8 Hard Signs Of Spiritual Awakening And How To Overcome Them

8 Hard Signs Of Spiritual Awakening And How To Overcome Them

8 Hard Signs Of Spiritual Awakening And How To Overcome Them 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover the 8 hardest signs of spiritual awakening and my top 5 strategies to help you overcome each one of them with ease and peace.

For so many of us out there, the process of spiritual awakening can be really hard to navigate and can also last for many years.

Now, I don’t want to make it seem like spiritual awakenings are always difficult. They have many beautiful and ecstatic moments, filled with bliss.

But you don’t need any help with the positive signs of spiritual awakening because they’re wonderful!

I shot this video to help you understand and overcome the hardest signs of a spiritual awakening because those are the ones that cause a lot of grief in our lives and make us feel stuck…sometimes for years without knowing what to do.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this video:

💥 The 8 hardest signs of spiritual awakening, including some that may surprise you and aren’t talked about at all in personal development circles.

💥 The top 2 reasons why mental disturbances are common during an awakening.

💥 The top 5 strategies to help you overcome the hardest parts of your spiritual awakening, so you can experience more joy and peace throughout the process.

💥 The most important mantra that saved me during my spiritual awakening.

💥 Why personal power is THE KEY to overcoming the hardest parts of an awakening.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

How many of these signs of spiritual awakening are you currently experiencing in your life?

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  • Hi Christina,

    I’ve had acute hearing. Meaning I can hear the motors running everywhere I go. My tv speakers sound like they’ve blown and my SUV sounds like my muffler needs to replaced. Quite noisy at times! I went to a restaurant and mentioned to my friend it was so noisy and she looked at me and said it was quiet! I Swear I could hear every electronically motor running!! couldn’t take the sounds and had to go sit down. At times it sounds like Steven Hawkins is talking too. That sped up computer talking. Is this possibly an effect of awakening or do I need to see a doctor?! Lol enjoying your videos and articles!!! Thank you so much for helping us other beings ❤️

  • Yes, I’ve been experiencing all the signs and have only found out what was happening within the last couple of months. I use some of the tips already and will start utilizing the rest. It’s been difficult, and my biggest challenge is remembering who and what I am, staying in my power. I really appreciate all the information in the videos, it helps so much. Love what you’re doing, thank you.

  • Such a useful video. Thank you. I am experiencing most of the symptoms primarily anxiety but also disconnected and alone,physical disturbances, opening up to spirit guides, and unreality. I am 82 and I think this is my second spiritual awakening. I had one in my 30s for about 7 years. I hope this is shorter!

  • I’m not sure that I even thought I was having a spiritual awakening when it all started, whatever ‘it’ is. but when I listened to this about the signs and symptoms of this kind of change, I see myself all over the place. It’s reassuring, and I think I always knew this was true too. Thanks for your work in this critical area of human ‘beings’

  • Very enlightening Christina – I can identify with all of them, hypersensitivity and need for grounding probably the hardest of them. Good advice to listen to, or if in emotional overload just listening to the video clip as the words contain the healing vibes. Thank you 🦋
    Peace to all,
    Dave 🕊🌟🕊

  • I think all the things you have mentioned I have experienced since I had a head injury in 2014 ,thank you for helping me understand my journey even more as at the time I felt so alone and all the doctor wanted to give me was antidepressants ,which I would refuse to take , the road has been tough but I will stay on this spiritual path as it feels so much more authentic that before ,I used to always put everyone on a pedestal ,I guess I was handing over my power and then could not understand why I felt confused and empty as if I had no substance ,I thought I was letting my ego go but it was the powerful soul that comes with responsibility ..now when I feel stronger at time ..I slow down so that the ego does not creep in .Thank you for your video,s and I loved your book too .

  • Simona Teodora Floasiu November 19, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    Hi there. 😘😘😘
    I am sometimes not sure if what I live is about spiritual awakening. But if I think better, why in the world all this kind of info I look forward ti see, and come into my attention.
    Let see… What I experience, is more sensitivity and empathy. And specially for animals. I cry a lot and sometimes feel helpless and also guilty because I think I could do more for helping homeless animals, which is not true. And also I experienced luck of money, even if I keep telling that I am partt if the abundent universe and I have all the wright to have all I want. This is making me a bit frustrated. 🤔🙄
    Greatinfs for all 🥰😍

  • Hello Christina and thank you for this latest video, it came at exactly the right time and day. I was unable to comment underneath the video On the 8 Hard signs of a spiritual awakening.

