Life After Spiritual Awakening: What Happens Next?

Life After Spiritual Awakening: What Happens Next?

Life After Spiritual Awakening: What Happens Next? 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

What happens after spiritual awakening? I share my top 3 tips to help you continue growing, even after your spiritual awakening has ended.

I woke up one morning at the end of 2018 and knew my life had completely changed.

I could feel the cycle of spiritual awakening that had lasted 6 years of my life was now coming to a close. I can’t tell you how I knew, I just did.

There was a lightness in me and a clarity that I hadn’t felt since the start of my awakening. And I could feel that life was going to change. 

The biggest feelings I had that morning were optimism and peace.

I knew that no matter what life sent my way, I would weather it with the Light of Source in heart. 

And I started to really understand and see spiritual awakenings in a new light. Yes, it is true that once we awaken, we never really stop awakening for the rest of our lives. But it also now felt true that a spiritual awakening did seem to operate in a “cycle” or “process”.

But if a spiritual awakening really does end, what happens next?

I answer this question and more in this video. 

You’ll learn how to pinpoint when your spiritual awakening is over, how you change with an awakening, and how you can continue to maximize the benefits of your awakening for the rest of your life.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this video:

  • How to tell if your awakening has ended.
  • How long a spiritual awakening typically lasts.
  • The 7 changes that you go through after an awakening.
  • The top 3 practices to help you continue growing after your awakening ends.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Do you feel like your spiritual awakening has ended or are you still going through it?

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Life After Spiritual Awakening

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  • Hi Cristina,

    Make a cup of tea, this is long 🙂 I’m one of those people whose spiritual awakening took place decades ago during my teenage years in then freshly post-communist Czech Republic. The whole country was experiencing a spiritual awakening, actually. Many of the things you describe are so common-sense to me by now that I don’t even give them much weight and often take them for granted. Thank you for the reminder!!!

    What you said also explained my misunderstanding of people who are in that hiding stage. I was forced into mine through illness, so I never thought it was anything to do by choice, nor that there is anything particularly oh-so-spiritual about hiding in the forest or a cave. All along I felt that spirituality only works if it’s 3D and practical, a part of our daily life and this is also what I try to impart on others. But you are right, for many, I guess that’s a necessary stage, so now I’ll be more compassionate toward them. Thank you!

    In another video, you mentioned that you “clean a space from bad energy by walking in” which, again, was somehow commonsense to me and, until a particular incident last year, I never gave it much thought. A day after my twin flame (thank you for all THOSE videos!!!) and I met, he gave me a Tibetan singing-bowl massage that released some “bad energy” of my childhood pattern in the living room. His very sensitive roommate then slept there an in the morning complained about having bad dreams and that we didn’t “clean the room.”

    We just looked at each other and felt stupid to have caused him the discomfort (both of us knowing better!) until my twin flame said: “I’m sorry, I don’t know, I never think about these things. I’m in my own protected bubble and such energy doesn’t affect me.” It was only once he said this that I realized that my “not feeling” such “negative energies” is not because I’m insensitive, but because they sort of don’t get to me. Funny. It was such a relief to hear you say the same thing! Thank you!

    This May, after practically 30 years of ongoing spiritual development, I woke up from a nap and realized that I know who I am. This partly had to do with my twin flame again. The day before, we spent some time playing with a dolphin (he’s a dolphin-assisted therapist) and then he gave me a second Tibetan-bowl session. Afterward, he said “This was sooo different from the first one. You were fine, except something little on the first chakra, which I cleared out and now… well… now you are perfect.” And I was! I felt 100% energized, joyous, powerful, like I could climb mountains. We set a new standard, raised the bar.

    I also saw myself in his mirror and realized that “If he gets to be who he is, I’ll get away with it too.” There’s something about having a twin flame who does miracles, healing disabled kids with dolphins on a daily basis, but doesn’t think it’s all that special. Other than the amazing transformational processes that naturally started the minute we met, other than us sharing the same mission in life, I also saw my own value and capability through his mirror.

    The next day I woke up and realized who I am. Just as you said, I knew that this part of my journey is over and that from now on, it’s not growth, it’s development. Fine-tuning, expanding, but the basics are all in place and I’m ready to teach them to others. I can do some miracless too 🙂

    That was definitely something I waited for my entire life (including the 23 years of knowing that he would show up one day). My husband said “Finally, you are not alone in this mission, you found the second part of your brain.” And my twin flame has been doing it all along, in Turkey! So yes, that helped completing my spiritual growth. Including your clear message of not focusing on him or “us” but releasing my dependence and utilizing the amazing power that comes with the discovery of one’s twin flame. We are in separation now, I’m dutifully focusing on myself and it feels great! Whether he comes back into my life or not doesn’t matter, I already gained so much and am both eternally grateful and yes – free.

