You Don’t Need To Protect Your Energy. Do THIS Instead.

You Don’t Need To Protect Your Energy. Do THIS Instead.

You Don’t Need To Protect Your Energy. Do THIS Instead. 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

For most of my life, I was plagued by dense or negative energies. I was a firm believer that in order to spiritually “survive” in this world, you had to learn how to protect your energy.

And when I started coaching others, I’d teach them how to shield their energy, so they wouldn’t get brought down by density or negativity in others.

I felt that if I didn’t have a “shield”, I’d just die. The spiritual world was just a big “war” for me.

Then, one night, my entire world view changed in a snap.

At that moment, I understood what had eluded me for so many years.

I understood that you don’t need to protect yourself against negative energy.

I learned that once ONE key ingredient is present in your life, everything changes. You stop believing you need to be protected and you step fully into the power of who you are.

And that’s what I explain in this video.

I share what happened to me that night and also help you step into a completely different energy and belief structure.

Once you come out of that belief in your “smallness”, you realize how your own energy is the only thing you need to cultivate in order to keep negative energies at bay.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

protect your energy


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  • I have had enough of these “dark” experience to know exactly what you are talking about. I also experienced an increase in their activity during certain critical points in my own journey. Even visitors with loving intentions have frightened me, like seeing a spider is a shock even though I really like spiders. One night when I was consumed by grief due to a death in my family (my beautiful cat Ely) I went to the guest room to cry so I wouldn’t wake my partner. I was uncontrollably sobbing, really allowing myself to wale in a way I had not before permitted. As I laid there on my side I felt a hand on my back, I turned to apologize for waking my partner up. Before I could think rationally a scream erupted from me as I realized no one was there. I’ve often felt badly that the intent to console me was greeted by such a horror response. So Sorry Universe! Christina, I especially have a lot of these experiences in the hypnagogic state. It would be interesting to hear your guidance on this. I too have found that “owning my energetic space” in the waking world with clear intentions around the type of non physical energies I want to resonate with has been super helpful. As have exercises like the VELO to focus and control my energies. I especially connected with your discussion of the victim mentality and the depletion we can inadvertently invite into our lives by placing solutions outside the self. Learned helplessness is common even among the enlightened as many are born from trauma. I must say that I’m really glad to have been guided to you and I’m deeply grateful for the work you are doing. I know you feel the connections you are making across the globe. Streaming love to you from California. ⚡️💕⚡️ PS. I’ve been posting my comments to your website rather than YouTube to help your site grow but is this actually helpful to you? Which do you prefer?

    • Thanks Andy! Yes…comments on my site is great and I appreciate them!

      • I fully agree with your point of view and can add a personal comment. Having worked on entities in order to get rid of them, I first got very angry at them and they reacted by pretending they were gone, just to reappear after a few days. That was a good lesson since I then used compassion and love, thanking them for the mission they had accomplished and telling them time had come to set them free from their mission. Such an attitude ended it all… There is no greater power indeed!

  • I have never been so much into Crystal’s and stuff, I have nothing against this. But I always believed that “we dont have to” do this or that in order to protect ourselves from negative energies, whatever your intuition says you can do for your own good is valid.
    There is no perfect technique.
    We Really dont need to protect ourselves
    That had always been my thought but I had no arguments to sustain this. For me what you said makes all sense.
    It resonates with what I have being .
    We just need to step into our power.
    I’m the source of energy incarcerated in a body, yes that’s it.
    We gotta take Our power back
    There is nothing out there that can overpower Us, yesssss
    Thank you so much for sharing this Christina.

  • Hello Christina I’m a recent viewer and a new subscriber I watched a few of your videos in the last week which I enjoyed because I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person not very religious anymore but still believe in a higher power and I just recently watched your video you don’t need to protect your energy do this instead and you mentioned something about dark energy and things attacking you and I’ve had this my whole life alot when I was younger it went away way for many years but it’s been returning lately and I’d like to speak to somebody about it because there’s not many who understand or that I believe might know or be able to help me but for some reason I feel that you may be able to do this call it my instincts or whatever or I was supposed to hear this message and I hope that you can reply to this comment somehow I’m not on social media and I rearly check my email but I will be doing so more randomly to see if I get a reply thank you I look forward to a speaking one Love

    • Linzy Elias- Team Christina August 21, 2019 at 3:56 pm

      Hi Danny. Click on the ‘Coaching’ tab for more information. Christina offers one-on-one sessions!