    I will try to find the comment section but I made sure I watched the video on your website to make sure I could comment because I am completely freaking out today and I have been MUCH calmer for the past month AND HAPPY👍
    I’ve been listening to Michael Sealey and you and Abraham for 4 to 6 hours a day and staying in my own space. I disconnected from all of my family and it is really tugging at my heart today despite the fact that they don’t miss me.
    I have been really hopeful about my grid filling in and I have been feeling blessed and connected for the first time in my life After months of being disconnected from the world on purpose.

    While doing the inner child Hypnosis I have come up with at least 30 to 40 scenes in my life that were early childhood related. I feel like I had to stop doing the Hypnosis because there is a lot of EXTREME VIOLENCE that was in my life Especially in my teenage years and I’m afraid to try to deal with that alone at home having been disconnected for the past three years from everyone. My two best friends died years ago and I haven’t been in a relationship for 10 years and I lost One dog after talking to you and the other one is not sticking around too long. That is my entire social life, family, and connection source In this physical realm. I’ve always been a dog person and that’s how I got to stay alive or not kill myself. I always stayed because they needed me.

    Since I’ve been unable to work after having my entire neck fused and eight back surgeries I stupidly sold my home because I was freaking out. Now I have myself in a position of turning 60 soon and being totally totally totally isolated and disconnected.

    I put myself on your waiting list for a coaching session in Portugal. And I’m asking you to please consider it because I am putting in at least 50 hours a week of meditating and praying And reading your suggested books and Wu Chi And I cleanse my energy and I commit to healing every day and standing as my own spiritual master and I commit to seeing and feeling everything that needs to be healed. I spend so many hours every day I was getting so so much better.. Until this tsunami of emotions has me stuck today.

    Energy blockages are clearing and My body is shaking and rattling and rolling all over the place as I do Wu Chi much more than it used to and in different movements… Almost like I’m trying to twerk and rocking back-and-forth from right to left… I have absolutely no control over the shaking and jerking of my body and it goes on sometimes until I’m exhausted! Not sure if it’s kundalini energy or not???

    When I was 16 I had a 38 caliber revolver underneath my car seat and another one underneath my pillow because somebody on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list for murder had threatened my life and was trying to follow through. I don’t know how to deal with that stuff on top of dealing with the dense painful childhood stuff. That stuff is hard enough. I take all the little Donna’s down to the beach and I leave them with God and I leave them happy with clean clothes and with food and a safe place to sleep without guns and knives and fires being sad all around me as a toddler and a child.
    The childhood stuff is also around a mother passed out by the time I woke up and Ion Thorazine and so many Shock treatments she just always told me to go home or she would go leave me in a store to get rid of me so she could hit the bar. The poor thing didn’t realize I was her child. A lot of times I ended up in the police station waiting for someone to get out of school to pick me up. It was a regular thing at the Boston police station. Somebody would find me hiding under a rack of clothes crying my eyes out and that damaged me enough. I left there before the age of 13 and I got a full-time job to pay rent but I wasn’t able to save myself. I’m coming up on five years sobriety again next week and I don’t want to drink but I need help beyond what I can do here on my own and with you and Michael Sally’s videos and Abrahams videos and Epsom salts baths and lavender oils and you name it… Heated stone mats To try to kill the pain in my back and neck. I need plant medicine. Please consider taking me as a client.

    My father used to continually tell me as a toddler that I was a mistake and I was not supposed to be born and I ruined his life by doing so. He started telling me that when I was five and it continued on his deathbed. The last things he said to me were if you weren’t born I would’ve had a much better life .
    I feel like a lot of people feel that way even though I just try to be kind it seems the nicer I am the angrier people get at me in the end. Because I had no clear boundaries and I gave too much of myself. I don’t do that anymore but it hurts like hell to be unloved by anybody here on earth.
    All of my older sisters just took off and left me with my one pair of crunchy underwear and one pair of socks to go to school in with absolutely no parents to look over me. I didn’t know how to do laundry when I was in kindergarten and there were a lot of dead rats in the basement that my drunk father used to have fun shooting at. Nothing to be able to do laundry at the age of six. A naive neighbor recently said to me that she heard I used to smell all the time in school as a kid. She was right!
    I’m starting to understand the spiritual awakening stuff but this really deep deep wounding and hurts that I can’t handle alone. I started therapy but I don’t want to start talking about these things with somebody for 40 minutes once a week. So I was really hoping to get to Portugal to be with you and to get through all of this finally.