    Strangely, I’ve never heard anyone talking about the end of spiritual awakening until this video, probably because without your level of authenticity, it would sound pretty posh. But it’s true. I always jokingly say that if you were doing any other activity for thirty years and not expect some results, some sense of completion or achievement, everyone would think you are nuts.

    Yet, somehow, in spiritual circles, people dig endlessly and never move on to just living what they learned. It’s not OK to say you are OK, because everyone just winks and says “Yeah, right, you’ve got it all figured.” Well, I don’t, but I’m no longer closed, fearful or restless, I’m compassionate, powerful, grounded and centered… so I guess “there is THERE there.” No, I’m not perfect and I’m not done and the challenges increase with capacity, but yes, this part of the journey is over.

    I also gained an amazing ability to be in the driver’s seat during massive and deep transformations. Three days after I met my twin flame, my ego literally began falling apart and one of my deepest patterns from childhood resurfaced “If you say your truth, you will be killed.” This was the REALITY of my past lives as a healer AND my entire childhood in a Communist country where people like me were persecuted and killed for saying the truth. It was one of the patterns that are somehow a part of your DNA, ancestral wisdom of self-protection meeting soul-level past-life memories.

    As it brought me to me knees, I was all alone at his home and had about an hour before people would come back. I knew I had to resolve it within that one hour. I cried, did breathing exercises, journaled and as it was happening, a part of my brain narrated the process for me “Ah, here we go, denial! Ah, now resistance, oh yes, the rage, coming up…” I knew the stages and symptoms, I could acknowledge them and immediately let them go. I managed to take a shower before everyone got in.

    I told my twin flame about it, saying “Look, this was really big. If I were my own client now, I’d say ‘Go home, take it easy, make some tea, listen to some quiet music, maybe take a bath. Many things opened, it will probably take a couple of weeks to settle. Be gentle to yourself.’ Right now, I’m in the mode of lights being too bright and sounds being too loud.” He nodded, smiled and said “It’s Saturday night, we’re going dancing.”

    And so I learned that there is ANOTHER whole way to deal with post-crisis conditions and that on THIS level, things don’t work the same way as they do for our clients. The AWAKENED way of processing stuff is so much faster and more effective. It’s not that things don’t show up, THEY DO, but we know what to do with them and remain self-aware as they are happening. Amazing! Who would have thought?

    Another shocking moment was when I did your heart quiz and the result was “You are doing fine, I’ve got nothing to teach you” (Thank you, nobody ever says that in such quizzes!) But, of course, those suggested videos were great. Again, this was the first time anyone said “Yes, this is it, it doesn’t get any better!”

    I got another lesson on that just last night, when friends of mine who are relationship therapists, sent out a questionnaire. They wanted to identify subjects their clientele and friends might want to learn about – how to handle this and that challenge. I honestly answered all questions with “Nope, I’m fine with that.” For example, there are no questions I would hesitate to ask my husband (or my twin flame or anyone else, for that matter). There is also nothing I would feel like hiding or declining to answer in a public interview, etc.

    There are also no arguments in which I couldn’t immediately understand the source and wounds from which they stem – and hence feel compassionate for my husband or both of us. Again, it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t flare up at times, but it’s sort of pre-forgiven and instantly over. I finally said I’d appreciate some tips and tricks for how not to grow apart, which is a challenge with two people developing as much as we do. But hey, we’re together nearly 25 years, pretty much 24/7, and I guess we figured that out so far as well. Yep, done.

    I had to acknowledge this both for myself and for the sake of my mission. I’m scheduled for an arrow-breaking ceremony in a couple of weeks, which will be a nice way to seal this and commit to the mission even further. It’s time to get out and say my truth and teach what I know.

    Thank you so much. I wanted you to know that even people with decades of a journey behind them need to hear your message. Thank you for your honesty, clarity and inspiration. You are one of the handful of spiritual teachers that make any sense to me at all. You’ve got it, baby! You are the best!

    One of these days I’ll come to one of your retreats, just because I’d love to spend time with you and learn more. That part never stops, of course. Of, if you head to Prague one of these days, remember that you have a kindred spirit in the heart of Europe.

    I love you!


  • Hi Christina, Thank you for the video. I believe I am still going through the awakening process. Your videos are huge relief to me and fills me with inspiration.

  • #askchristina
    Hi Christina thank you for this video. I was just wondering if you would do a video about why we have physical issue/illnesses and how to release them. Sending my love xx

  • I feel that my “Spiritual Awakening” has came to an “END” and now “Something New” has started.

  • surya teja vustepalli June 22, 2021 at 11:53 am

    Hie,will we be able to progress in our career after spiritual awakening and earn money?

    • Amanda – Team Christina June 25, 2021 at 4:07 am

      Hi Surya, Christina does read each of her messages but she cannot provide individual guidance here in the comments. We encourage you to take advantage of all the Free Resources Christina offers!


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