to understand one another
    With that said…. I am not doing the greatest right now & could use a hand up

  • My takeaway was deep sadness for you, Christina, and all the other children who endure such abuse. This was really painful to watch.

    You said that our souls choose to incarnate as empaths and frequently come into families that are problematic. Can you tell me why that is a typical choice? It seems masochistic or just cruel: to come in as HSP child and be dropped into such extreme dysfunction.

    • I will be doing a video on this soon. The souls choose this as part of the healing mission of the empath. Note: not all empaths incarnate in problematic families. It’s not a masochistic thing at all: it’s an important part of why the Lightworker incarnates with empathic abilities. But more on that soon.

      • Thank you. I’ll be looking forward to seeing that. I also had an abusive situation as a child and have always wished I understood about the big picture regarding incarnation. I saw one psychic who said, wow you really chose a tough assignment this time! So I’ve often thought, what was I thinking?!
        Your videos are really helpful. Many blessings to you. ❤️🌟

  • I never suspected or had any questions about my childhood until I was about 23. Then I started to feel strong fear and terror every day. Almost like my feelings had been set in motion. My first son was just a couple of years and I was terrified that someone would hurt him with sexual abuse or violent behaviour. I looket at the world and in the beginning it was black or white, as you can say evil or good. I got fear again my parents and started to see and notice things I never had seen about them before. My mother told me she used to put me in the playgrpund alone when I was two years old. Once when my aunt took care of me when I was six months old. I litterally cried for a whole day. She told me she could not make me stop. Then came the nightmares. I saw my father put me in a plastic container with a plastic bag around. He held me there until I lost consiousness and the bag was filled with pie and fesus. I also saw like a movie inside my head, where I was strapped and he tickeled me and laughed. My mother also told me that I had infant colic and I cried for a month and that my father took care of me. I remember I had fillimgs in all my decidous teeth. Even if they don’t fill this teeth at the dentists in Sweden. After a couple of years with this fear and stress, my life became grey. I put my fear aside. You can not accuse your own parents of theese things. No one would believe you. Nowadays I have no contact with them or my sisters. I believe in some ways my, older sister was allowed to beat, kick and scream at me. But she will not confesse. After the break up I have spent two deep depressions with my black night of my soul. During occasions I have had the feeling, that she was the only one who survived until now. Like the child in me died or her soul has been put in coma in a safe place. I struggle every day. A tried to meditated to connected with my Guardian angel. But at one occasion, I felt so much sadness, grief and loneliness. It felt empty, like no one was there to protect me. That my Guardian angel had left me. I still try to contact them, but I like the way you explain everything to me. Everything else I have been trying during the years, explain things in a way I don’t understand. I know it sound strange, but when you talked about open your heart, I knew that I should let the whole me into my heart. But that is good for now. The door to my heart, does not need to be open all the time. I am allowed to close it, until I know how to protect myself. The people next to me, who care about me, Can gently knock on the door to my heart for me to let them in.

    • As you are healing, you’ll come to understand that an open heart is your best “protection”. Closing the heart does not protect. It only makes things worse. But that’s something each one of us has to experience to understand. it will come with time, patience, and practice.

  • Hello Christina,
    First I want to thank you for your videos. They have helped me and opened my eyes tremendously. I am an underdeveloped Empath and my heart is blocked due to strong defense mechanisms brought on by 9 yrs of sexual abuse as a child by my biological dad. I thought I was healed until recently, my chest started hurting from unwarranted anxiety. My spirit guides quickly let me know I needed to love that little girl that I’ve always hated. I felt she was weak and had no voice. In meditation last night I met her for the first time. The physical pain I felt was horrible. I felt so much love for her for the first time. I wrapped her in my arms and held her tight. It was as though she was in a different dimension but in the now. I cried and cried for her. I woke up to find the anxiety still there. My question for you is as empathy how do we get our inner child the love and compassion they need to heal? How do we get them to drop the defense mechanisms in order for us as adults to be able to give and receive love to the fullest? My chest still hurts and I feel I need to heal her so I can move on.

    • Head over to my YT channel and look for my “healing childhood trauma” playlist, where you’ll see 3 vids on this very topic. I’ll also be going more into this issue of healing the inner child in my vid on Empaths, coming out next week.

  • Thanks very much, Christina Lopes.

  • Thank you for sharing such valuable information on your you tube channel, it’s invaluable!

  • I’ve always been and empath or HSP and the funny thing is I thought everyone was until it was pointed out to me. My sister is one also and although we weren’t abused as children, we had a neglectful alcoholic mother and no father. We were extremely poor and felt the stress of it daily. One day, as and adult, I asked my sister “why do I know how people feel and sometimes what they are thinking without them telling me? What is that?” She explained that I can read energy due to being an empath or HSP. I don’t like being an empath. Right now, I’m struggling because I sense something is wrong with my teen daughter, she won’t talk about it but I feel it’s not good. Some ways I have dealt with my emotions is I have a mantra that I repeat “everything is how it’s supposed to be and everything will be ok”. That usually calms me. I also watch the NDE of Amy Call, who is also an empath, I think that I was so drawn to her NDE. I don’t know if other empaths have this trait but I have a photographic memory only with peoples faces. I will never forget a face even though I don’t know the person. How this impacts my emotions is say I will talk to someone at the store or my kid’s school just for a couple of minutes and a year later I will see that person again and I will smile and say hello and they look at me like they have no idea who I am. I have to remind myself that not everyone can remember faces like I do. It’s a struggle, I don’t like being sensitive. I will check out your YouTube channel to look for tips on how to navigate this fragile life of mine.


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