5 Killer Ways To Build Self Confidence And Power!

5 Killer Ways To Build Self Confidence And Power!

5 Killer Ways To Build Self Confidence And Power! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn how to build self confidence and personal power quickly by following these 5 simple but powerful tips.

So many of us walk around with low self-confidence, constantly afraid of stepping into our power.

And this is especially true for sensitive people and empaths.

But here’s a gentle wake up call:

Without self-confidence and personal power, we cannot materialize our soul’s desires or our higher purpose on this earth.

In this video, we’ll go way beyond psychology to understand self-confidence and personal power from a spiritual perspective.

Once you understand them on an energy level, you can then quickly step into your power and self-confidence without effort.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

💥 Where self-confidence and personal power really come from (hint: they’re not mental traits).

💥 The 4 reasons why so many sensitives have issues with confidence and power.

💥 5 powerful tips to help you build self-confidence and come into your power quickly.

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Do you have issues with self-confidence and personal power?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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I’m a life coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help you open your incredible heart, heal your past, and live with joy and purpose. Aside from my weekly video content, I also work 1-on-1 with people who need private individual guidance. If this is you, the fastest way to get help is to book a single session with me.


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  • Dear Christina,

    Thank you for explaining it so clear.
    Really interesting to learn more about what the first and third chakras mean. When I went through a very difficult phase, I always felt this weird feeling around my first chakra, like the energy was pulling away. Aside from this, I had the strong need to protect myself with my hand or something at the place where the third chakra is. And untill recently, I did not even know anything about chakras. Really intersting to learn why this was the case..

    I think it is wonderful that you make these videos, so helpful! 🙂

  • You are amazing, Christina

  • Sara Mariasdotter August 12, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    Hallo Christina!
    I became very impressed, listening to your video
    from yesterday! (Excuse my English-it’s far from perfect..) I agree fully when you say that feelings pop up before the thoughts! (Though it took me a long life to see this, as my childhood was rather harsh) . Also I got to know first at the end of my life, that I’m an ‘hsp’!! Which was at the same time both a relief and quite shocking… Also what you said about developing out of a harsh background, struck me. You spoke about two possible ways – either the more introverte and shy – or the aggressive and self overestimated (?) way. Thanks to you, this revealed some of the problems I’ve got with my sister throughout life…! ( In this case my hsp-personality both has hurt me, and strengthened me, I think.. .). Lots of love!❤️ Sara Mariasdotter

  • Hi Christina
    I love everything you do. I don’t know if you only listen to your guidance but I hope that you don’t mind if I share some views that I’ve found helpful to me.
    Have you heard of Neville Goddard? He gave wonderful lectures about creating your reality. His tips involve desire, imagination and faith.
    This week I discovered The Andrew breathing Technique by Neville.
    I found him to be truly inspirational.
    Also this week I listened to Marisa Peer about 6 secrets to heal yourself.
    Her tips are about self talk which creates illness. By changing the words we say to ourselves magic happens.
    I’ve come to the realisation that the majority of people come from wounding and see life as a series of hurtful scenarios which keep replaying. No escape!!
    YES THERE IS!!!!
    The key is: Desiring with intent and faith for the happiness of others in them having their desires fulfilled !!! Neville’s teaching.
    Christina you are helping me shape into a new person!!!
    Without your guidance, my growth would be stunted.
    You have assisted my understanding as to why I am the way I am!!! And gave me solutions. YAY.
    My gratitude is immense,
    Thank you for providing all your expertise to everyone. You give the opportunity for the world to blossom into a beautiful place where there’s no suffering.
    I’m truly grateful.
    I dream the unimaginable, which I believe is possible. You are part of a team creating this world. It’s going to happen!!! Believe it or not!!
    Keep on keeping on beautiful one,

  • Thank you Christina and team 💞

  • Wow thank you Christina for this amazing wisdom. What a powerful video. I have never thought about past life wounds and trauma and never looked into it either I have been quiet bust with this life’s and making great progress thanks to you. I know there is something holding me back that I can not work out. It may just be past life. Much love and blessings. I’m going to go watch your videos relating to this now. Thank you. Namaste

  • Curious why 2nd chakra isn’t addressed in this video (since chakra development happens in order) and only 1st and 3rd Chakras? I also watched a codependency video which highlights work on 2nd chakra. So thinking maybe it’s best to overall focus on Chakras 1-3 in order?

    • Amanda – Team Christina June 10, 2022 at 6:42 pm

      Hi Melissa! Happy to see you are digging into the chakra videos! Take a look through Christina’s videos on YouTube, there are several that cover all of the chakras. ✨✨



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