You Don’t Need To Protect Your Energy. Do THIS Instead.

You Don’t Need To Protect Your Energy. Do THIS Instead.

You Don’t Need To Protect Your Energy. Do THIS Instead. 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

For most of my life, I was plagued by dense or negative energies. I was a firm believer that in order to spiritually “survive” in this world, you had to learn how to protect your energy.

And when I started coaching others, I’d teach them how to shield their energy, so they wouldn’t get brought down by density or negativity in others.

I felt that if I didn’t have a “shield”, I’d just die. The spiritual world was just a big “war” for me.

Then, one night, my entire world view changed in a snap.

At that moment, I understood what had eluded me for so many years.

I understood that you don’t need to protect yourself against negative energy.

I learned that once ONE key ingredient is present in your life, everything changes. You stop believing you need to be protected and you step fully into the power of who you are.

And that’s what I explain in this video.

I share what happened to me that night and also help you step into a completely different energy and belief structure.

Once you come out of that belief in your “smallness”, you realize how your own energy is the only thing you need to cultivate in order to keep negative energies at bay.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

protect your energy


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  • I have had enough of these “dark” experience to know exactly what you are talking about. I also experienced an increase in their activity during certain critical points in my own journey. Even visitors with loving intentions have frightened me, like seeing a spider is a shock even though I really like spiders. One night when I was consumed by grief due to a death in my family (my beautiful cat Ely) I went to the guest room to cry so I wouldn’t wake my partner. I was uncontrollably sobbing, really allowing myself to wale in a way I had not before permitted. As I laid there on my side I felt a hand on my back, I turned to apologize for waking my partner up. Before I could think rationally a scream erupted from me as I realized no one was there. I’ve often felt badly that the intent to console me was greeted by such a horror response. So Sorry Universe! Christina, I especially have a lot of these experiences in the hypnagogic state. It would be interesting to hear your guidance on this. I too have found that “owning my energetic space” in the waking world with clear intentions around the type of non physical energies I want to resonate with has been super helpful. As have exercises like the VELO to focus and control my energies. I especially connected with your discussion of the victim mentality and the depletion we can inadvertently invite into our lives by placing solutions outside the self. Learned helplessness is common even among the enlightened as many are born from trauma. I must say that I’m really glad to have been guided to you and I’m deeply grateful for the work you are doing. I know you feel the connections you are making across the globe. Streaming love to you from California. ⚡️💕⚡️ PS. I’ve been posting my comments to your website rather than YouTube to help your site grow but is this actually helpful to you? Which do you prefer?

    • Thanks Andy! Yes…comments on my site is great and I appreciate them!

      • I fully agree with your point of view and can add a personal comment. Having worked on entities in order to get rid of them, I first got very angry at them and they reacted by pretending they were gone, just to reappear after a few days. That was a good lesson since I then used compassion and love, thanking them for the mission they had accomplished and telling them time had come to set them free from their mission. Such an attitude ended it all… There is no greater power indeed!


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