What Is A Kundalini Awakening Really?

What Is A Kundalini Awakening Really?

What Is A Kundalini Awakening Really? 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

What is a kundalini awakening and how can we better prepare for one? In this video, we’ll be answering this question and also debunking the top 7 myths about kundalini energy so you’re clear on what this spiritual phenomenon really is.

In early 2014, I hadn’t yet heard of the word “kundalini”. I was a year into my spiritual awakening and my life had turned completely upside down in that short amount of time.

But little did I know that the changes and challenges of my spiritual awakening were about to get a lot worse. One day, as I was quietly meditating, I experienced what’s known as a “spontaneous kundalini awakening”.

And my life would never be the same again.

Eastern traditions have known about kundalini energy for thousands of years but that knowledge has just recently seeped into Western metaphysical circles.

In the past, kundalini awakenings would mostly occur in people who had practiced kundalini yoga or worked with a guru. But in this new energy, kundalini awakenings are now available to everyone, especially those who are also experiencing a spiritual awakening.

In this video, I’ll be setting the record straight on what kundalini energy is, as well as debunk the top 7 myths about kundalini energy.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the video:

  • The definition of a kundalini awakening
  • What kundalini energy is
  • Where kundalini is housed in your body
  • The purpose of a kundalini awakening (HINT: there are 3 reasons why you have one)
  • Debunk the top 7 myths about kundalini
  • What you should NEVER do during a kundalini awakening

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Are you experiencing a kundalini awakening right now?

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Kundalini Awakening

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  • OMG !! I think I have a spiritual and a kundalini awakening? And YES!! It is difficult !! First I thought it was just a spiritual awakening but after this video , I think I have them both!

  • Thanks for the info, I had my empath awakening two months ago at the age of 54, I have a counselor at a tech school who burst m my ego bubble.I never heard a Kundalini I was experiencing tingling at the base of my spine through my shoulders to the top of my head for most of my life but I always thought it was just a trick my body was playing. After my wake-up call the strange sensation was triggered again. I decided to really give it some force and what a feeling. A big jolt went through the base of my back to the top of my head and I suddenly developed a shielding bubble around me. The one question I have though am I going to be experiencing any more new awakenings? My counselor said she had never seen somebody have such a quick awakening before!

  • Hi Christina! I recently went through my Awakening and my eyes are changing color. I was born with brown Hazel eyes,then prior to my Awakening they turned emerald green. After my Kundalini Awakening they turned blue! They have turned back to green now that I am keeping my old ego at Bay. Is this a common occurrence when one is going through a Awakening? Thanks for the info, it’s been a blessing for me!

  • OMG!!! Me too!!! I think i am experriencing my spiritual and kundalini awakening also. Thank you so much Christina for this video and for all your youtube videos which i am following too. It has enlightened me more than i have ever expected! I was awakened from my deep sleep. Tired from a busy day at work. Went to the rest room. Before closing my eyes again i decided to check my inbox only to find myself opening your email and your video. And my clock has just strike 11:11!!! I want to consider this as “one” of the synchronicities of my life now!
    I know that i need to learn a lot lot more since i am barely a year into this process.
    Thank you again and more power!



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