2 Skills You Must Master To Live In The 5th Dimension

2 Skills You Must Master To Live In The 5th Dimension

2 Skills You Must Master To Live In The 5th Dimension 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

The energy is really intense right now and you may be feeling lost, alone, and even a bit disoriented. The reason behind all this is the arrival of what’s called 5th Dimension energy. And in this video, I’ll be discussing what this intense energy is and how we can work with it to stay balanced and at peace.

It’s been rough out there.

On some days, I’m so tired that all I can do is curl up on my couch and close my eyes. I just feel this deep exhaustion that seems to come from nowhere.

But there’s more. Many people (including myself) are also feeling aches and pains, old wounds and beliefs coming up, insecurities, fears, worries, feeling stuck in life…

All these feelings seem to be coming up to the surface in a really powerful way. And you may be wondering: where is this all coming from? Why do I feel like this?

The answer to these questions is that the energy on the planet has shifted dramatically and we’re now having to learn new strategies for living in a completely different level of consciousness called the 5th dimension.

In this video, I give you a behind-the-scenes look at what the 5th Dimension is and also share some key strategies that you can implement to help you navigate the intensity with more ease.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

1. I give an overview of what this new energy is (what we call the 5th dimension).
2. Why 5d energies are so challenging for our minds and bodies.
3. I share 2 essential skills you need to master in this energy so you don’t struggle or feel lost.

Here’s the audio version of this video:


I wanna hear from you. Once you watch the video, let me know in the comments below:

What specifically have you been doing to stay balanced in these intense energies?

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  • Thankyou Christina.
    In theese days I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my obsessive thougths…most of all they’re about my behaviors with men, always feel I’m not enough…something of what I am is too much a thing or too less another…bla, bla, bla…
    I observe my self in theese moments, but sometimes I feel so tired, frustrated and desperate because it seems that I’ll never become able to calm my mind about theese emotions.
    The funny thing is that I’ve always thought that my wonderfull mind was my strong point…I was so hypersensitive, so fragile that I’ve put my emotional world hidden away and let my mind all the power…and what it’s appining now is that power makes everithing harder…
    I always felt anxiety and I didn’t understand why…now I know it’ s only a matter of discordant frequences…and your skills will help me in the next days…
    Thank you so much…sorry for my english…with love. LORELLA

  • Thank you for your inspiring videos…
    I had been feeling suicidal afraid to go out i felt bombarded by noise i have been following Mooji’s pointings about sitting in effortless being… the information about the mind needing to rest in the heart/ body makes some sense to me… i wish i could convey what i have been going through it has been really painful and scarey…. moving from 3d to 5d…. yes!!!! Thank you so much… the main thing i have to do is observe my thoughts not get involved and rest in the effortless being deep inside….. God bless you beautiful soul

    • Christina Lopes July 31, 2019 at 2:22 pm

      We can do this! One day at a time! We’re in this together! 🙂

      • Hariharaputhran V August 1, 2019 at 9:02 am

        Thanks Madam but I have a doubt when negative thoughts arise if we redirect our thoughts towards a diety for example Jesus or Buddha or Lord Vishnu or Shiva…we become more spiritual and sometimes lose interest in worldly life. Such a change is detrimental to our family relationships right? I hope you understand what I meant.

        • I mean to redirect your thoughts toward more positive ones, which may include a spiritual master if you wish. Nothing wrong with that.

          • Hello my fellow light being. Wow I just watched one of your videos on 5th dimension and you are spot on. Bravo. I send you peace and joy my friend. I look up videos like yours to make sure I’m not going a little bunkers and there you are giving me confirmation , wow. All Glory to God Holy Spirit Jesus Christ.

  • Just needed you to know how grateful I am for you and your teachings/sharings. My guides have been speaking to me through you.. So many of my questions, specifically this one, have been answered through you and your videos. I raised this question yesterday, as I almost felt like I was at the end of my rope with everything happening with and around me. This morning I woke up emotional and still questioning what the heck was going on. And then, boom, this video shows up in my email inbox. Thank you for all you do. Since I started following your blog, your emails and videos have blessed me in the exact precise moments needed. Xo

    • Christina Lopes July 31, 2019 at 2:19 pm

      So happy to hear this! I’m glad the videos have helped! We’re in this together! 🙂

    • Lisa, I’ve noticed some synchronicities when watching Christina’s videos as well. They have been what I needed to hear…Spanks Christina!!! But, also realize that the work you’ve been doing is already shining thru you and you’re just resonating with Christina’s words. Play & have fun!!!

