Why Spiritual Awakening is HARD for Some People and Easy for Others

Why Spiritual Awakening is HARD for Some People and Easy for Others

Why Spiritual Awakening is HARD for Some People and Easy for Others 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

When it comes to waking up, some of us do seem to have it easier than others. For many people, spiritual awakening is hard work. And in this video, I’ll be sharing the top 2 reasons why this is true and the 3 things you must remember if you’re going through a tough awakening right now.

In 2015, I was reading one of my all time favorite books, The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer. The book had reached me just in time. I was struggling to ground my spiritual awakening and every day presented new challenges.

Then I came to a passage where Singer describes his awakening moment. He was sitting around chatting with his brother in law, when suddenly, he became aware of a voice in his head. He became aware of the ego.

And that was Michael Singer’s awakening moment.

At first, I was a little annoyed at this. Here was a guy who had what seemed like the smoothest of awakenings, while I felt like I had been drowning in my own awakening for years.

It just seemed so unfair!

So I completely empathize with the viewer who sent this question:

“Why are spiritual awakenings so hard for some people and easy for others?”

I could sense that like me, he was also going through some serious challenges and pain.

Now, this question is hard to answer completely because our minds just cannot grasp the full picture of what the soul wants in any given lifetime. But I’ve been coaching long enough to have a pretty good idea of why spiritual awakenings are so difficult for many of us.

In this week’s video, I’m going share the 2 main reasons why the awakening process can be difficult and also give you 3 truths that you must always live by while you’re going through spiritual difficulties.

Hint: the first reason has something to do with our pesky little ego!

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  • hay so much thanx for this vid, it is if it’s right on time, i am coming slowly out of a very very hard and though accession ( waking up) .
    The wonder is yes how do and how can i do this, as even myself says if what i went thru was been within another they would not have been healthy now ….in mind and body ….but indeed God the Universe gave me this wonderful physical body i can cope it all.
    I feel also there is some reason that i have to go all of this, first to heal myself ( yes big time childhood issues) to heal my own kids ( there hurt in a way of the youth) than and i feel slow as it is very very special to heal my Twin Flame, who is a young man( he has been abused at home mentally) as i am gay .we love each but now also separated ( to heal i think feel not my mind lol) .
    Also i am going from this side to that side with old friends they see me changing and have some sort not understanding ( which is normal i know) sometimes i want to stay home just to contemplate, to find out whom i really am ….suddenly can be my old again which then can see oeps that’s not me anymore pffffffft 🙂 I feel there is a mssion for me and my heart still loves my younger friend and i feel even sometimes he still likes me also ,,,,,but sort of angry still ,myself have to heal completely than he can heal also and so my own Family with a history …me and my twin flame can be a big example of real warm love without a need …as many young gay guys want the need for lust and money and status we where different …. i just love even he is gone now for nearly two years,,, but it started my awakening but yes it hurts big time …..thx this vid wow . my real name stays on the back ground as i will always protect my friend always ……

  • I felt so wonderful for a long time. Everything felt so beautiful, joyful and such peace. Then everything took a turn and i felt depressed with no understanding why i would continue. I will not list it all because i feel i am going through the dark night of the soul. I am still going through it. Very little interest in anything anyone , Food don’t taste same. Oh there are so many things. Very slow recovery. Underlying it alk is this remaining feeling of the part of me that i came here with and what i will go home again with is what keeps me hopeful. The depression is horrible and i pray i will get out from this black hole soon. Oh lord i pray.

  • Good video that explained alot. Apparently mine has going on longer than i knew what it was.

  • Bonnie Christman April 11, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    I certainly seem to connect with you and what you say. You mentioned Alberto Villoldo. This past year I took classes and instructions from a person, I will say an American Shaman- that spent years with Alberto studying his works. She was called to pass her experience along and taught us the Illumination process that he speaks of. I have planned to make use of this as an energy healing process some time in the future. Things are falling into place, and of course, I had this voice trying to question why I thought I could actually DO this. After listening to you, I am more than convinced that I am more than capable. I also recently came back from an enlightening 15 day trip to Peru, which helped me cements things in.

