Here’s How To Stop Blocking Your Spiritual Growth

Here’s How To Stop Blocking Your Spiritual Growth

Here’s How To Stop Blocking Your Spiritual Growth 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn the top 4 self-sabotaging behaviors that may be blocking your spiritual growth and how to reverse them today.

I’ve learned a lot over the years from coaching people from all over the world and in my own 6 year spiritual awakening.

And I started noticing that some of my clients were able to spiritually grow faster and with more joy and happiness while others lingered for months and even years, stuck and not able to move forward on their spiritual journey.

So what exactly makes some people grow faster while others feel totally blocked and struggle?

It all comes down to 4 pesky things that I’m going to share in this video.

And here’s a little HINT:

All of these things have to do with the mind or ego.

Because it turns out, the only thing that can really block your spiritual growth is the mind.

In this video, you’ll learn the top 4 self-sabotaging behaviors that can block your spiritual growth and how to reverse them today.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

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Do you feel like you’re blocking your spiritual growth right now?

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  • No words can describe how thankful I am for these tips. I came to understand these through experience, intuitively. I was not always sure, but I pulled it through. I am so happy to hear how you talk about these – constructively and pragmatically. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  • I found everything helpful, but honestly don’t know! I feel like I’ve been in a void for some years & maybe the music that I used to be compelled to play & write was a vehicle for me to process things…I definitely have always felt a connection to the universe & that I was meant to spread love & harmony (in some way). Should I incorporate music in something else since it is a gift? Does this make sense?

  • Christina,

    Thank you so much for sending me this video. I think that I’m just lagging behind a bit, I’ve noticed issues happening with various parts of my body. Such as today my solar plexus was letting me know that I’ve not had heartburn for about 19 years , I had it when I was pregnant for my daughter. But there has been other things also along the way like my throat got very sore for a few days, migraines happen more frequently, and have had fever and I was sick for a week after Christmas. And before that I was in the hospital and that’s when I experienced traveling out in space with help because I had been on the trauma table for about 8 hours and yep I died. But obviously I was sent back by my Goddess. She had explained that my purpose is to help individuals with the ascension. And I have always handled a crisis with a cool head and calm collected attitude.

    I am very grateful for the video it does explain why I’m kind of lagging and will practice the affirmations you suggested. As well as the use of patience. And love of myself knowing that I am blessed.

    I’m about to watch the other video you offered in this video. I can use all the help I can get. All the people around me are not so accepting of the fact that both the planet and us humans are ascending at a rapid rate. And I’m all alone in my environment.

    Thanks, you beautiful soul,

  • ThankYou! Yes, the video was indeed very helpful. I was apply graduate more in my life and stop trying to question everything but also stand back to observe what is happening.

  • Well, again, Christina hits the nail on the head! The exact thing I needed to hear at exactly the right time! The scientist in me needed the evidence, logical reasoning, only trust what can be understood with senses. Now I understand that it’s my ego still hanging on to control. I still have a lot of work to do to develop trust, but I am making progress. Baby steps. Thank you, Christina!

  • After watching this video I know for certain I am blocking my spiritual growth, especially with the negative thought patterns.
    I do love how you explained to work to overcome this and I am going to try to take your suggestions and work with them. I so wish I could afford a session with you. I have been trying for years to let go now from finding you on youtube I know I was right when I felt I need to feel to heal. The universe provided me with your answer to my question so it all gives me hope that I will get through this and at some point I will be able to open my heart and heal for my spiritual awakening.
    Thank you Christina

  • Bernadette Wildgust February 5, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    I wish I had heard you speak on this earlier Christina. It was a difficult path but so worth it. You put it so clearly. Difficult buried emotions, difficult conversations but, surprisingly, wonderful outcomes, understanding and huge feeling of a great purge. On a new path having handed over to trust in the universe. All will be revealed in due course at the appropriate time. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • Hello Christine I am having the opposite problem 6 years Going threw a spiritual awakening that liked into high gear end of aug 2019 when i started a kundalini awakening and stopped fighting it and surrendered to it healing some very deep deep rooted traumas and had downloaded, now I feel i’m no longer in that state like it came to it’s end as a kundalini awakening but I thought it would be better like i did what i did and worked throw that being am empath thought my gifts would be heightened just manageable now, but all seems gone The downloaded the hand tingling the healing, walking in a room and feeling nothing not other people’s energy except my husbanded… it’s like it’s all gone, the trees and landscape outside aren’t moving anymore like it was (just normal) I feel confused lost like where it all go?? is it gone??? was it taken away?? what happened do you know??? so confused?? but I want it to come back….is there away? something I can do?? Now I feel lost…I know to my core I’m an empathy,I’m an intuitive energy healer, but when i try to work even on family it’s like a blank I don’t know what to do I don’t feel anything… I thought I was blocking my spiritual growth but watched your video and yes did those things before but the kundalini awakening changed that I just surrendered and flowed with it, in the last past month It’s gone… I feel more lost and confused then before (not panicking about it ) just like it’s all gone ? can you help??

  • THANK YOU Christina
    I just by chance saw one of your videos about spiritual awakening and it’s 5 days straight now I’m watching all of your videos….it’s like you are putting into words exactly what I feel and at the same time putting into words that which I need to listen.
    Thankyou and I love your balanced beautiful energy 💞

  • Thank you for this. Mindset has remained difficult.

    I have also found that trying each day to be grateful does not work for me as it feels artificial and after two weeks or so, also extremely boring. Now, I am sure that your advise to practise this when negative thoughts arise will work out well.

    Trusting without knowing is another valuable advise. I was already aware that ‘not knowing ‘ was fine, but my trust has so far been relatively limited.

  • Your “fake it until you make it” is the sister to my “wing it until you win it “. I am always grateful for your wisdom and light. I am blessed you were placed in my path. Much kindness, love and respect for your servitude.

  • I recognize that I am experiencing some of these blocks and am working on releasing them n the manner you suggest. I think the mantras are helpful to shift my perspective immediately. Thank you for this video.

  • Ohhh Christina!
    Thank you so much for all this work you are doing and the information you are sharing in such a structured way so it’s easy to follow and understand and then what to do.
    It helps me a lot to know what I have to do and to feel hope to be able to carry on. I’ve lived with a closed heart for most of my Life (68 today) and it hasen’t been easier to feel my heart as I was put on antidepressivs 27 years ago. I have stoppet taking them since 5 months ago and I am back to myself a lot more now so I can start to heal the past traumas and begin to open my heart. I see all your videos as a gift from univers to help me in my process.
    Thank you beatiful soul!
    Annika Björk/Sweden

  • I want to be selfish and focus on fixing myself so I can help others. I know my strengths and I’m seeking wisdom to help get through the struggles so I can fully become what I was meant to be, Thank you for your guidance, I found you after my Spiritual Journey began so I went from being afraid I was losing my mind into a person who is looking forward to every step of this journey. Love and Peace Always.


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