The 3 Spiritual Reasons For Feeling Lost In Life

The 3 Spiritual Reasons For Feeling Lost In Life

The 3 Spiritual Reasons For Feeling Lost In Life 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn the top 3 reasons why you’re feeling lost in life and how to get out of that feeling quickly (with a simple 3-step process).

So many of us out there feel completely lost in life.

And the common misconception is that only those who are asleep and unconscious feel this way. But that’s not the case.

People who are going through spiritual awakenings can also feel lost in life.

Seems odd right? Isn’t a spiritual awakening supposed to bring you all the answers to life?

Well, in some sense, yeah. You do get a lot of answers during an awakening. But it’s also true that you will probably feel lost many times, especially when living through the harder stages of a spiritual awakening.

So if you’re feeling lost and going through an awakening, I shot this video specifically for you.

I’ll help you get clarity on why you feel lost and show you how to find yourself quickly.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

💥 The 3 main reasons why you feel lost in life. Once you pinpoint the reason, you’ll know what to do.

💥 How the ego contributes significantly to your feeling of being lost.

💥 The simple 3-step process to help you find yourself again.

💥 The primordial intelligence that you have to awaken in your body before you can find yourself.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Are you feeling lost in life right now?

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  • Christna I’m dealing with this right now I a victim of narcissism gave myself up for him had dreams with hm only for him to stab me in the back lost my apartment dealing with legal issues and I’m running to and frow I listen to tarot and everything is in his favor while I remain broken beyond belief I’m in there somewhere but I can’t find her through all of this hurt and pain he married someone else he had been seeing for two years of the our eleven year relationship the day he left to do it he had just got out of the bed with me after we got back together I feel that there is nothing justice I hurt every day trying to get myself together I feel like I’m dying a very slow death I left him and its been a month feels like years I’m tired no place no car no job legal issues and Impoundering what did d I ever do to deserve such a harsh reality

    • Amanda – Team Christina January 16, 2020 at 3:25 am


    • Dear Shirleen. The man is an ass. It is not your fault. You did not fail. You did good and you are a good person.
      However your living situation is not so good. You are in survival mode, and if you are not, you should be. My advice is to sort that out first. Focus on the basics: find a house, make it your home. Find a job. Make yourself healthy and strong again. Connect with (new) friends and family. And enjoy your new-found freedom.

    • # christime


    • Shirleen,

      Have you considered that something good is watching over you and caring about you that did not let you stay with a man who is a user. He will do the same thing again and again to the next woman.
      I have been in a similar situation.
      Take all of your anger, hurt, disbelief and put all of your energy into you and take care of you.
      I wish you all the best.
      Life can give us hard lessons
      You will come out of this stronger and more aware.
      Know that you are not alone in your situation.
      Many women have done this
      Again, best to you.

  • Hi Kristina!
    Feeling lost? We’ll this is probably my 4th awakening I really could of used your information back in 2006. So’ I’ve learned or think that I’ve learned it in a really bad bad way. I was institutionalization for it! I’ve managed to stay away from that and go through much more hell over the years. This last awakening has been due to this abrupt separation from my wife last February and I had lost everything. There is just more to say than I feel like typing about and a ***(: ton of stuff from over the years!!
    I get the fact how everything and my outlook and values had changed I thought that I was reborn since when I was raised Russian Orthodox. I more now feel connected with the stars now and I’m going to leave here with that being enough for now.
    Love, Joe

  • I do feel lost. The worst part about being lost is that I find myself being completely burnt out on trying to figure out how to overcome the burn-out which has led me to feeling completely lost. It has become worse over the past 2yrs. I have meditated, read, have talked to myself with phrases to inspire different thinking and prayer. Yet, I find that time continues, I’ve gotten older & I am still struggling in finding my path. And dealing with repercussions of that such as finances & having to do things & work I don’t want to because I have to survive.
    I’ve experienced a spiritual awakening years ago that changed everything about me. I feel like I have been in the hallway enough already. It’s been too long. I want the next step please.

  • Hi Christina. I am definitely in step 3. My intuition keeps asking me to take action, and I do. The hard part is that anxiety floods my body during these times. I DO it— but it’s not very enjoyable. Why? Because I’m so anxious!! My question is — do I push through and do “it” anyways? Why am I so anxious even though it’s something my soul wants? I suspect it may be the social aspect for me. I also shaky/unsure of who I am anymore it’s hard to interact with others. This is challenging!! I’ll keep at it. Thanks for your help. Love to you. #askchristina

  • Hi Christina
    I can identify with everything you are teaching. I have lost interest in things I had thought was my life path, I’ve gone through the void of lost identity, who am I? What type of career path as a wounded massage therapist do I take now? This lasted a year along with physical pain and now I am beginning to listen to my heart through daily morning meditation and yoga. I ask my heart, who am I? What is my gift? What do I want ? All while trying to manage my sensitivity to my surroundings as an empath. You have helped Tremendously in giving me clarification on my awakening and I am making slow progress….I am grateful for your wisdom and encouragement! Sometimes I feel alone with no one to share the true experience with that I am going through but I’m still here! Thankyou for being my guiding light.
    Namaste 🙏

  • Absolutely lost right now. Went to bed feeling great then awoke next day feeling despair, hopeless and lost.
    I have made many changes in my life recently, releasing friendships, moving home, looking to change career I can relate to the cocooning and being transformed and definitely feel like I am in the void…the old is gone but the new hasnt arrived yet.
    Thank you, this was extremely helpful, reassuring and uplifting 💖

  • Wow! It is as if you were talking to me about all my questions of how do I find myself? I am lost, attempting to carve my path, my soul path. Your previous video spoke about dreams which fits nicely into this video. The frustration is the not knowing which way. Not knowing but feeling the pull of the heart. Your analogy of drowning, that is exactly where I am at. Society plays a huge role in the state of confusion. “You need to be responsible, you need a full time job that pays a salary” blah blah blah. If I could cut out the “white noise” it would make my journey so much easier. Being an empath I take on world views and others which I am aware of doing and what not to do. Thank you for your shining light and the guidance beautiful soul!

  • Hello Christina, thank you so much for all your videos, they help me a lot. I have been feeling lost for the past 2 months, and I feel so exhausted as well! It´s like I can´t connect with my inner being to feel what I want to do next, I feel like doing nothing at all!!! I listen to Abraham every day, it´s been so useful, I know I need to connect to be able to take action “in alignment” but I still can´t….and my mind finds this so frustrating, I get sad because I still can´t fully trust myself and the Universe.

  • I’ve been feeling lost lately I think I’m in the void my spiritual awakening started 2.5 years ago and over the last year I’ve been growing so fast and moving forward expanding found my purpose after 30 years of not knowing but now over the last week I’ve been in a low things have slowed right down I feel alone and have been wanting to go back to my ex for comfort and support so I’m not alone but also because it’s the known and its easy. I’m a few days from starting my course which will put me in the drivers seat of my purpose so I’m definitely in the in between go backwards or move forwards I know once I take this final step forward there will be no going back but my heart tells me jump my mind tells me to go back to where it is safe and comfortable. I watched this video twice over so it would sink in good. Thanks Christina I’ll now go watch your 6 steps to a spiritual awakening and intuition videos. Love and light always xx

  • Thank you for your incredible teaching.

    I can relate to everything you shared.

    I wish that I had the funds for a private session.

    Your vedioes are so healing.

    Thank you again.


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