    I stopped going to AA so I don’t see anybody anymore but I do see my grid starting to fill-in in little ways the bluebirds and intuition hits and I’m so grateful when it happens. I’ve been doing an appreciation list of at least 50 things a day for the past 60 days and I’ve been writing a quick letter to the great guy that’s in my vortex…Once I get through this. I have calm down probably 80% since I spoke with you one on one June 25 despite losing my dog five days later. She was my baby girl and my only babies have been dogs.
    Once I get through this. I have calmed down probably 80% since I spoke with you one on one June 25 despite losing my dog five days later. She was my baby girl and my only babies have been dogs.
    Once my boy leaves me that will be the end of me be able to even own a dog because I cannot have a dog out live me or get an older dog that has a lot of Vet bills and is going to keep me chained to the house as I have been the past 4 months Because they needed me and I had nowhere to go anywhere anyway the only place I went to was AA and I stopped.
    30 years of AA and the phone has not wrung with people looking for me LOL I was never someone to fit-in or be with the cool crowd.

    I honestly just wanted to comment on your video because today I had a reaction from texting a new family member who keeps trying to get me to attend events despite me telling her I don’t want any more invitations to anything. It really shook me up and my energy has been off the hook for the past 24 hours. My sisters want nothing to do with me and I don’t have anybody else to talk to yet!
    I am canceling my therapy appointment tomorrow because it’s not a good fit and I find him staring off into space while I’m talking. He wants to hear more about the guns to my head and being stabbed and I don’t feel a therapeutic connection with this person at all. It’s been eight weeks of therapy. I have never done as much healing as I have in the past four months since I spoke to you 1 to 1 and I need more because I cannot handle the rest of the stuff alone. I’m asking you to please not leave me hanging because I’ve done some really deep digging End of shook up a lot of energy is that I can’t handle right now.

    Sorry for going on and on but I am on the floor losing my shit right now and I have been all day I tried going out in nature in the rain and I tried listening to music and I tried meditating but I can’t today. I’m hitting a really hard wall! As I said I’ve never done so much healing since meeting you so please let me continue healing this stuff with you so I can get through it and I don’t end up killing myself When my last dog leaves me. I can feel that energy right around the corner. I don’t want to hurt myself but the thoughts just come and say you’re a wash, it’s over and you’ve done everything you can do but your still alone and the pain today is unbearable.
    I have been on a high flying disc but I get knocked off and I don’t know how to deal with this really scary past history on top of having an absolutely nobody to talk to.
    Please forgive any typos or repeated words in this jumble of fear and doubt and insecurity and pain. I am so tired. I don’t wanna just be alone anymore With all this pain to deal with. I need help. I think I really need the plant medicine and I am not exaggerating I am doing so much work it’s not funny. I have enjoyed doing the work and I think you for the homework!

  • Thank you so very much for this ,I’m very slowly (8 years into the process)beginning to understand and accept what is happening and why,love to you x

  • Hello beautiful soul, this is the 4 time that l have tried to send a reply to you and this phone keeps dropping the message. I think that l have been trying to figure out what happened to me with my life all of my life and have had traumas and loses that you spoke about that left me sensitive to people and places like your bar experience and even worst. I had another lost of my life possessions and left fearful of people again in family,friends and relationships. I havehad major traumas that left me in sensitive situations that l became where l was afraid of people hurting me again. Anyway l saw you on the internet looking for some answers to a lot of questions l was looking for on some of my life traumas and through prayer l found you who l found l resonated with my problems and l want you to know you have been a blessing , l trust you, knowing that the healing is necessary and I’m still trying to get through all this, l need to understand why my head,heart shakes, it’s scary and my consciousness seems l losing it, one of the traumas was my spine being crushed and metal rods leaving vertigo besides other things but I know l am being triggered by a lot of features triggered by a lot of living life. Thank you Christina because some of my experiences are so similar. I am still having these triggers but I am hoping l can heal and move on.

