How Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Can Become POWERFUL!

How Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Can Become POWERFUL!

How Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Can Become POWERFUL! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn how empaths and highly sensitive people can use their hypersensitivities to their advantage and become highly powerful Beings.

There are a lot of beliefs out there that say empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP) are fragile. That they’re not able to cope with a harsh world because of their sensitivities.

But I’ve had enough of these disempowering beliefs!

The truth is, empaths are resilient and powerful beyond their wildest dreams.

And in this video, you’ll learn exactly how to stop feeling weak and embrace your power as a sensitive person.

This video is the 2nd one in a 2-part series that I started with the video “Top 4 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be An Empath Sometimes”.

Make sure to watch that 1st video in the series before you watch this one. Otherwise you may feel completely lost.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • How do I know if I’m stuck in the 4 protection mechanisms of the empath?
  • How do empaths heal trauma?

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Which of the tips I share in this video will you start implementing in your life today?

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  • Christina thank you for what you do I reasonate with everything you cover on empathics, dark night, awakening, the heart, and am going to dive into soul retrieval…I feel like my life depends on it. Thank you!!

  • Hello, Christina! Awesome video! Thank you SO MUCH for this and its predecessor! I’ve already done a lot of 3 of the 4 healing parts (the ego soothing, the heart opening, and the inner child work), but only a month ago, God let me know it was time to do soul retrieval. I was shown how a little bit of my soul flew off when I dissociated from my body during a traumatic event 2 years ago, that was a strong PTSD reminder from a very similar event when I was 4 years old. Thank you SO much for this information! Love and light to you, beautiful Christina!

  • Your information seems to be exactly what I’ve been needing to hear. You are totally awesome and the first thing I think I need to do is talk to my broken heart and see if we can mend a little. So much work to be done and yes I too am afraid I will die when opening and living through the wounds, many things are blocked and even though I know I’m extraordinarily resilient, I mean YIKES, it’s just too much. So tired of being a flipping warrior all the time. I can’t believe I’m suddenly 60. FUUUUU€K! Sorry, minor melt. I’m okay. I’m really glad I found your videos. Stay amazing dear one.❤

  • Really love the details. Thankyou. Emotional Maturity(at a senior age) & re-reassuring the(my)child inwardly. Ooo, even saying that… is mine to do,be with now.

  • This is the best and most in depth discription of an empath ive come across. At this point in life i doubt i will ever be in another situation that overloads me but there are so so many ppl who will benefit from your video.

  • I have done inner child work before but now I fully understand what happens. My inner child is not keeping a distance when she appears, but more often than not I simply cannot see her. Recently I worked on anxiety (using EMDR) and when the anxiety faded away my inner child became visible (this was actually surprising since it was not the purpose or goal of the EMDR session). For me she was physically present: she came toward me to give me a hug and I felt so much love.
    But only with your video I understand that integration is still to take place and that I am indeed emotionally immature! I recognized all signs actually, but this was a very new and powerful insight.

  • Hello, thanks for all the info. I’ve been on the path for years and am now ready to claim my power outwards. I’ve condensed myself and tucked my empathic abilities hidden. However at this stage of evolution and emotional health I can’t deny it any longer. My question is how do I not overwhelm my family? They are in a victimization place and are getting their insecurities mirrored back. How do I deal with this?
    Also years ago i had a soul retrieval by
    Jill Kuykendall at
    She is in California.

    • It’s not your place to work on your family’s triggers. It’s their path. You focus on you. That’s the best you can give yourself and the planet.



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