    Thank you so much. You also helped me in the past with struggling in relationship, and the detachment theory helped me immensely! I am so glad that I found you- and need to tell you how much I appreciate everything that you do! Peace and Blessings!

  • Therese Dugan Phillips April 12, 2019 at 12:31 am

    Your words spoken exactly to my heart and soul and what I am going through right now. I am slowly figuring things out on my own, and the Internet has been a huge help. In fact I am convinced that God invented the Internet for this time in history so that people can be more connected and share information just like you are sharing now. My awakening has been quite mom long and absolutely fascinating. I have had an incredible life and I was born into a very loving supportive family. But I have struggled with ADHD that was undiagnosed for years and a low self-esteem but an extremely curious personality who always wants to find answers. I always felt that I was here to do something big, but I had no idea what that really was. I was interested in the motion picture industry and entertainment and I wanted to be a singer and actress but that didn’t feel like that was why I was supposed to be here. They always seemed so shallow and I felt like I was always on a self improvement tour. But in 1998 I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while I was working in the film industry. That cut my career short. Not long after that I met my husband was married in 2001 , he and I had an incredible incredible exciting relationship and our two golden retrievers were like our kids. But I now realize that at that point all of my self-improvement and my curiosity in psychology just stopped. In fact I was reading a book “Women’s Bodies Womens Wisdom” by Christina Dr. Christina Northrope. It is like all of my focus went to him and all the fun that we were having, especially awesome sex. But after kids were born a different side of him appeared. A very controlling side of him. I am now learning about narcissistic personality is order and how empath souls are drawn to that type of personality. They hide things so well. I am getting my kids add myself out of that now. But it took that intense pain of being so devalued by someone who said that they loved and wanted to marry you. One minute he was awesome husband, awesome father, awesome Cub Scout leader and then the next minute he was calling me names and telling the kids they couldn’t do anything right. In 2017 I found myself literally crying on the floor screaming out to God “god this can’t be what you had planned for my life! What the hell am I here to do?!” And as clear as day I heard The message “you are here to help heal the world”. I actually verbally answered back “are you kidding me I can’t even heal myself and my MS and my kids are becoming toxic. And I am here to help heal the world! Are you kidding me!” And it was not long after that that I found out he was having an affair in a different town and now I am getting me and the boys away from a toxic situation.

    . But I am now becoming more aware of my spiritual awakening and I now know why I am here and what I am supposed to do. I know my soul‘s purpose. And I am learning so much every day about energy, and the cosmos, and light workers, and the fact that I have two little boys is a huge part of what my soul called forward to help me learn how to heal others. I am here to help heal little boys souls so they don’t become lonely angry accusing abusers.

    But I hear about these people who see rainbows and see colors and everything is beautiful and I honestly want to get away from them as fast as I can.

    Your videos have been a lifesaver to me. I will continue to follow your videos and information because I think that all of us healers out there need to work together

  • thank you so much for all your inspiring videos Christina
    i was just wondering how i KNOW that i’m in a spiritual awakening…i am going through a difficult time in my life, i’m 66 years old and i feel so lonely, broke up my relationship which i do regret now
    i have had difficult childhood, left alone emotionally, was punished phisically, and emotionally, never been told one word of compassion or love, no hugs, no love, i felt i was not accepted here in this world!

    i have been going through so many depressions whole my life and i would like so much to heal myself…for one year now i am going through a depression…up and down up and down…
    after all these years of my life i know that i am a survivor and i never give up!

    i want to be healed and happy again,

    thanks ,


  • Greetings Christina ! Is there a fee attached to your sessions and If so could you send me the information at my email address lydiarae23@gmail.com. Thank you!

