How To Thrive As An Empath: No More Struggling!

How To Thrive As An Empath: No More Struggling!

How To Thrive As An Empath: No More Struggling! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

There’s a lot of information out there about what it means to be an empath. And honestly: most of it is disempowering.

This is a topic I definitely get fired up about! I’m just tired of the way empaths are portrayed. So we’re just gonna start over.

Today, we’re gonna tell a different story about what it means to be an empath.

By the time you finish this video, you’ll start seeing your empathic abilities as your greatest superpower, instead of struggling with them.

If you’re highly sensitive to the energies around you, you may be an empath.

And in this video, I’ll introduce you to a different way of looking at what it means to be an empath and how you can thrive — not just survive — in this incredible new world.

I’ve structured the video in 4 parts and added lots of actionable advice to each part.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

1. What’s an empath? I’ll share my unconventional definition of empaths.

2. The top 4 myths about empaths. We’ll bust these highly detrimental beliefs once and for all so you can free yourself of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck as an empath.

3. The 2 stages of empathic development. Discover the stages of development and quickly find out what stage you’re in.

4. 3 practical tips to help you become an Empowered Empath. Let go of old belief systems and embrace your empathic abilities once and for all.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

How to Thrive as an Empath


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  • Dear Christina,
    First, many thanks for your reply and good vibracional energies and communication skills that you have across your videos. I wish your daily live has the same good vibe.
    You have the capacity of resume a lot of concepts and information in few words, well done.
    You are in a process of expansion / interpretation / and delivery information to you and your “customers”.
    So…in this field your ahead and well protected and I think this way is your life meaning and self realization.
    My observation is and reply if you want…
    What advice you will give to a person who fight a lot and don’t have fear of their own convictions and life path, on job, colleagues, and friends?
    This daily exercise and way of life, create across the time a lot relations wear in our body and in our nervous system.
    I will not mention the others realities of our perception that appears in our consciousness.
    Maybe we will need to create a type of recuperation place to re energie and fight again with a conversor to light and love.
    Love is the answer for all, I know from my childhood.
    We live in a expanded space of consciousness that grown every day, with a plus of more and more from everywhere, and is difficult to have daily tools to persons lik came from their own experience to outside…not front loading or other…and this create a need of a lot of time to discovery what you experienced or see…
    I will not take more time,
    I invite you to a coffé if you feel positive about.
    All the best

  • Hi Christina,
    I had a melt down yesterday and spent today in bed under the duvet. I decided to not struggle as an empath anymore, the universe would have to come up with something. I peeked out at 14.30 turned on my tablet to check my emails and there you were: How To Thrive As An Empathy: No More Struggling! XXXXX
    I have been on this journey a long, long time married to my twin flame for 38 years having consciously chosen him knowing it was for love and healing, worked with preschool children and children with special needs, travelling, rebirthing, writing songs and poetry, painting including a very large art exhibition in a major city on the subject of evolution, personal and global. I have worked in bars, been in 3 bands and facilitator of 5 Rhythms, the Course in Miracles as my companion and the Baha’i faith, though I don’t take part now, still inspires great light and wisdom and a sense of hope for me on this planet. I’m tired of pushing my comfort zone and would like to expand gracefully within my comfort zone.
    I have always struggled to want to be here in the world and the arts and the spiritual have kept me out there ‘flowing’. Can you help me with ‘staccato’?
    The core beliefs were very useful but fear of being hurt or hurting others are key with me (didn’t like the Jesus bit or the battling goddess picture). Also I haven’t solved being undermined and I struggle to feel emotionally supported also technology and understanding how stuff works gets me down. If you could answer these personally or in a video that would be great. Also opposing energies of wanting to get out there and not wanting or able to. Like a pin ball machine and butterfly in a jar all at the same time. I also struggle with insecurity especially financially though the universe takes good care of me in many ways I seem to have lost my pipe line to money, power and play and a sense of safety. Hence the duvet and feeling exhausted, fragile but trusting.
    I watched your Dark Night of the Ego video the other day, that was also helpful. I resonate very much with all your videos and heart work as well as your appreciation for both science and spirituality to work together. Thank you so much for the work that you do and that so much of it is available and free to so many. With love Angie x

  • This was perfect timing. I never felt fragile but with all the information floating around I thought I was supposed to be weak. But something inside me wouldn’t allow me to play the weak role. When it comes to a negative environment, I would sit there in misery not knowing that I could transmute it into love. Wow, who knew?! You did and I thank you deeply for sharing, Peace and Love. EMPOWERED EMPATH.

