How To Really Open The Third Eye Chakra!

How To Really Open The Third Eye Chakra!

How To Really Open The Third Eye Chakra! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn what the third eye is, how to open it safely, and top 3 signs that your third eye is opening.

The third eye is an incredibly powerful and important chakra but it’s also hyped up a lot in spiritual circles, leading people to focus too much on it and even to use questionable practices that can lead to severe imbalances in this chakra.

Don´t get me wrong:

The 3rd eye can help you achieve wonderful things in your life.

But it’s best to work with this chakra only when there are other things in place and your spiritual awakening feels grounded.

In this video, we’ll be focusing on what the 3rd eye is, including its connection to neuroscience and deep brain structures like the pineal gland.

Then we’ll dive into some powerful tips to help you open your 3rd eye (Ajna in Hinduism) and the signs to look out for when the third eye starts to open.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

💥 What the 3rd eye is and some fun facts that may be new to you.

💥 Top 4 tips on how to open the 3rd eye in a balanced and grounded way.

💥 3 main signs to look out for when your 3rd starts opening.

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Do you feel like your third eye is opening?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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  • Once again, this was very helpful. I have been experiencing headaches exactly in the areas you have just pointed out. And I have been wondering why. I would try to find the triggers and not get any lead. Now I know and thank you.

  • Thank you Christina
    I think I have experienced some of the symptoms you have described . With your advise I will be able to concentrate and channel my energy more effectively. I’ll let you know how I get on , but my biggest issue is trying to quite my mind. Thoughts just seem to come out of nowhere . Its like my monkey mind has a mind of its own?
    Much love from Iain

  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • Thank you Christina for the video, I’ve been on a spiritual journey for 15 years now, my third eye popped open in September couldn’t control it never slept for 2 days had my own video show, Wasn’t funny though no sleep and having to go to work , My job come to an end so I’ve been spending the last couple of month resting, I’ve never had an easy ride with it Manley because I could never find anybody to help me , lot easier now with you tube love your video’s because they explain what’s been happening to me all these years , have been a healer for many years, so now I’m having some well deserved rest , first time in my life I’ve took some me time as I’m 63 know and never stopped running always had a lot of energy thinking of writing a book about it as I’ve had a hell of a ride ha ha . Love and light sue xxx

  • Hi Christina
    Really love your videos, what you always say resonates with me.
    I’m just wondering, I’m going through my spiritual journey, and iv had physic clairvoyant experiences for a little time, vivid dreams, still have them and also clairaudient sometimes.., it really got strong when my soulmate Cat Coco died I was so upset that my gifts came to the surface, the clairvoyant gift, I seem to have lost, I do some meditation, I need more consistency,
    Would this be because of not been grounded enough, because I’m up in the air a lot!, And my spirit team are hinting a lot at meditation, and to calm down, find my serenity,
    I do need inner healing with my root chakra so I’m going to focus there at the moment, through your meditations, just wondered are my on the right track?
    I in other word had down loads and extremely vivid dreams but now the down loads aren’t happening?

  • hi Christina I don’t get to see
    you enough so I’m going to try and watch 1 video a night. Because you have made. E realise just how disconnected and drIned I Really am in myself. Looking at you illustrated and bursting with love .well you’ve touched me with your beautiful soul has inspired me so thanks for that now i have much to do on myself with you as my guide. Love matt

  • Love your work Christina! Always so inspirational.
    I do have a question. Firstly, I’ll introduce myself Linda, aged 74 and I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga for the past 50 years.
    I close my eyes firstly see a purple dot in the 3rd eye area and then actually see a very old eye, blue/ grey pale, old looking with wrinkles, eye lashes, so very real. ….This has been happening for years now.
    Sometimes not often ! it’s a youthful eye. What’s happening!
    It feels good. 😘 thank you Christina.

  • Christina what a beautiful blessing you are.
    Lots of love you and all the souls that surround you.

  • Thank you so much for your commitment to giving regular information and spiritual knowledge to us.
    Sometimes when I am about to go to sleep, with my eyes closed I see a shape of light which sometimes has a picture in it. When I start to look at it and focus to see what it is – it goes. I don’t mind, I’m in no hurry.
    Love & Light

  • Explain s why I was born with my eyes crossed lol. Thank you for this better innerstanding of my 6tg chakra. I’ve really been working on my own awakening here this year. Would love to visit you sometime in the future.

  • Thank YOU Christina. Finally-I found more clarity in this video as to what happened to me. You were the first person I was self-guided to 6 months ago. Feeling strong now but so much to learn and discover. Appreciate your guiding light deep in my heart and soul-with immense blessing🙏✨💛


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