  • Thanks for this wonderful video Christina I wasn’t going to watch it at first because I thought I’ve been there don’t want to bring back up old stuff but actually it was relieving the confirmation that I got that all the symptoms that I have been through I’ve 2.5 years were all in fact a part of the process an normal. To others reading this I would say don’t worry it definitely passes even if it feels like it never will. My advice to others would be to listen to your knowing if you know there’s something not right go to your doctor but you should know that it’s apart of the process I knew deep down nothing was wrong but my ego had the fear also don’t fear your ego its not a bad thing it keeps you safe. Next would be to see all your symptoms! Accept them don’t fear them don’t see this as something outside of you trying to hurt you or that there’s something wrong with your brain, let go! Be one with the process an think about who an how you’ll be after you’ve finished this shift after you’ve grown don’t get stuck in a day or a thought see the bigger picture. Also like Christina said about observing your thoughts I would change my view on my thoughts and I changed from what the hell!! To that’s interesting just like watching a movie as Christina said. Don’t think about your thinking haha also I randomly noticed myself rubbing my thumb and index finger in small circles when I was away with the fairys and have noticed it ever since I think it’s grounding maybe like physical contact with your physical body like the massage Christina talks about so now I do it purposely and automatically it really helps. Anyway know that this all passes
    love an light beautiful beings xx

  • I am at the Beginning stages if my Awakening process and I am really Thankful for you and all you are doing to help all of us experience a more joyful Spiritual Awakening. Thank you so much.

  • This video is really very helpful for me. I was really needing this today. I am experiencing 6 sings out of your list.

    Thanks for sharing 🙏❤️

  • I have been watching your excellent videos for several months and learned so much about what I am going through. I am still struggling with loneliness, immobiizing depression. I did not want to but went back on antidepressants. Feel guilty about doing this. In counseling. Too much of my energy spent worrying that someone is dying. I understand this could be letting go and changing but feel it is my husband. Finding this so hard to drop. Thanks.

  • I have come to the conclution, when I go through hard times with fear and shame. Your words, Hello beautiful soul, give me new streght and courage I sometimes feel like some people, tries to control their inviroment, with words and scentences and take the free will away. Then they create their own version and remove little by little from the true one. The thing is, that the rest of us don’t match. Or at least the once with freedom in their hearts. It scare me so much. I can feel their energy circulating all wong in my body. At the same time they concentrate very hard to make the whole group agree on what they want. I feel like a Lucifer trying to understand what I have done to deserve this hate mob. I experiensed a situation like this and got yelled at by three women. When I read one of their informations down below. It said:

    You must do two things in life.
    You must choose.
    And you must die.

    It freaked me out. It’s so far from how I see life. What can I do? Is this my Ego trying to make me focus?

  • Hooboy, Where to begin. I have all of these and a few more things cooking as well. I am curious about the physical side in particular. I believe there have been apparent changes to my skeletal structure as well. I have notches on my cheekbones that weren’t there before, my voicebox has changed and now I can sing remarkably well. I also had Scoliotic curvature in my lower back that has disappeared after 52 years. I’m wondering how far this going to go. My hair is getting darker too, now that I think of it. Can you enlighten me further?

    Thank you so much for putting your message out. I was in a psych treatment ward in a wonderful facility for 7 days where I truly grew. It was wonderful because of the safety and the opportunity to help others in meaningful ways. I am just getting up to speed but you have helped so much already,I am so grateful. Thank you!

  • My partner and I received an immediate awakening when we met for the first time 18 months ago and since then it has been a rollercoaster ride since then. My partner’s awakening has been more difficult, or rather difficult in a different way. You talked about the physical pains you had when you received your awakening. My partner suffers these a lot (its not medical) especially when she encounters energies and she feels she has an over sensitive energy field. For how long did you get these pains and is there any advice on how she might mitigate the discomfort? #askchristina

    • Amanda – Team Christina September 11, 2021 at 6:10 pm

      Hi Craig! Thanks for reaching out! Christina does read all of her messages, but isn’t able to offer individual guidance through the comments. I will definitely pass along your question for a future video though! ❤


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