Can Dark Spiritual Beings REALLY Harm You? (The True Nature Of Evil)

Can Dark Spiritual Beings REALLY Harm You? (The True Nature Of Evil)

Can Dark Spiritual Beings REALLY Harm You? (The True Nature Of Evil) 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Many people believe that we can be easily tricked or controlled by dark spiritual beings. But to me, these beliefs are outdated and completely false. So it’s time to set the record straight and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the Spirit world really works.

When I hear spiritual teachers or religious leaders talking about how we can be “tricked” by dark spiritual beings (like a Satan), my skin starts to crawl a little.

And the reason is simple:

I completely disagree that there’s a boogie man out there who can overtake our own free will. I think these are outdated beliefs that we still hold from thousands of years of religious indoctrination.

And horror movies don’t help either.

Unfortunately, these ideas about the nature of evil and darkness have really harmed us to the point where many people are now afraid of connecting to the spirit world because they don’t want to be overtaken by a dark spiritual being.

Here’s a recent question I got from a viewer:

“Is it safe to pray to ascended masters or can we be tricked by Satan when we do this?”

I get a variation of this question many, many times. So I decided to shoot this video and help ease any fears you may have about connecting to your guides or the Spirit world in general.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

– How free will cannot be violated.

– The true nature of darkness or shadow.

– How the shadow world was formed.

– What the relationship between dark and light is.

– How evil occurs.

– What your role is as a Light Being

– How you cannot be overpowered by any spiritual energy out there.

Here’s the audio version of this video:


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I’m a life coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help you open your incredible heart, heal your past, and live with joy and purpose. Aside from my weekly video content, I also work 1-on-1 with people who need private individual guidance. If this is you, the fastest way to get help is to book a single session with me.


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  • Love your energy and how your bring to light what I have believed but could nit have articulated in such a clear way.

  • Rene v.Teerling May 15, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    Good vid i am not afraid at all Free will to me is a escape word Free will ? Thats to easy . I am on this yourney and see nothing i try the spirits and see the signs and thats it ? I believe still in good love and honesty but i am retreating from many . I love myself dont want to be BS over than talk Even my TF ( gone)
    On my own as open gay who does not like the fake gay world of today . My hero is tom and lance Love will win . Xxx

  • Nice coverage of the subject. Love your work! Namaste’ #askchristina

  • I have never believed in evil as such, but have recently begun to question whether I just have my head in the sand. Thank you for this clarification. My question is about shining the light when someone is so negative and fearful – people are “out to get them”, etc – not necessarily evil, but not seeing light anywhere. Can they be helped?

  • Dearest Christina,

    All my life I have have had a heart full of love for all of sources’ creatures. Yet as soon as I came out as a transgender woman i have had nothing but pain and betrayal. Source played a cruel trick upon me by giving me the body of a male and a mind of a female. As long as I denied my true female identity all was good in my physical life. But as soon as I embraced my female identity through medical intervention, all in my physical world became dark and so painful that death seems the only escape. Betrayed by friends and family alike I face a world that is both terrifying and lonely. A conundrum.Happy with self but fearful of the world. Being considered gay is a living hell away from source. Now I can’t change nor do I want to but I am condemned to forever live in agony and despair . I wish that I had never been born. What a waste of a good loving heart.

    • Leslie Cason – Team Lopes May 16, 2019 at 10:32 pm

      Hi Laura. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We want you to know that it does get better. Sending you love. ❤️

  • Wow Christina
    Thanks so much for a very eye-opening and refreshing video!! I came from a catholic background also and then was in the christian protestant religion for many years which made it even worse LOL! And so much fear! The classic message here from the bible is ‘satan will disguise himself as an ‘angel of light’ and deceive many …’ (paraphrasing of course). The implication is that it starts so Innocent but then you are gradually ‘sucked in’ as you open yourself up to it, and before you know it, you are on a one way ticket to hell – again so much fear.
    I also love the key word you use ‘distorted’ – when we are in the dark, or clueless like so many of us are or have been (me included)and our vision is distorted, we do stupid, even evil things and feel justified in doing so – THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH!!
    A leaf against us in a dark forest feels like a snake or boogie man and gets our fearful wrath!! An offending ‘believer or non-believer’ gets our wrath because we must dispense it – to not dispense it puts us at the risk of receiving Gods wrath … and on it goes
    Thanks again Christina and I love your work

  • Hello Christina,

    I’ve recently come across your videos and enjoy your messages immensely. Your clarity and sense of purpose are very inspiring – thank you for sharing your gift with the world! Your video on evil resonates with me so much! Having grown up Catholic and also exposed to the Protestant belief system, I have found the promotion of fear of evil and its “consequences” to be nothing more than control tactics. Heartened to hear the concept of darkness explained in a way that makes more sense to me and is constructive for those seeking to grow spiritually. All the best to you and keep those messages flowing!

  • Thank you for making this video! I love your unique wonderful energy, and the way you use it to enlighten others. Keep shining!

  • Thank-you for the verification and keeping things in their proper perspective. Thanks for the video.

  • Hi
    I use to be able to connect with the spiritual side but I struggled to except the truth and ended up being stuck in depression and struggled with anxiety…my question is I’m trying to be open minded and except the things I see but I can’t see very clearly like I used to majority of it seems very scary and dark… am not sure what to do

    Thank you

  • #AskChristina do negative spiritual entities attach themselves to our aura or soul and need to be cleared out? Via Reiki for example


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