  • Christina, Marvelous insights! I so appreciate being reminded of the two steps to connect to my body’s wisdom and actively redirect thoughts. I’ve been struggling the past few months with not being able to focus my attention on a project I know I would feel great completing. It is about women and money worries, and interestingly (not surprisingly) my fears are having a hay day. Not fears directly related to money, but a perceived lack of companionship, sense of connection, belonging and, perennially, partnership. I am aware I am not spending enough time in nature. Sometimes I don’t leave the house for days. So, OK, I will take action starting today… out the door into the natural world! And being even more mindful and diligent about observing, letting go and redirecting all negative-trap thoughts especially first and last thing in the day. With gratitude from my 40 Trillion sentient cells!

  • Patricia Chirot July 31, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    Hello Christina,

    Same as above… Your answers meet my question at the right time, thank you so much! Our body must adapt, for sure. However, we also have to create an adequate and suitable environment to shelter that new body, taking care of where and how we live. The big question is how to protect that new body – and coming generations- from all those electronic devices and their waves, as we tend to become hyper-sensitive. Meditation is of course a powerful tool to desintoxicate. At the same time, I wonder if this immersion into the 5th dimension isn’t pushing others who aren’t ready into an abyss. We’re standing at the crossroads and the future depends on each and all. So the panic we may experience can stem from that feeling of an impending disaster -now it’s up to us, individually first, to act, so that action becomes a collective move forward, which is the opposite of what happened in former times, where the collective first mattered. Personal responsibility and accountability are now key to a successful endeavour. Let’s be confident in the efforts we make, even the tiniest ones…

    • Christina Lopes July 31, 2019 at 4:17 pm

      The more that the Lightworkers can balance and be at peace with these changes, the more they help others do the same! That’s why it’s essential for us to get our stuff together because we’re wayshowers for so many. We’ll all get there eventually! No one will be left behind. 🙂

  • Just last week I learned a mindfulness method observing thoughts which works for me but I love your addition to not only observe, but to also redirect thoughts. Also my body has my attention more than before, but the information that it is already in the 5th dimension….its an amazing feeling.

  • This couldn’t have been sent to my inbox at a better time! This makes so much sense and helps put things back into perspective for me.
    Thank you for sharing, Christina!

  • Thank you Christina for this great video. I have so been going through all of these things. I am recently divorced from someone I was with for almost 10 years. We sold our home and now I am single in a very small apartment so I had to give up many things including our two cats. I try to keep a positive mind set but some days it just sneaks up and I am crying my eyes out. I have only one family member that I speak to and maybe three friends. Which none of them understand truly. So I have been reading a lot and when that doesn’t work I will try to meditate. Again sometimes I find it hard to just sit with it so I have started running and taking up boxing. I figure if I just make myself tired enough it will shut my mind off. I find it to be working for the time being. I try not to keep a routine though. Going for the “surprise!” I’m going running seems to keep it all in check. 🙂

  • Dear Christina,
    thank you for clarifying this so well. It really helps. I’ve felt the urge to go out first thing in the morning. So started following up on that. It started with a meditation and journaling down by the river. By now I’m taking an ice-cold bath in the river first thing and after this I’m staying mindful for a while, feeling the cold wind on my body. Do a little dance or move anyway my body feels like moving. We CAN trust our instincts! Bless all, Mirjam

  • Thank you for your video. Although I belong to a couple of different groups, no one is aware of the ascension of the Earth and mankind and sometimes are put off by my sharing. It’s wonderful at least to see people online like you so I don’t feel so alone. I have been studying and practicing mindfulness for myself and teach it as well. It is a wonderful supportive method. My main issue is lack of sleep, no matter what I take like Valerian, Gaba, 5htp, etc, infrared sauna, walking in nature, acupuncture. I am a Reiki practitioner as well and apply it to myself daily. If you have any additional suggestions…. Thank you to those who have shared, as I relate to you all. Blessings,

  • Thanks for another awesome session! Lately, I’ve been prompted to various books, articles and YouTube vids, consuming a lot of information and not even wanting to do my job tasks. Now, I really love my job…but, currently mental transmutation is way more appealing & satisfying. My sensitivity is also heightened and keep waking multiple times filled with energy during the night. To work with these intense energies, especially from the black moon last night; I’ve been honing my morning routine. I get up for the Brahma Muhurta time-period (1hr 36 mins before sunrise) for yoga, meditation & empowered Empath learning. Glad you mentioned connection to the heart, cause that’s been my main focus…leading from the creative inner space and not the outward logical head space. Didn’t realize I was performing “redirect”, but lately when rhythm swings to a lower mental state…and I’m aware, I’ll take a deep breath (which stops thinking anyway), but also transmute the feeling mentally by saying, “May you be happy!”