  • Hi Christina, just wanted to share. First of, ty for this amazing video! Since i was young, I’ve ‘known’ that within me is a pure, powerful light which is the Creator/Source/God and absolutely nothing can touch it or change it in anyway, it is completely untouchable. As i grew older, sometimes i would forget this, other times i would remember it but not fully embrace it. Guides and angels and the Ascended Masters are here to help us, like training wheels, until we are ready and take that leap to fly, to soar through the universe, through life, to fly together with Spirit flying right beside us. I think, like you said, we need to be self empowered, which i learned a bit from Louise Hay, and although we may know we are Source, there is a pure light within, we need to own this light, not just look at it, or love it from afar, but let go of fear that we don’t deserve, take a deep breath and fully embrace it. At times i would be like, why am i doing all this protection so much, it takes up my precious time, i know deep down i don’t really need it, there have been times when i didn’t do any ‘protection’ etc, and i felt even better than when i did, i was wondering if the fear, which to be honest wasn’t really there, it was more worry, or ‘just in case, just to be sure’ type of thing, if that would be affecting it, so i would juts simply imagine myself surrounded by love, but then thoughts would creep up again, should i use protection? is all this really necessary? and asked for guidance on this recently, and now i’ve found your video! Sometimes i would imagine like a flash of pure light expanding out of somewhere in my heart and filling up the room. Sometimes I would look at the Sun’s bright light for a second and imagine that light as the light of Source, which it is, filling my Being, every cell and I’d use that memory of light to bolster up my visualization meditations of light. I rambled on a bit more than i originally intended, ty again for the awesome video!

  • Christina you are really a remarkable soul you gave people such a great vision in their awakening you make all my beliefs that I have in my mind becomes a reality I know now that my guides is really developing my spiritual awakening I thank you for your videos

  • I am so grateful for this video, along with the many, many others I have watched. I am empathic and about a year into my awakening, which I figured out after some physical symptoms (which I still have but my Guardian Angel tells me I will have for some time yet to come) were ruled out medically…and I began seeing angel numbers every single day (and still do). I’ve had an uptick in synchronicities and paranormal experiences (which I’ve had since my teens) along with lucid dreams (I receive messages in my dreams if I can remember them…the lucid dreams I remember pretty much everything). A couple months ago I had a lucid dream where my bedroom was pitch black as I got up for the morning (which is normal) and as I reached for my door knob, there was a loud, deep growl just off to my right that scared me. I’ve had lucid dreams with spirits and even shadow people that did not frighten me either at home or in a hotel. My Guardian Angel (who I’ve communicated with through ceremony and pendulum) told me that she gave me the dream to alert me of dark entities (I was previously aware as my husband and I have both been scratched as well and I saged my home as she told I should) but as I watched your video and you said that your guides told you you were being tested, I had an epiphany that that is what my experience was intended to be. I will admit that since that dream I have held some fear. I couldn’t understand why she would give me something to frighten me. But….now I understand…and I’m taking back my power, shining my light a little brighter…and so it is. Thank you!

  • #askChristina
    Thank you Christina! There isn’t enough information regarding this out there in the spiritual community. To answer your question at the end of the video. Yes I have struggled with negative energy and negative entities for my entire life. I am an Empath/ HSP/ Reiki master/ past life generational healer who meditates and connects to the divine every day. I am also a medium who helps spirits to transition and ascend with the help of the arch angels. I have used & use several different techniques to clear negative energy/ entities and to protect my energy from them. Negative energy is something I experience almost daily. I have also been attacked severely with physical manifestations (scratches/ injuries), and have had all of my energy drained within a matter of seconds before I even know what is happening (I am always able to recover but it sometimes takes several minutes). I know I am safe and I don’t have fear. I stand in my power. I know my guides/angels and the divine itself are by my side. I guess what I am wondering is- even though I stand in my power and have used most of the techniques you mention in this video I am still being hurt physically by these beings and it can sometimes take days for my energy body to heal and recover. Is there something I am missing in the process? I am asking this question in all seriousness because I have a calling (strong pull) to heal and to remove negative energy/ entities from others. I want to fully and completely step into this as I believe it is my purpose. Christina what am I missing? Thank you

    • Amanda – Team Christina April 7, 2021 at 3:26 pm

      Hi Corina! Thank you so much for responding with your experience! While Christina is unable to provide individual guidance in the comment section, we will definitely pass your questions along for a possible follow-up video! Sending you love 💕

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