  • Hello Christina. I have enjoyed the video. Nice to get a fresh perspective on being an empath. All makes sense and gives me more confidence in my position BUT. How to empower myself to the heart/feeling level is interesting. Also I am a Clairsentient empath also. The empowering is something that makes sense. I am concerned with my frustration and I do want to hide. Crazy bad when I take on their sickness. Any tips on the practice of this even those it all makes sense. Thank you.

  • #askChristina Hi there! We are so glad we found you!
    I am Greek, and i loved your tattoo, that is what is all about!
    Your message was so empowering as well.
    Only trouble is that the word empathy in Greek, means quite the opposite…
    And since there is so much power in words, all though you mean well, maybe there is a misunderstanding there?
    Loss of energy ? Maybe we could run a campaign at some point and fix things.
    Like when you say “sampagne on the house!” you can not serve vinegar!…
    In any language.

    As for myself, i have all the love in the world to share but not even my family, can feel my love…
    An excuse is that my mom was kind of strict and never got the hugs i wanted.
    I’m a pioneer recycler on the tiny island of Spetses.
    I’m close to financial catastrophe, many reasons….
    Just mentioned one.
    I need to make a new beginning now, professionally and i’m so afraid!…
    I’d love to be sth like you…
    We have 5 kids and 2 bars…
    Gave them both away, could not run them and now thinking to open a restaurant,
    maybe food is love. i’m 51, what to do in a bar… Too old to flirt
    and people do not drink anymore…
    They sure eat.
    Really stacked!
    Nice talking to you.
    Maybe will get to that know thyself trip, and become strong eventually.
    I am so weak right now, thinking even that fine actor who killed himself,
    that i m ready to take risks that i’d normally never take…
    Dead poets society, Robin, what on earth were u thinking!
    That is what i wanna do, help my self, help people.
    Right now, i do not know were the fun of living went.

    Love, light, bliss,


  • Thank you so much for all this knowand for the joyful energy you transmit much love and light!

  • Thank you so very much for the clarification. Now i feel more “normal” every time I run when other peoples energy come into my field. Some times is overwhelming in stores that i leave the items or groceries and run when i know i need them. Because of your clarification and tips now I know how to deal more with my energy. Thank you 🙂
    Nancy S

  • Being an Empath is a struggle for me as I view myself as an ugly person so find it ‘ impossible ‘ to love myself.
    Any advice will be welcome…

    • The self-love piece is very personal to each one of us and no one can really do that work for you. For me, I came to a place of self-love one day at a time, by nurturing first my connection to Source energy. The more connected to Source you are, the more you love yourself too.

    • I loved your video. I’m, for the most part, empowered, but have to watch my boundaries. I struggled with narcissists before. At some point, probably in my mid teens, I started doubting my gut feelings. It took years to turn that around. Now I listen. I still stumble a little, but recover much quicker. I actually am an introvert. I get exhausted if I’m around people too long, but I agree, introversion and being an empath are two different things. I’m not in love with being an empath. I think I can do a lot with it, but I have to be honest, sometines I just want to say, “Can ya just keep your energy over there?” Just somedays ;-). Thank you for this video.

    • This broke my heart a bit. One of the things that helped me was to let myself “Just be”. I started a dialogue, a positive dialogue, whenever I would start being nasty to myself. Compassion starts through self compassion. I do a cool visualization with my students. I first have them visualize someone they really love putting his/herself down. I have them visualize what they would say to that friend. I then have them replace their friend with themselves and have them give themselves the same message they gave their friend. The look that comes over their faces is amazing. ❤❤❤

  • Dear Christina,

    Currently, I am in the midst of studying for my family nurse practitioner boards and yesterday, I took a break from my intense studies. During this break, I went to YouTube and you popped up as one of the recommended videos to watch. So, I watched your video on awakening and I was instantly hooked! Everything you mentioned in your video deeply resonated with me and this is what I’m seeing in my own spiritual awakening process. Today, I took a break and went to YouTube and long and behold, you were there. Obviously, I had to watch your video 😁. Thank you for communicating some of the most misunderstood, convoluted, and complex spiritual Truths in such as concise, clear format.