  • Dear Christina,

    Thank you so much for all the videos and advises you give. They are so much appreciated. I am following you now for months and your information is very helpful.
    In the summer of 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and that was a moment that my life not only changed for the worst but also for the best. Because it opened my eyes to spirituality and it has given me so much richness. Fortunately I was declared cancer free last Xmas so my life looks much brighter now.
    Nature has given me so much support in those difficult times. The moment I received the diagnosis, the only thing I wanted to do is go to the woods. Which I did together with my husband and we just sat there crying and trying to take in everything that was said. It was a sad moment but beautiful at the same time. This has been my experience for the past 2 years. Life is not all good but also not all bad. I learned to see the beautiful things when it is not so obvious to see them and being in nature really helps!

    As you already explained, if we work on ourselves to improve, we start to make a better world for all.
    I am only curious if we will see any results worldwide in the near future? Or will this take decades or even centuries?

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart & greetings from my beautiful country The Netherlands!

  • Hallo
    I love your video and hon simple you explain this about 3 d and 5 d.. Thank you so much😉
    You spreed so much knowldge in a way that I think can luft people up/ wake up to the New reality..
    Thanks thanks thanks/ have a lovely time
    Love Pia ❤️

  • Hi Christina, i have been a spiritual person throughout my life and this period has been extremely disturbing as you speak about it in your video about the 5D being here. I do not however see a lot of people being disturbed. It’s mostly the spiritual or over sensitive ones who are probably sensitive to energy changes. So coming to how I’ve learnt to deal with it effectively. The mind like you say correctly has a lot of information that it has to process and clean out a lot more junk than the body. Our bodies get completely renewed over years, the cells i mean. But the brain does not. Hence its taking time in the mind zone. So one of the technical aspect to deal with 3D thoughts is therapy. This can be through journaling or meditation or speaking to your therapist or your life coach or your spirit guides, God for that matter but working on it. You have to work on your issues. Whatever your 3D thought patterns are you will have to make efforts to heal. Whenever these painful things come up see from what part of your child self it first came up in. Feel the energy completely as it wants your attention if you’ve always subdued it or never dealt with it. You cannot rise to 5D having never dealt with your 3D issues as it just means evolving to a better you. So feel the insecurity, jealousy,rage, fear etc etc, with no judgement. Feel it , observe it. Cry if you have to….shout it out….dance it out….etc. Learn the lessons and thank these patterns for they say something and teach something too and release it saying that I let go of jealous patterns, insecure patterns, rage etc etc. I am free now and then rise above it by letting go. It takes time and practice but it’s happening faster now that consciousness is rising as a whole if you make the effort.I feel rising to 5D consciousness is just that…a rising. You have to feel, deal with all your traumas, pains etc., Learn from it and most of all be free from it and then automatically your mind too frees itself and rises to the higher consciousness.
    Hope this helps everyone who reads it.
    Blessings and healing to all.

  • 5-D is actually part of the higher dimensional space between the branes or universes which they call simply “the bulk” its the higher dimensions between the multiverses. If we end up in 5-D we would be situated above the timelines like being out of time in eternity. We’d presumably have the ability to jump timelines and universes, control timelines!!

  • Just finished watching your video blog and I have to say that my experience over the last two weeks having quite phenomenal frightening and somewhat beyond belief,, my mum passed away a few months ago from brain cancer I started doing research and cost Nikola Tesla and learnt about the resonant frequency could not believe what I was reading which lead me on to various other books I’m learning about chakras to open pineal glands hypno therapy body language and micro-expressions and neurolinguistics and finally a week ago the law of one channeled detailed sessions with the six density complex called Ra,, first density complex right through to 6 density complex and that us mind-body-spirit complex or about to Ascend into the next density all dimension and that this illusion distortion was holding us back now all of this very hard to grasp and believe get one’s logic mind could not dispute any of the facts information presented last night in meditation I ask for a better understanding of this ascension and this morning I told my mother’s boyfriend in great detail almost word for word what you have just said in the same order animal video that I’ve only just watched now I find it amazing that somebody I’ve never met from the other side of the planet you saying exactly the same thing I said verbatim and also how quickly my understanding of my physical mind and my consciousness as two completely different agendas. I became aware almost instantly and my consciousness was being pulled attracted magnetically, I’m exhausted my feet hurt my head hurts my heart rhythms are tachycardia I’m fatigued yet feel energised and connected and a calmness has come over me..its happened all so fast my head brain feels overcharged as if a piece of my brain has been removed and now there is this space available preparation for this overwhelming stream of data. My body is so heavy. This is real people this is really happening earth is resonating 5 d frequency don’t fight it just the comfort of knowing you are on the path to a better existence moving out of pain and suffering 3rd density into light and love consciousness of the 5th it is liberating beyond word. Love flows through me, beautiful souls let’s make this transition together intelligence infinite, love and light in the the infinite creator and we the 2nd creators coherent and harmonised consciousness.