  • The video about being a healer and that it is why this path is so painful and long on the one hand inspires me and on the other hand makes me wonder how long this path should be. I am 55 years old now and already as a child I was very much interested in spirituality. This interest (even yearning) never left me, but I also tried to live a ‘normal’ life, only sharing this interest with others with a similar interest, and not showing anything to others.
    Now, already for a couple of years, all of this ‘normal’ life is falling apart, largely due to health problems. My heart tells me it is needed and that this is in fact a very natural path as I would otherwise just stick to the ‘normal’ life and never make the needed turn. My ego and mind are just screaming out that it is all very, very, unfair. They are so loud, that the spiritual world that I used to feel so easily, now seems less available and accessible to me – just at a time when I would think I need it most! I’ve also wondered why I survived a long period in hospital and did not just die at that time – it would seem so much easier! I was never depressed before, but I now know how that feels.
    I also thought that my decision at the time at the hospital, a simple “I want to live”, and which finally resulted in an adequate treatment at that time, would make the transition easy and that everything and everyone around me would just support me. Instead, after a period of six months of pure physical healing, I increasingly was ‘left alone’ – friends left or were busy with their own health problems or those of family members, promises were not kept, and I got a lot of unjustified, harsh comments from the outside world. Besides, I am now trying to cope with three auto-immune illnesses…
    If this is all meant to make me realize that all the love I need is in my heart and that there is plenty enough to share to heal others….

    But hey, I’m happy that I found your website and video’s Christina. It gives me hope and its good to know that there are many other people going through similar experiences.

  • Thank you Christina!!! I needed to hear that. Loving energy your way

  • #askchristina hi Christina I’m wondering what your view is on anxiety and panic attacks I’ve begun to have alot more anxiety since beginning my spiritual awakening plus I’ve started having panic attacks for the first time. I believe I’m a healer and have been given the knowledge in mediation that I’m in training. It’s all very overwhelming at times. I’ve watched your video on why someone have hard spiritual awakenings while others don’t and that video really resonated with me so thank you for that. I’ve watched lots of people’s videos but I always end up back at your videos because there is alot of LOVE connected to your videos

  • Kerry-Leigh Dennis August 29, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    Hi Christina, in love and light I thank you for your amazing advice and guidance. You’ve been an angel in my life. I’d like to ask what you know about merging timelines? Strange question, but I had a strange occurrence whereby my housing complex and even my home decor was different one day after returning home from work. I felt very strange that day too, like I was having an out of body experience while fully awake (at work)! I then had what felt like a panic attack. 2 days later, I couldn’t move my arms – they felt like lead and the day after that, I had vertigo. Was admitted to hospital, ? Stroke, but MRI was normal. Neurologist says it was migraine-related. I just don’t buy it. For a very serious moment it felt like I traveled in time. I have yet to ask my higher self under hypnosis. But for now, maybe you could shed some light on this. With much love, Kerry.

  • Dianne M Perogine January 15, 2020 at 3:34 am

    I SO WISH I had your advice years aho!! U had such a difficult journey–now I know I resisted ALOT & prolonged ( for years) the dark night. I had so many difficult & painful experiences each greater than the last–which ended in the deaths of a few close loved ones.. After all this, I was “alone” for years & got back into music (which was always a language for me) & eventually had my son. At this time, while I was pregnant, I was hearing so many voices in my head I felt like I was going crazy plus I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to hear my own child. So I begged God for silence–& I got ut. Now I know that wsds a horrible mistake! Long story short, I now think music was a vehicle for me instead of my purpose. Anyway, I’ve been reconnecting with the Universe again & feel I am in the “void”. So is it possibke to start & stop this & dies it make sense that musuc is such an infkuence? Also is it normal that I feel “vibrations/tingles” most of the time? #askChristina

    • Amanda – Team Christina January 16, 2020 at 3:29 am

      Thank you for reaching out. We’ll keep this question as a possibility for a future video on the topic ❤️


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