    I’m currently in a relationship that is no longer serving me and Spirit is guiding me out of the relationship. However, I am experiencing hestitacy and fear. Spiritually, I know what needs to be done but I feel so deeply and can’t imagine hurting my partner. In fact, that’s why I’m still in the relationship. How can I overcome this tremendous amount of empathy I have for my partner so that I can live the life Spirit wants for me? Most people would have left the relationship by now, but I’m always thinking of “not hurting the other”and I know this is my vice. Any help would be extremely appreciated.
    Disempowered becoming empowered

  • Your hypothesis, “The Majority of Empaths are actually Extroverts” appears to be true. My observations also support the same conclusion. Negative energy can be painful. Looking forward to a Part II.

  • Oh my gosh Christina! I’ve just discovered you through a google search on positive energy!💕 Watching some of your videos have been so empowering! A lightbulb moment for me. Thank you so much.
    For so long I have been telling myself that I attract certain types of people in my life…and feeling I have no power over this. You have made me aware of the power I have in being an empowered empath. A mission. I have never considered that being open and sensitive made me strong…and that people who are closed and insensitive are actually the fragile ones! This has given me a new empathy for people like this…people that I’d previously considered ‘narcissists’.
    To know that ‘There is no energy stronger than me’ is truly enlightening. I thank the universe for bringing you and your wonderful words into my life. Thank you Christina ❤️

  • Hi Christina,
    Thank you. I just found this video today. Like so many people commenting here, I am truly grateful for it.

    I have always just thought of myself as introverted because I had no other way to explain why I suddenly need to leave social situations or get overwhelmed with emotions and can’t place where they’re coming from, or get exhausted by spending a day with people and shut down. I do love interacting with people and want deeply to help people. Your definition of empath makes so much sense to me. And now I think I need to work towards becoming an empowered empath.


    I do have a few questions, if you come across this comment:

    1. You talk about having a living fire within you to refuse negative energy and change it into love. To me, it feels to me that it would take a lot of energy to actively refuse negative energy and change it into love. Has that been your experience? Are there methods for doing this without also draining yourself (because I know that is not the goal)?

    2. I identify really strongly with this video, but I also watched your video on “Top 4 Reasons Why an Empath Struggles in Life.” There, you say that almost all empaths have experienced trauma, especially a traumatic childhood. I have been very lucky to not have experienced what I would consider a traumatic childhood; I had loving and attentive parents and was cared for. So, I’m trying to figure out why I have struggled with being a disempowered empath for all of my life.

    I would appreciate any insights you have.

    I so admire your generosity and wisdom. You’ve helped send me on a path to understanding out so much more about myself, and taking action. It’s crazy that a YouTube video can be life changing — but also amazing!

    Thank you.

    • Being a living fire (vibrating in love) is no work at all. Well, it’s a bit of personal development work to heal and come into your power, that’s true. But it’s really a vibrational state of being. So it’s not draining at all. It’s who you are on a soul level. And yes, not all empaths have problematic childhoods, so I’m glad yours was wonderful. You may not have the 4 mechanisms or one or more may have been activated after childhood, if you encountered any pain or trauma as an adult. If not, then it may just be a question of feeling disempowered.

  • Thank you so much
    I always used to put myself as a victim for “feeling” so much
    Most of the thngs you sais d resonates a lot with me
    Thank you for remonding me of WHO I REALLY AM
    I am an alchemist wowwwwww
    From today my life as an Empath will never be the same.
    Thanks to you

  • Thank you for coming into my life, just when i need it most. I have spent many years wondering who i am, why i feel different and have been told over, i am too sensitive. Also spent same amount of years trying to suppress feelings, running away because they overwhelmed me. I had the belief you spoke of about the outside energy being stronger than me. From today after listening to your videos I feel sooo different and feel empowered just through this understanding, if that makes sense. I know i have a lot of work ahead to truly believe in myself as it wont happen overnight. I have tried the tonglen meditation you recommended and found this had a healing effect on me just in the knowledge of my soul sending a positive energy to heal the planet with everyone and everything on it. I have finally found my purpose.
    Thank you and sending you much love


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