  • Hi Christina,
    What have I been doing to stay balanced and grounded? I am always grounded to the planet’s core because in my sleep I tend to go traveling in space as this ya my calling telling me to get my shit together so I can help those in need the I’ve been flying by really fast. It’s like the honey bee hives all those little octagons and I’m seeing individuals in them and I know I’m to help them but I’m like the road runner without brakes. So every night and through out the day I reaffirm that I am grounded to the core of Gaia. As for being centered this is when I’m being creative. And my mind is reasonably quiet and I’m quoting my affirmation of,”I am willing to surrender any density that is not who I truly am at soul level’.
    #askcristina: What can I be doing to help my journey along? Aren’t I supposed to be doing some clearing and cleansing of past lives and things of my life in the present? I feel kind of exposed and not even moving forward. I been working on gathering knowledge, working on meditation and recently I looked up the Kundalini process , thinking it might be a help as my chakra could use the energy.
    I had a major experience in December and January has been full of illnesses, just like December. I’ve got so many questions and not a soul to really talk to. I don’t earn money for my gifts I just can’t conceive of anyone buying the love that is truly present in everything about me. Not that I begrudge anyone making money in their gifts. I send folks to individuals I know.
    I’m also wondering since I have never panicked in my life. If a crisis comes up I just do what has to be done, even with things I’ve never learned in this lifetime. I just seem to know exactly what to do. Could that be a reason for my not sweating my ascension. Oh, I have always known I wasn’t from Earth…or basically the time frame was all wrong for me . I
    If you have some advice I am certainly willing to listen.

  • Candice Johnson April 2, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Hi Christina, I thank you for all the info that you present to us on your videos. I agree 100 % that it’s time for a new change in this world. We have abused the planet and each other for too long. I’ve experienced the unconditional love and it is a beautiful thing and that’s what’s missing in this world. We have allowed Ego to take control and not allow our inner collective consciousness to lead us. For awhile I’ve been getting a notion that something big was about to happen but I didn’t know what it was ( I guess I didn’t take the time out to listen closely). I’ve noticed a lot of things speeding up it was just time for it to calm down. Have you heard of Professor Joseph Akpa who claims he has found the cure? If you can shed some light on if what he’s saying is true. I thank you for your response. Sending Love, Light and Peace your way.

  • Thank you Christina. I have been meditating 1-2x per day for several years and have many years of psychotherapy behind me. I have been committed to a healing path for decades. However, recently, I have been awakening with painful thoughts of past relationships and it has been very frustrating to me. I was beginning to think that I was devolving rather than evolving, Your recent tutorial really helped give me a new perspective. It is quite revolutionary to think that the body is now teaching the mind. I am going to try out your suggestions and see if this helps lower my frustration. I must agree, that when I tune into my body, I feel remarkably at peace and am not fearful, even after returning to work at the hospital during the COVID-19 crisis. And recently, I remarked to a friend, that the only time I feel truly myself, is when I am in nature. These experience align with your teachings. Thank you so much for your generous time and effort that you share with so many.


  • Thank you! We tend to forget. I thru LOA 27 yrs ago created my dream husband money etc.
    7 yrs ago I lost it all at 64! Now I lost my whole income from ss and being evicted.
    I ha e taught LOA….
    I don’t have any support system so praying breathing etc is it. My 3lb yorkie who’s a little human is very sick losing her soul I think.
    I try to do my affirmations..my positive thoughts but…..I’m in shock.
    I am a light worker healer trying to create $to do work online….
    Yes I do pray to die sometimes as I’m drained from life…I know this confuses the universe…I want abundance love joy etc & and then… thank you.glad I found you!


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