What Is Spiritual Bypassing And How To Stop Doing It.

What Is Spiritual Bypassing And How To Stop Doing It.

What Is Spiritual Bypassing And How To Stop Doing It. 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn what spiritual bypassing really is, the signs of bypassing so you can spot them in yourself, and the top 5 tips to help you avoid bypassing once and for all.

Spiritual bypassing is one of the biggest problems in new age spirituality today, causing many people to feel stuck in their spiritual awakening and avoid healing major inner wounds.

And get this:

Bypassing is such a common phenomenon that we’ve all probably done it without noticing.

But although common, spiritual bypassing can cause major issues during our awakening process and prevent us from reaching higher states of consciousness and living fulfilling lives.

Don’t worry if you’ve been bypassing because we all do it at some point in our lives.

But after watching this video, your days of spiritual bypassing will be over.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

💥 What spiritual bypassing is.
💥 Why we bypass in the first place (2 main reasons)
💥 5 key signs of bypassing so you can spot it in yourself
💥 5 powerful tips to help you avoid spiritual bypassing once and for all.

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Have you ever spiritually bypassed?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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  • This video was definitely for me. I checked all the boxes!! What you call triggers I call inconveniences, challenges , problems, like going to The lab early morning for bloodwork and find they closed down all week and the other location is closed too because it’s monday , then try again the day after ( today) and wait for one and half hour with very poor social distancing in a small room . Do you have any meditation for lowering blood pressure? Thanks 🙏🏻

  • Hey Christina!! You are the best! I Just watched the video on spiritual bypassing after a few days without watching your videos (you how intense spiritual awakening Can be) and reminded me how much listening to you always help me.

    Thank you so much for being such an amazing support and guidence. 🙏


  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • Thank you for this video. When I tell people I am spiritual rather than religious, many think that means it is all the bypassing and positivity instead of what it really is. They know I am not all love and light and unicorns. This gives me something to help explain what it really is and is not.

  • Very enlightening Christina. I may have experienced one or perhaps more moments when I missed an opportunity to work on myself. I know someone who I’ve never met in this lifetime. This person lives half a world away Somehow I can now feel him when he’s sad or hurting (physically). I send healing energy if it seems needed. There have been a few times when no one was around when I would be going about my regular chores or fixing a bite or recently out . I started crying and wondered why until I realized I was feeling him. He was very sad. Is or could there be some karmic or other connection that influences this connection. I know we were together before in another lifetime.
    . I could see and detail the scenario. Does this have anything to do with Spiritual By Passing? And I know I’m not going mad I had a childhood where I couldn’t be in crowds because I felt everything people were feeling to the point I felt I would pass out. That doesn’t happen now but as a child I spent a lot of my time by myself to prevent this from happening. My dad had to have all of his teeth removed. They were replaced by dentures. It was difficult to share a meal if he were home because even though he said nothing, every time he struck a nerve I felt it. Know I’m talking a lot perhaps too much but you know a lot and for the most part I’ve had to figure things out on my own or through reading. No one I know has said anything about similar experiences. My youngest daughter sees and communicates with ‘ghosts” When she feels anything it’s usually about animals though not with people although she can “read” some people quite accurately. I found out when she was four. If I’m nuts please don’t be afraid : ) I look and act totally normal Whatever that is Thanks for allowing me to bend your ear. I know you weren’t expecting this. Love/Light/Peace/Joy be yours It’s good to see you fulfilling your mission Working on completing mine. Thanks for being here. Linda.

  • Important topic, spiritual by passing. Thank you. Very difficult in meditation circles when “progress” is defined as feeling light and happy and other emotions are seen as devolving. I certainly have gotten waylaid by doing this several times. Doing my shadow work now. Thank you again. Amy

  • Hi Christina, your video on Spiritual bypassing is probably one of your most powerful video, especially for those who have seen your other videos. It is like a synthesis of key teachings to get to the bottom of our wounds. You reach out to the corners of our beings and leave no stones unturned. Working with triggers is an amazing tool. No hiding, no finger pointing. It is tough as hell but extremely rewarding…I find that keeping track of triggers also helps to live in the present moment and mindfulness. Why am I angry now…what pisses me off now? What is being this emotion? Very powerful. It is neat to understand that some people are being place in our lives to press those buttons over and over again and then they seem to go away when you decide to come into your power.,,very interesting! Thank you for being there!

  • Kristine Hartley June 25, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    I can’t say this enough,I loved this! When i started to find myself I fell into this process everything love and light. Then the awakening started and I needed more it wasn’t working, I knew there was more to it and you popped up in my feed. I haven’t done one of the other meditations since I found you. I still believe in love and light to over come if you acknowledge learn the lesson and begin to heal from the pain, Through the awakening dark shadow process I have found you have to heal the darkness to find the light, which has been within all along. You have helped me in activating the key the lightworker within me.Unlocking potential i never imagined!
    I have a long way to go but I am going. For me its the next level i needed for who I am which no one out there could offer. I don’t understand all of my gifts or who i truly am yet but I found when I do your steps it just feels right blessed be and thank you. Namaste~

  • niloofar chitsaz June 27, 2020 at 10:50 pm

    Thanks Dear Christina, this is probably one of the best videos I have watched , I have watched it 3 times so far, and OH YES I have bypassed alot.
    This was an eye opening and I am suggesting it to anyone who has been awakened.
    Bless you

  • Well my my – you’ve nailed it again! I so wish I had heard this message 30 years ago but I suppose I needed to live my life and hear this today so I could see where I struggled, succeeded and where I am still in process. Hopefully moving forward with not so many moments and years taking so long but at an increased speed, especially since I’m in my 50’s. Thank you Christina for highlighting this issue. So important to address in order to move forward in balance and in being grounded. Oh – your skit at the beginning – HILARIOUS! Touché! Thank you again!

  • Mohammed Ayowa June 9, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    Amazing! I just realized after watching the video that the reason I am bypassing is because I don’t want my mind to start creating the exact same life that is causing the uncomfortable emotion. I also realized that I can accept and heal the wound without writing stories about the feeling in my mind end up creating the same life 🥰❤

    Thank you so much ❤❤❤

    Can I have the schedule of your event at Rythmia? 🥰🙏

  • I’d like to know more about spiritual bypassing. I just want to be happy and loving all the time. I can’t deal with more complicated emotions.

    • Amanda – Team Christina April 7, 2022 at 7:44 pm

      Hi Simon! So glad you’re enjoying Christina’s content! She does read all of her comments, but she is not able to provide direct guidance through the comments. I will make sure to pass this topic along for a possible follow up video in the future! ❤


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