5 Key Questions To Help You Overcome The Dark Night Of The Soul

5 Key Questions To Help You Overcome The Dark Night Of The Soul

5 Key Questions To Help You Overcome The Dark Night Of The Soul 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

It was 2014 and I was having a particularly bad day. Everything just felt so meaningless and I didn’t know what my purpose on this planet even was.

I was living through what is known as The Dark Night of The Soul and it was hitting me with such tenacity that on some days, it was hard to just breathe.

Then something extraordinary happened.

I walked past a mirror and caught my reflection. I stopped and turned to the mirror, staring at it for a few long seconds. At that exact moment, I didn’t recognize the reflection staring back at me.

It was frightening (have you ever NOT recognized your own reflection?) but after those initial seconds, I focused on my eyes and started to feel a deep peace come over me. I could see my soul through those eyes and that knowing helped keep me calm.

That, my friend, is the perfect image of what a Dark Night is: you literally lose yourself.

Whenever I try to explain The Dark Night to others, I think of an old Campbell’s soup commercial, with a melting snowman:

That’s what the Dark Night does to you. It melts away who you think you are.

And make no mistake: the process of losing yourself can be so very painful.

Some teachers call the Dark Night a sort of an existential crisis but in this week’s video, I go much deeper than this.

I help you understand what a Dark Night really is, and how you can get out of it more quickly.

I shot this video with 2 key goals in mind:

1. To give you a unique definition of the Dark Night, based on my personal experience.

2. To help you come out of the Dark Night faster by using an accelerated process that I learned during my own Dark Night.

In this video, I answer 5 key questions to help you understand and navigate this spiritual process with mastery:

1. What’s the dark night of the soul?
2. What are the top signs of a Dark Night?
3. Why does it happen?
4. How long does it last?
5. How can we get out of a Dark Night more quickly?

I also share 3 key practices that accelerated my own Dark Night process and helped me get out of it in only a few months (as opposed to YEARS).

Yes, you read that correctly: many people spend years in the Dark Night. But you don’t have to.

The key insights I share in this video will help accelerate your own Dark Night process so you don’t spend years stuck in this spiritual phenomenon.

Here’s the audio version of this video:


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Dark Night of the Soul


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  • Great video! I really resonate with your interpretations and insight on explaining these processes. Many thanks.

  • Greetings to all!
    I am glad that i m blessed to get help and direction through your words,Christina.
    I guess ,its a collective evolution.
    this dark night of ego/soul ,i refer it to refining of the concieved conciousness.
    To me ,during this phase my life has gone through a miraculous makeover,and i am thankful for this insight to the supreme energy.But more over i was sad about the fact that people around me are not aware about this universal spritual awakening of “one in all ,and all in one”.
    That triggers me and take me to a state of doubt about my own awareness and love to my surroundings or i wonder if i am too curious and anxious to witness this collective evolution.

    • So glad the video helped! It’s a slow process that each person has to go through. There’s no point in trying to push others into awakening. Just focus on you and let others walk their paths and awaken in their own soul timing. 🙂

  • Thank you for this video!
    It was so great to have the clear description of this process, as I since August last year have been going through this.
    Really good tools that I will remind myself to use. It was so strong when you gave the examples of surrendering: “I surrender to Life” and ” I surrender to my souls will”. My god! That really hit me. But it’s so scary…
    …and later on I will probably wonder how I could be scared of a part of me! But I still am…
    I also appriciate your humour and laughs in your videos!
    All the best to you and your work!

    • So glad it resonated Anna! Thank you so much for the kind words! Yes, I find that the use of humor helps to lighten our predicaments. <3

  • Hi Christina…..love your video i think i am going through dark night of soul but i have been there earlier also so yes this one is comparatively easier as u said its much more easy for me to surrender but at the same time its much more painful ……at times i feel am i on right track i am doing vipassana from past two years it helped me a lot but at times i feel i need help i dont know thats my intuition or my ego self talking can you help me so that i can know myself better
    All my love and metta to you

    • So glad the video helped! If you need individual guidance from me, please head over to my single session coaching page, where you can easily book a session with me. Hugs.

  • I have been going through the dark night of the soul. With a twin flame connection And Thank God for your video. My Ego has been so firm that at not wanting change that its go as so far as to blame and resist the source and sometime even acusing them of not being fair.. No I’m NOT CRAZY although it sounds like it . I have had such a rough time. And so has my twin flame. But together were learning the ropes. So I truely do appreciate
    your teachings. Or this might drag out a whole lot longer. Then it has.So Thank you so very much

  • Thank you so much for your dark night tips. Since 2020 hit I have been paralyzed is so many forms of fear. It is as though every fear I have ever had has rose to the surface to challenge my psyche. I can sit in a room and not be present. I’ve had a wide spectrum of emotions flood in and overwhelm me. But the one thing that stopped me in my tracks was not recognizing myself in my reflection. That’s when I felt like I was truly a soul walking around in a body that was, oddly, not me.

