5 Ways To Stop Spiritual Awakening Anxiety Today!

5 Ways To Stop Spiritual Awakening Anxiety Today!

5 Ways To Stop Spiritual Awakening Anxiety Today! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Intense anxiety and fear are common spiritual awakening symptoms. But you don’t have to keep struggling! In this video, you’ll learn my top 5 hacks to help you heal spiritual awakening anxiety today.

It was early 2013 and I had just experienced a spiritual awakening, triggered by the disintegration of my marriage. And I was sitting on the couch crying.
But on this day, I wasn’t crying because of my marriage woes. The tears were running down my face because I was scared shitless.

I was still so new to the whole “spiritual awakening” thing and I was filled with anxiety about all the new sensations and emotions I was feeling.

My energy was so open that I couldn’t even be around my friends. The only living creature that brought me solace was my 160lbs great dane.

“Am I gonna feel like this for the rest of my life?”

That single thought was the reason I felt anxiety, almost to the point of terror. I was absolutely terrified at the possibility that extreme sensitivity, restlessness, and overwhelm would be my permanent new norm.

Fortunately, I’ve learned so much in the years since this epic meltdown episode. And today, I’ve helped thousands of people go from intense anxiety to peace quickly.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to help you do in this video. I’ll be talking Spiritual Awakening Anxiety (SAA) and helping you understand and heal this common spiritual awakening symtom.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • The 3 key features of a spiritual awakening (so you know if you’re having one!)
  • What Spiritual Awakening Anxiety (SAA) is.
  • The 4 mechanisms that exacerbate anxiety during an awakening.
  • The 2 types of spiritual awakening anxiety.
  • Why social anxiety increases during an awakening.
  • 5 simple hacks to stop SAA today (one of them may seem a bit strange!)

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Which one of the hacks that I describe in this video will you start implementing today?

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  • Thank you Christina, i am sure i am having an awakening, but at what price…So much sadness coming around (again) that it makes me balance between life and death. First time in my life -60 now-that I have this feeling that I might just give up. years before this ten years in psychiatry :nobody put a finger on the narcissistic abuse in my family by mother sister brother. But..I dont want to give up..so I will implement the massage the hugging the wim hof breathing the inner soothing talk is a good one, already going in nature every day. My life is so upside down I am like stop the world i want to get off . am not alone so i am fortunate. I am practicing humility and gratefulness. I just don’t know where to put the sadness of being ignored as a child. And still being bothered by a very narcissistic and jealous sister!

  • So wowed! This video is so grounding! I’m not crazy and I’m not dying and this is all for real! Today, I will be implementing soothing my ego and do it twice daily to calm it down so it won’t keep shutting me down!!

    Thank you and much love to you Christina! 💕🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️💕🧚‍♀️

  • Thank you for this video it has been good for me as I understand now what’s happening to me; I will try to go to the park next door and practice deep breathing.

  • Thank you Christina! This is not a coincidence for me. Two weeks ago, I experienced the first panic attack in the church during communion on a Sunday mass. On that week, I experienced it again while doing my work. I work as a phlebotomists in the lab. My rotation is in the hospital or in the lab collection site. I felt like I was alone. And I don’t want to tell anybody about this they might think I’m going crazy.

    So, I searched online and I found Nutreance. I ordered Redicalm for anxiety. The explanation was the levels of GABA decreases.

    But when I watched this video, I was so glad!!! I am not alone. Thanks again a Christina, more power and continue to help the people going thru this experience.

  • I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for making me realize I am not crazy, just changing. The techniques I want to implement more in my life are: * Ego work – to soothe the mind, * Immersion in nature – getting outside on a daily basis, * Body work – to ground my spirit into my body. Thank you for your clinical background as well, as a CNA I appreciate your perspective.

  • This resonated with me soooo much. I have been thinking I am beyond crazy for a few months now. I have been so emotional, and wondering what the point of life is at all. I have prayed to God and the Universe to show me my purpose or to just remove me from the Earth, because I can’t continue living like this. I cried almost all the way through this video. I hope to use your tips to help me through this, and I pray that you are right, and that this is only temporary. I already use meditation and breathing techniques to help calm me down, which does help. It’s funny, my journal is so up and down – I am in a good place, and then literally a half a second later, I am at the gym bawling my eyes out because the Universe is not taking me through this faster. I’m a mess. I plan to use your hack of body work to help me out. It is so funny, because when I am feeling like this, all I can think is, “I need a hug.” I know the power of a hug from the right person that seems to calm everything. But, we are separated in distance and in every other way right now, so the actual hug is not possible, but perhaps deep tissue massage will help release the toxins and all the other junk that is messing me up so badly right now. Thank you for this video.

  • This really hits the G spot with me, Christina. Shall be doing my best to put these anxiety hacks into practice. The breathing one is v.good. At 73 yrs in this body I have had two nervous breakdowns earlier in life, always been way hypersensitive, and only finding at this age that spiritual awakening has been under wraps most of my life. I agree with the first comment on this forum, the ego can get to a point where it just wants to say WTF to everything, but the spirit within says it will be ok whatever happens, all is well.
    Learning right now through very hard pain and suffering/disorientation/not feeling grounded, what this is all about, its harder when one has a mix of orthodox psychiatry and spiritual awareness, as frequently the two don’t quite mix. Likewise orthodox religion can help but only up to a point. Your teachings are wonderful, I just wish I’d met them 40 years ago, or could time-warp my body into being 40 years younger🙂 souls are infinite though. I did go to Findhorn in the 70s, where sensitives are respected and can learn a lot, if you can keep up with their pace. Strange, my early childhood summers up to age 8 or so were spent wandering contentedly through country fields, looking at butterflies. Always on my own, always contented. At that age something inside was grounding me and showing me how to be…🦋
    May many people benefit from the words coming through you, Christina 🙏🏽🕊🙏🏽

    D 🌟

  • OMG! I had no idea why I have been feeling the way I have been about not wanting to be around other people lately, feeling energies much more deeply, feeling anxious and filled with anxiety, not sleeping as good as I used to, etc., etc., etc.
    Your video answered all my questions and I feel so much better now. I am going to start breathing more deeply, talking to myself in a more positive way and more calmly, going out in nature everyday, etc.
    Thank you Christina for helping me and giving me reasons for why I feel the way I do. I was so confused before listening to your video. At one point I even wished I could go back home to heaven and I was feeling useless with no purpose in life. you gave me understanding and hope. Thank you very much!

  • Dear Cristina, I’m so grateful to come across your site, since I truky thought I was going crazy! For the past 3 years I am in an awakening process, I had a time of great peace and bliss, but after that all my fears started to come up. It often is very strong , and it paralyzes me physically and mentally. It comes out of the blue for no particular reason.
    After it, total freedom, peace and bliss again. At this moment it’s like a rollercoaster, strong fear for 1 or 2 days, than the opposite, and this repeating and alternating constantly. I do yoga and running, eat healthy, but I am unable to have a social life because of this.
    I don’t mind to be alone, as a high sensitive person I always needed my alone time. I know that every thing will be ok, but the fear part is so exhausting and devastating, I wonder how long it will continue like this? Could you shine your light on this? (I am a female pisces, 62 years old)
    Thank you and bless you! ♡

  • Just as valuable now in late 2020 as when it was written. Thank you, a genuine game-changer. Today my ego was really freaking out, far less so now by breathing and being in the present moment as much as possible. You shine, thank you for sharing this video.


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