11 CRAZY Myths About The Spiritual Awakening Process

11 CRAZY Myths About The Spiritual Awakening Process

11 CRAZY Myths About The Spiritual Awakening Process 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Discover the 11 most pervasive myths about the spiritual awakening process so these myths don’t hold you back from your true spiritual potential.

Going through a spiritual awakening isn’t easy sometimes and we can all go through difficulties when awakening.

But there’s also a lot of misinformation out there about enlightenment, including some really pervasive myths that can block your spiritual growth if you believe them.

In this video, I’m going to help you bust the 11 most common spiritual awakening myths so you never again let these myths keep you blocked from the peace and joy that already exists within you.

Are you ready to bust some myths?

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Which one of these myths has been causing problems in your life?

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  • Right on time. I’m understanding that I have other issues that must be flushed out. I knew I was not done. What has happened is the messages and pictures have come to me, a facing of what i have done in my life that was not kosher, clean living, actions that made hurt to others. so this is all good. Tears keep coming, a deep feeling that I own up to what has happened in my life and what I did in the past was hurtful. To myself as well. Now, I’m seeing and feeling my own feeling of compassion for myself, my forgiveness. Thank you, woooof, just like I feel and have been thinking. I’m good now, yes I feel all kinds of emotions, I’m good with that. So it is, Amen

  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • Thank you so much Christina!
    I’m in 100% agreement with you on all counts. As difficult and challenging as my journey has been, it has also been amazing, exciting and rewarding. Life has challenges whether you’re awakened or not. I look at the people in my life who are not awakened and know I wouldn’t change places with them under ANY circumstances!!! The biggest myth I bought into when I was early on my path was the “keep my vibration high…or else”. I was terrified of things getting worse. I’m learning that authenticity is the only way to progress. When I get triggered, I don’t fight it. It’s a good thing. I have learned so much on my journey and have been guided all the way (whether I was aware of it or not). The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know (also a good thing)! As I grow, material things seem to become less important (although not unimportant). My priorities are changing. I look back on how far I have come with such gratitude. I completely trust the universe. I just “let go and let God”. Thank you for the validation. You rock!

  • Hi Christina.i had my awaking in 1999.I can see spirits hear theme as well budd i can block theme. I have also a verry goid connectoin with a lot off all kinds of animals. I ffff it is full moon and i pett my cat the static engry is jumpiming from me to him from my hands.the energie i project around me i learned a few mounthes ago i can cannellize it and let it come into my body.i had hart problems induw of the medication that i take and my youngets brother killed himself.the person in my life how i love the most of everyone i ever loved.the hart problems solved in a few seconds.ingeries in my spine i got of a accident are healing to at the moment.i weare glasses and in 5 mounthes my eyes are getting better. If i tell you that if the cloudes in the sky are staticley charged,i can pull energie from the earht and make that lighting crashes.and sow there are more things i can do.my mother was a medium(empath) averry strong one because both off my grentparents where.my mother killed here self to on the birthday of my brother. She told me the future what layed ahead off my brother and i. I got a lot orders from here what the do. Because my father is a pshycophat as i. I am also a shizofrenic paranoid type. Bipolar en i got adhd.sort after my mothers dead my brother and i where sexaly abused for 4 years. Beacause off that i have pts.i hope you can contact me and not to write bud talk please.my nubber is netherlands 0626567501. I cant pay you because i have fiancial problems.because justice has discorverd what i can with my body in crassing lighting.they dont let me leave the country and are trying to lok me up agan.i have a lot off problems this years what started in 2015. Last year my home computer was highjacked,then my mobilefhone this year and with smart triks they pull on me i loosing money and paying bills dubbel and don’t get my money back.i hope you call me ore write me.i now that i can learn more over my body from peopele like us.may i thank you already for the help i am ejoying from your site.i learned a lot the last few years thruw youtube. Greatings Michael Leppers.Braak 98.Vekdhoven.zipcode.5501DM.Netherlands.

  • Yes, myth about removing ego. One will always have some ego to keep one safe on this plane, however we must give up control to allow spirit to flow. When one realizes the real path is helped by God one naturally becomes humble.

  • This video was very inspiring and so true. My road DNOF has been for years but I feel the rightness. The hardest for me was, when you get a therapy in town, they can’t change the situation and say, that you don’t want to heal. It is your fault, you are the only one who doesn’t improve. Probably those had been the worst moments. And reality was, they have no idea of the DNOF, but claim to have grown trough. TRUST in ourself and path is such a hard lesson. I listened to many videos, but you really seem to have been washed down to the pot and explain it in such a great way. Thank you, probably I will sleep well tonight 🙂


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