What A Spiritual Awakening REALLY Looks Like

What A Spiritual Awakening REALLY Looks Like

What A Spiritual Awakening REALLY Looks Like 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

So many of us are going through spiritual awakenings, where we literally feel like our lives are turning upside down and inside out. In a sense, we’re dying to our old lives and being reborn.

We’re becoming the people we were always at our core: powerful, authentic, raw, tender and open-hearted.

But while spiritual awakenings are filled with beauty, grace, and joy, they can also be tremendously difficult to live through.

The truth is, real spiritual awakenings are raw and can have many ecstatic highs and deep lows.

For so many of us, they start with some form of painful event, like a life-threatening disease, a sudden job loss, or the breakup of a relationship. Something happens to us that completely shatters any illusions we had about life being “secure” and “stable”.

For others (such as spiritual teacher Michael Singer), the awakening process starts without suffering or pain. There’s just a sudden “knowing”, like a light bulb that goes off in your head.

But regardless of how they start, authentic spiritual awakenings aren’t all rainbows, glitter, and unicorns. There will be inevitable challenges that must be addressed along the way, so the process moves more smoothly.

In 2013, I had my awakening the “hard” way: through the sudden collapse of my marriage. The months that followed were very painful but by the end of the year, I thought the worst was behind me.

At that moment, I thought life would be joyful and blissful always and that my awakening process had finished.

How naive.

Almost 6 years later, I’m still “awakening”– every single day presenting new opportunities for growth.

And I now believe that to “awaken” means to initiate a process that will unfold for the rest of our lives. There really isn’t an end to a spiritual awakening.

Looking back on my life since 2013, I can say this for sure: it would have been nice to witness and follow someone else’s difficult awakening process.

I had many examples of people who had awakened and their lives looked wonderful from the outside. But I didn’t get the “raw” side of their stories.

Did they suffer?

What were their lows?

How low were their lows?

This would have been so important for me because when I was going through my “dark night of the soul”, there was a part of me that questioned whether I was doing this whole awakening process the “right” way.

That’s why I shot this video for you.

If you’ve awakened but are going through some deep challenges right now, this video will certainly be a lifeline.

In this video, I’ll give you a “behind the scenes” look into my own awakening and share the most challenging moments I’ve lived through in these past years. By opening up about my challenges, I hope to help you in your own awakening process too.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

1. What is a spiritual awakening? I’ll define what an awakening is and why it happens to you.

2. Some common challenges you may face during your awakening. Such as feelings like loneliness, despair, and times where you feel like you’re going insane. I detail a few of the most painful events that happened in my own life.

3. The positive side of an awakening. It isn’t all bad and I’ll also share some of the most beautiful moments that I was blessed with in my own life. Hint: some involved feeling awe and wonder, like a child.

Audio version of this video:

The last 6 years of my life have been incredible, joyful, painful, ecstatic, lonely at times, and oh so blessed. So don’t let the challenges I share in this video fool you:

Even if I could, I wouldn’t go back to change one single thing. Not one.

Because through all the challenges, I experienced the tenderness and power of my heart. I reached a state of deep joy and aliveness. I felt (and feel) a deep and everlasting connection to the beautiful energy some call God or Source.

And I became the teacher I was meant to be: teaching from deep personal experience, not theories.

The same applies to you also.

No matter what difficulties you encounter on your spiritual path, know that they will eventually lead you to your soul path, your mission, and your greatest bliss.

You’re not alone Beautiful Soul. I’m here: always sending you my love and light.


What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced during your spiritual awakening?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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With deep love and gratitude;

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