    I am going to try your tips. Really appreciate it!!

  • Thank you so so much for taking the time to post! This is my second dark knight! I feel I have travelled the unniverse and back haha! Througj the pain I experienced oneness and understood what my life lessons were pointing towards and that is, that I am pure love! Although I have lost more of my physical life this time, I know the last one brought me freedom, love and miracles!! So my faith is unshakable to get me through. Hang in there everyone, the unniverse won’t let you down xxxx

  • Thank You, Christina,
    It is what i wanted to hear, where I was in al of this dark night. It was confusing, not you, me. I knew it was dark, how dark what it really means to shed all the ugg of the ego that does now serve me. I was running all over the place with a personality I know well, the savior from what is bad in the world/dense reality. I was loading un=needed stuff. This morning, I learned how to understand the ego’s wanting to remain, its about out of here, the crazy one and new one that is emerging. Glad to knew that it’s possible to have other dark nights, yes I can feel it 2. The honey moon stage, as I can explain it, was and still is flowing with this tugging of pay attention to myself, because the detrimental ego wants to stay, while the new me is shading it away. Wow, I’m glad to understand all this, thank you, Finally I landed where I fit. Where it all males sense to me. I’m glad Source had you among us to Teach. Namaste

  • Deborah McDonnell July 6, 2020 at 11:07 pm

    Knowledge is wonderful. Learning from your teachings is opening my heart to new information that explains so much about my past and where I am today. I learned my heart is intensely blocked and that I am now going through the Dark Knight process. Thank heavens as it is time to form that new ego and experience joy. My symptoms are extreme depression, loss of identity, questioning if I have any skills at all for work, do not know my purpose on earth, wondering if anything was worth my efforts and wondering what is next in life. I sleep excessively, have terrifying dreams, and find it hard to do anything and believe that no one loves or cares about me.

    Now I have some tools to cope and something to try to climb out of this stage and replant my seeds for new growth. I have been utilizing the OSHO and Rider Tarot cards to help bring clarity to my situation. Hoping soon the light of hope shines again.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world.

    • Amanda – Team Christina July 8, 2020 at 4:44 pm

      Thank you, Deborah! We’re so glad to hear our content has been helpful along your journey! ❤❤

  • Hello, Christina!

    Thank you very much for your videos. This week was really tough for me, I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. I couldn’t feel loved or loving. My ego started all kinds of games, he wanted to go back to his old routines, just to feel safe. It was a big battle in me.

    I remembered you. I really love your videos and I knew you could help me. Keep in mind that I have good friends, family that cares about me, but still I didn’t feel like they could help. I didn’t want to hear them or see them.

    It took only his video to get me out of bed and into the shower and remember the bliss I felt in my last 3 years. I know it’s just around the corner, but maybe I just needed you to tell me that again.

    So thank you very much. You don’t know me at all, but you are very special to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Hi Christina and thanks for your work. Any tips for those of us with an undeveloped Observer (i keep praying for it to be stronger), difficulty detaching, screaming negative nasty mind chatter and emotional reactivity to that chatter? I think it’s getting better as i continue to reach out but have been whacked lately and pissed off that it isn’t healed yet… Thanks!

  • Thank you for your video. Really helped to understand what is happening. It appears that my dark night has been happening for many years – symptoms are depression, negativity, unable to be poistive, no purpose in life, dreading my future life. I connected to everything you said so much so I am exhausted which is to me is poistive. Thank you. I shall watch the video again. What do you suggest I watch next for my growth. Thank you for putting everything so clearly.

  • Christine Morin July 6, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    Christina I find all your content so very inspiring and enlightening. What are your thoughts on alcohol consumption. Does this impede spirituality and ascension? More specifically…should I abstain completely in order to be a light worker, healer or to heal myself and become a powerful light within myself?

    • Amanda – Team Christina July 28, 2021 at 1:59 am

      Hi Christine! Thanks for reaching out, Christina reads all of the comments and messages, but she isn’t able to provide individual guidance via comments. We’re so glad you’re part of our community! ❤

  • I’ve been going through a dark night for the past 30 years! I have a chronic autoimmune disease and I have been determined to heal it, looking to God for healing. I was a Christian and tried it their way to no avail. Basically I’ve tried everything I have come across from medications to daily morning doses of celery juice to being anointed with oil. Still nothing. Call me crazy, but what I got out of this video is, maybe it is my ego that is directing me to do all these things. Maybe it’s my ego who is determined to find healing, not my soul. Maybe I am supposed to realize that the soul is in charge, not the ego. To be willing to surrender my situation to my soul and God and see where it takes me, no matter what. That is scary! I haven’t wanted to come to this place ’cause I thought it was giving up, resigning to my physical weaknesses. I always believed God could overcome that. But perhaps this is all about trusting my soul and God.

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