Are You Having A Spiritual Emergency? Here’s What To Do.

Are You Having A Spiritual Emergency? Here’s What To Do.

Are You Having A Spiritual Emergency? Here’s What To Do. 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Find out if you’re going through a spiritual emergency and what you can do today to help you get through this highly disruptive process.

There are thousands of people all over the world right now who are going through what’s known as a spiritual emergency.

And you may be experiencing this phenomenon right now without even knowing it!

So what is a spiritual emergency? And how different is it from a spiritual awakening?

And most importantly:

If you’re having a spiritual emergency, how the heck do you survive it?

You’re going to get into all these questions in this video.

Here are the 4 questions we answer:

💥 What’s a spiritual emergency?

💥 What’s the difference between a spiritual emergency and a spiritual awakening?

💥 What are the top symptoms of a spiritual emergency?

💥 How to survive a spiritual emergency?

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Do you believe you’re going through a spiritual emergency right now?

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  • “Spiritual emergence has been defined as “the movement of an individual to a more expanded way of being that involves enhanced emotional and psychosomatic health, greater freedom of personal choices, and a sense of deeper connection with other people, nature, and the cosmos”……emerging from one state to the other…..but yes, the process can become an emergency.

  • This seems to come just at the right time, Christina. If you have an older body and can’t just ‘put on hiking shoes’ and get off into the forest, I would love to know any more suggestions for grounding myself, I use a stone from Iona, Scotland, to hold at night ,and find this very helpful, its a large beach pebble that pretty much fits into my right hand, and I feel its texture and smoothness and rotate it. Am stuck between long prescribed reduction of tranquillisers, and a long-term knowledge and reading of The Masters and spiritual teachers. Horrible place to be, as you can’t explain hardly any of this to the medical profession. Your message came appropriately as am acutely hypersensitive to light, sound, people, and any noise. Wooof, Yoganada says it may seem cruel but Source is burning off all the unwanted bits in a furnace, so that the result is pure iron and useful for so many purposes.
    Any advice on grounding and combating hypersensitivity would be much appreciated. Am in my 70s, beginnings of all this was in my late teens, and was taken the medical way then, am having to reverse that now, and its very very hard. Thanks for this video, lots of useful practices and info.
    Love and peace,
    Dave 🦋🌈

  • Simona Teodora Floasiu January 22, 2020 at 1:39 pm

    Hello. Vety interesting. I did not have a spiritual emergency till now. But, who knows? If it appears I will be prepared to deal with.
    Honestly, this moment I have days when I feel nowhere. Lucky me I have in my life people who help me to unground, and feel I belong to this world because I have to take care of them.
    Maybe it would be better to be in such a point, because like this the next moment after this chryses woulds bring a clear way for me further. I don’t know. 🙄

  • Hi Christina, Thank you for that! All through the talk I was thinking of how the word “emergency” can be replaced with EMERGENCE and how it is actually the root word of the former. I found that fact quite interesting and amazing on a few levels.
    Also, a question- about 10 years ago I walked back into my work place (managing around 20 workers, mostly women) after a lunch break and was taken by a “tsunami of love”. I felt as if it was an out of body experience and I was walking on air (literally), and the joy and love in my heart was overwhelming. I wanted to prolong this feeling but did not want to display anything out of the ordinary with my co-workers. I was very aware of their feelings and potential reactions. Since then I’ve had one more repeat wonderful episode of this, again out of the blue, so to speak. I would love to hear your take on this phenomenon.. It seems like I experienced the opposite of a spiritual emergency!
    btw- I just did the heart quiz and came out a turtle 🙂 which after reading the explanation is spot on.
    Again, many thanks, Mimi

  • Hi Christina, this video was informative as always, thank you.
    I don’t know if I have a spiritual awakening or an emergency. I had a spontaneous opening of the crown chakra three times and every time it shook my energy body up big time! I’ve changed a lot in those past years. My question for you: (#askchristina-alert!) what do I do if I can’t bring together my every day life with my spiritual evolution?

    • Amanda Team Christina January 23, 2020 at 7:18 pm

      Thank you for sharing and happy to have you in this community! We will add this to our #askchristina list of topics for future videos! ❤️

  • Thank you so much Christina. I am literally blown away.. as everything is starting to make so much sense! I have been searching for answers for some time and I have been immersing myself in so much literature and information, that I was literally lost in confusion.
    Thank you again. I am so looking forward to moving through the next levels with you and seeing where this journey will take me – what began as a very painful experience of loss, to an enlightened and spiritual ‘new me’
    Thank you for your help. What an amazing place this world is! ❤



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